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Oliver Brown
Scottish & English Constitutions

" - therefore the Queen’s Grace, Dowager and Regent of this Realme and the Three Estates of the Samin thinks it guid and agreeable that the like letter of nationalitie be given and granted by the King and Queen of Scotland to all and sundrie, the maist Christaine King of France subjects, being or sall happen to be here in the Realme of Scotland in onie time to come with siklike privileges."

In this way the Scots granted Scottish nationality to all the French in Scotland forty-five years after Louis Twelfth had granted French nationality to all Scots in France.

It was, peculiarly enough, the same Louis whom the Scots had kept in prison in La Grosse Tour in Bourges on the orders of his father!

This Scottish law was annulled in August 1906 by the Westminster Parliament. But the law specifies IN ONIE TIME TO COME which made it a law fundamental to the Constitution and not subject to annulment.

Westminster claims an omnipotence which the Scottish Parliament did not possess. But in the EIIR case Lord Cooper, with the consent of Lords Carmont and Russell, maintained that it was not right to assume that the joined parliaments of England and Scotland inherited any powers which only one of them possessed.

The law of 1558 is therefore valid, its cancellation being illegal in Scots law.

Scotland is not protected by any law against treason. The suggestion that a Scottish Government might pass such a law and make it retrospective would cause panic in Westminster.

Seventy-five per cent of Rutherglen people do not describe themselves as "British". The Treaty of Union which set out to destroy the individual nations of Scotland and England and to replace them by a "British" one has failed in this constituency as everywhere else.

If those seventy-five per cent called themselves "British" our work would be doomed to failure even if electorally we were completely successful.

For this is a fundamental issue.

"Great Britain" should be "The Larger Brittany". The "Great" is merely a comparative to make a distinction between two countries which in French have the same name. It has now become as ironical as the "Rico" in Puerto Rico.

No MP is allowed to resign. Instead, he applies for instance for the office of the Chiltern Hundreds. Where or what they are no one knows. The reason why Britain has no written constitution is that in print it would be seen for what it is — a huge joke.

For intriguing with the English Lord Hume and his brother were hanged by the Scots in 1516. Today Scotland has no Law of Treason with which to defend itself.

Monarchy, a medieval necessity, survives as a modern superstition.

The last words pronounced in the Scottish parliament merely declared that it had been ADJOURNED.

The Daily Mail used to appear with the motto — For God, King and Empire! The Empire has gone; the King is in exile as the Duke of Simpson. That leaves the Creator of the Universe in a rather exposed position.

I have just been looking at the Latin text of the Declaration of Arbroath — "Non enim propter gloriam divicias aut honores pugnamus..." "For we fight not for glory nor wealth nor HONOURS." This is generally mistranslated (even by Dr Agnes Mure Mackenzie) as "For we fight not for glory, nor riches nor honour" which falsifies the meaning. The fight for freedom is also a fight for honour (but not for DISTINCTIONS). In Glasgow Cathedral the Royal Arms contain the motto "Nemo me impune lacessEt" instead of the usual lacesslt (i.e. the future instead of the present) "No one WILL dare to meddle with me!" I much prefer the mistake because Scotland at the present moment is not worthy of such a defiant assertion of its rights.

We must make Scotland worthy of it!

Lord Acton’s famous remark "All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely" is incomplete. It is necessary to add ‘All impotence corrupts and absolute impotence corrupts absolutely". Scotland is governed by a caste system, the upper stratum being composed of castrata.



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