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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
Scottish Innovation Party (SIP) Energy

Here I am going to explore technologies that can benefit our Energy policies.

Three reasons why energy efficient cogeneration technology is gaining momentum.

The world’s first central power plant was opened in New York nearly 135 years ago. It used an energy efficient technology that’s only now gaining widespread adoption.

Built by Thomas Edison’s company in 1882, the Pearl Street Station was the world’s first combined heat and power (CHP) plant. It harnessed the heat emanating from its steam engines to warm nearby buildings. But it’s only recently that the practice of cogenerating heat and electricity has started to see widespread adoption.

Cogeneration is gaining fresh momentum because it saves money and alleviates the electricity demand on the grid. Worldwide, there are more than 15,500 GE Jenbacher gas engines powering CHP systems in 100-plus countries. For example, a 12-MW CHP system powered by four Jenbacher gas engines provides onsite power and heat at a 55-acre tomato greenhouse complex in Ontario. Operated by Great Northern Hydroponics, the system also produces a ready supply of CO2 to fertilize the facility’s tomato crop. Or take a beverage facility in the GTA, where a 2MW CHP system powered by one Jenbacher engine is currently being installed. The system will provide power for the plant as well as steam and hot water that will be used in their bottling process.

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Combined heat and power / CHP/ Cogeneration from ENER-G

Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion? - Prof. Dennis Whyte

Bill Gates on Energy Innovation

Cheap, abundant & very safe nuclear power.....Thorium
Why are the governments of the world who use nuclear energy not using Thorium reactors? It's safe abundant & very cheap. The fact of the matter is Thorium isn't any good for there nuclear weapons. So they will risk the human civilization from now to however many generations survive there stupidity. It's all about greed & power. Thorium reactors would give us no harmful waste as well as all the other benefits from using this abundant material. When will we say enough is enough. I'll tell you when after a nuclear disaster that will end up killing half of the planet, that's what it will take for them to stop the madness. Make no mistake this will happen. There will be a time when in the not to distant future an natural disaster will cause more the one nuclear plant to go into meltdown. We must put a stop to this insanity now.

Solar Power Revolution

Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion? - Prof. Dennis Whyte

Electrical Energy Storage for Scotland
By David Infield and Jesse Hill, Institute of Energy and Environment, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
This new technology could save the troubled nuclear power industry
Small nuclear reactors, funded by investors like Bill Gates, are emerging in the US as cheaper, safer alternatives to traditional nuclear power plant designs
AES Solar
A Morayshire company in Scotland

A new chapter in energy storage | Danielle Fong

Falling costs, new revenues fuel Britain's big battery boom
Might this be an opportunity for Scottish companies?
Britain should become an optimistic nation by backing Thorium for power generation by Tony Trewavas
Energy Storage with Wind Power
By M. Ragheb
When will the sun go down on Scottish wind turbines?
by Jack Ponton from 26th May 2017
Innovation, not subsidy, is transforming the energy market
By Richard Black and Jonathan Marshall in CapX 15th September 2017

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