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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
A view on Membership of the EU

From the Scots Independent Newspaper - November 2020

EU or not EU
Sovereignty is key to Scottish independence
By Gerry Fisher

We stand by the right of nations to self-determination

The major gain from the pandemic has been the voters' realisation that what is represented as good for society is less now the economic measures of actions than before that there were other answers to the 2008 crash than austerity that lockdown did not necessarily mean unemployment but could be at least deferred by furlough.

And yet my Party leaders continue to maintain that the society change they primarily exist to proclaim, and say they still believe in, should be subject to the uncertain economic gains of EU membership rather than standing by the last words of the Arbroath Declaration - "it is not for riches, nor glory nor honours that we fight but for freedom". And they do this, essentially, by maintaining the fiction, the lie, that Scotland would still be independent if it became a member of the EU.

That "France and Germany are still independent states" or worse "there is no longer any state that is independent" - as if our closest neighbour Norway had not chosen to remain independent, rejecting the CFP, which the Eurounionists have never dared to remove from the Party's policy book. Another possible gain arising in the last six months is the general acceptance within the UK that there are four nations within the UK state - important because we stand by the right of nations to self-determination, even if the EU does not (as for Catalonia). So, what is the difference between independence and EU membership?

Independence means that Scotland will have, through its democratically elected parliament (set up under the authority of the sovereign Scots), the right to legislate over every field which is totally within its control. That includes the budget and borrowing, but excludes trade terms and the ecosystem, where agreement demands the acceptance of each independent state involved.

It includes the ownership of the fish and fishing, and the right to control its borders but accepts internationally agreed norms on right of asylum.

It legislates to maintain its CFP which the SNP decided 40 years ago it would not accept but now implies it can reform to an acceptable, if still subservient, regime.

My government's spokespeople even talk as if they think Spain would not veto its application.

An independent Scotland might wish, it would certainly have the power, to take VAT off electricity and gas charges - as an EU member the ECJ would order it to put it back, at least to a minimum of 5 per cent.

The above examples are not opinions, they are legal and constitutional law facts.

They are the facts which establish my belief that the statement that an independent Scotland can be a, can even apply for, EU membership is made by members who are either ignorant of the facts, or no longer want independence, or have to lie to convince the sovereign Scots that EU membership is better for them than independence. As citizens those members have that right, but not those committed to the Aims of the SNP which they accepted when they became members.

Some of those who joined the Party, before and after 2014, remain committed to the Aims of the Party do not believe that it is in Scotland's interests to be a member of either the UK or the European Union and look to our elected leaders to return to that commitment and act accordingly

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