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Scottish Independence and Scotland's Future
Scotland in Europe
Independent Scotland ‘would have to reapply’ to EU

Having read the above article here is what Dr James Wilkie had to say about it...

Folks, the above article now haas 1,670 comments, most of them apparently sabotage by SNP sources because they don't like the message that Scotland is not going to get a free into the EU.

My own comment is now in group 39 out of 112, with 5 thumbs up and 5 down. It would be asking too much for you all to search for it, so here it is:

To my great regret I have to agree with van Rompuy. The SNP position on the EU is absolutely nonsensical from start to finish. I wish to god that they would shut up on the subject before they do even more damage to the independence campaign.

I have praised the SNP government for a brilliant performance on domestic issues, the more so since the party had never in its history held government office. But the difference between administering a devolved system and governing an independent state is that the latter demands a comprehensive knowledge of and expertise in diplomacy and international affairs.

However successful the SNP has been on domestic issues, it knows less than nothing about the global dimensions of independence - with "less than nothing" defined as a heap of misconceptions. The fact that no other political institution in Scotland is in any better position does not alter the practical reality. It is the SNP that is in the driving seat.

The SNP policy on the EU has apparently been adopted (dictated?) under the influence of the so-called European Movement (Euromove), which has comprehensively brainwashed the SNP leadership. They, in turn, do not know enough to identify this as a standard diplomatic practice by vested interests who have good reasons to want oil-rich Scotland kept safely under external control after formal independence.

As the UK discovered in India and elsewhere, when you control a country's leadership - and prospective leadership - you control the country. The SNP should take that lesson to heart and shake off the pernicious pressure from external interests for whom Scotland's welfare is very much secondary to their own.

There are now more international organisations than sovereign states, and we cannot go through this pantomime performance with all of them individually. In any case, most of them are a good deal more important to Scotland than the sub-regional association called the European Union, which despite its unjustified self-awarded title is half the size of all the other major European institutions.

The EU is no more important than any of the other hundreds of international institutions that Scotland would have to join, and it has no special relevance to the independence question. So can we please shut up about it and hear no more of it until such time as Scotland is independent and has to consider which of the hundreds of international organisations it has to join. I venture to suggest that the EU will come well down that list, with a lot of far more urgent priorities above it.

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