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A History of the Parish of Neilston
Chapter XVIII. — County Councillors for the Parish of Neilston


1890-1893—Rev. Peter M‘Leod, The Manse, Neilston.
1893-1907—A Robertson-Ferguson, Writer, Neilston.
1907—Rev. Robert Barr, M.A., The Manse, Neilston


1890-1892—John Holm, Jaapston Farm, Neilston.
1892-1893—Alexander Archibald Speirs, Elderslie.
1893-1907—William Mure, Caldwell.
1907—David Pride, M.D., The Knowe, Neilston.


1891-1893—Andrew Ferrier Shanks.
1891-1893—Z. Henry Heys.
1891-1896—John Cochrane.
1893-1896—William Pollock.
1893-1896—John MacKay, Corssmill.
1895-1898—William Bowie.
1896-1908—Henry Barclay Dunlop, Arthurlie.
1898-1900—Rubini A. Rochester.
1898-1908—Robert Osborne, Forebrae, Barrhead.
1900-1903—William Johnston.
1903-1908—James Pollock, Banker, Barrhead.

Parish Councillors.


1895-1904—Henry Barclay Dunlop, Arthurlie, Barrhead. 1895-1901—Rev. Duncan Brown, Chapel House, Neilston.
1895-1898—William Robinson, Springbank, Neilston. 1895-1910—James Walker, Post Office, Neilston.
1895-1910—Charles Docherty, Sunnyside, Uplawmoor. 1895-1907—Z. Pollard, Wellbrae, Barrhead.
1895-1904—John S. Murray. Gateside, Barrhead.
1898-1901—John A. M'Haffie, Kirktonfield, Neilston. 1901-1901—Rev. A. Reifenrath, Chapel House, Neilston. 1901-1910—Rev. Robert Barr, M.A., The Manse, Neilston. 1901-1907—John Conlon, Main Street, Neilston.
1904-1910—Isaac Gillespie, Gateside, Barrhead.
1904-1910—Thomas Thomson, Westlea, Barrhead.


1895-1898—Z. Henry Heys, Rockmount, Barrhead.
1895-1901—James Kilpatrick, Cogan Street, ,,
1895-1901—John Shanks, Dalmeny, ,,
1895-1897—William Whyte, Cross Arthurlie, ,,
1895-1910—Robert Murray, Main Street, Chairman, ,,
1895-1898—Z. John Heys, Stonehouse, ,,
1895-1907—Gavin Pinkerton, Kelburn Street, ,,
1895-1904—John Andrew, Barnes Street, ,,
1897-1900—James C. Marshall, Cross Arthurlie, ,,
1898-1907—Hugh M‘Callum, John Street, ,,
1898-1904—Duncan Blair, Arthurlie Street, ,,
1898-1907—Dr. Allan P. M‘Leod, Achnashie Villa, ,,
1901-1907—Finlay Jessiman, George Street, ,,
1901-1910—John Paslay, Braeside Cottage, ,,
1904-1910—James Catterson, Craigheads Street, ,,
1904-1907—William Tait, Barnes Street, ,,


William Colquhoun, Barrhead. James Catterson, ,,
James Mills, ,.
Andrew Murray, ,,


Nicholas Henderson, Barrhead, John Pasley, ,,
Matthew B. Paterson, „ Robert Murray, Chairman.


Rev. Robert Bair, M.A., Neilston. Charles Docherty, Ouplaymuir, J. F. Swift, Neilston. Isaac Gillespie, Gateside.
Thomas Thomson, Barrhead. John M. Donald, Neilston.
James Walker, Neilston. Charles H. M‘Custker
(resigned) Neilston.

Members of School Board—1873-1909.

1873-1885—Rev. Thomas Buchanan, Established Manse, Barrhead.
1873-1881—Rev. James M'Namara, Chapel House, Neilston.
1873-1879—John Cunningham, Engineer, Barrhead.
1873-1870—James Anderson, Grocer, Neilston.
1873-1876—Archibald Brownlie, Writer, Barrhead.
1873-1875—Alexander Cochrane, Kirktonfield, Neilston.

Rev. William Clark, M.A., U.F. Manse, Barrhead.
1873-1885—John Heys, Calico Printer, Barrhead.
1873-1876—Robert Montgomery, The Hall Farm, Uplawmoor.
John Heys, Esq., Chairman.
Joseph Watson, Writer, Clerk and Treasurer.
Charles Johnston, Compulsory Officer.
1875-1878—Rev. Thomas Miller, The Manse, Neilston.
1876-1885—William Pollock, Banker, Barrhead.
1876-1879—H. B. Dunlop, Arthurlie, Barrhead.
1876-1885—Robert Henderson, Arthurliefield, Barrhead.
1878-1888—David Pride, M.D., The Knowe, Neilston.
John Heys, Esq., Chairman.
1876—Janies Peters appointed Compulsory Officer ;
Charles Johnston resigned.
1879-1885—Alexander Leggat, Brassfounder, Barrhead.
1888 1891 Peter M‘Leod, The Manse, Neilston.
1879-1885—Thomas M‘Lellan, Ironmonger, Barrhead.
1891 1894 Rev Bernard Tracy, Chapel House, Barrhead.
1885-1894—Z. John Heys, Stonehouse, Barrhead (Chairman).
1892 1900 Henry Keys, Rockmount, Barrhead.
1885-1891—Rev. William Young, F.C. Manse, Barrhead.
1885-1894—John Cochrane, Engineer, Barrhead.
1896 1900 M'Haffie, Kirktonfield, Neilston.
1885-1888—William Craig, Manufacturer, Barrhead.
1888-1891—Patrick Small, Pawnbroker, Barrhead.
1888-1892—Andrew F. Shanks, Sanitary, Engineer, Barrhead.
1888-1900—Charles Docherty, Shoemaker, Uplawmoor.
1891-1894—Dougal M'Callum, Plumber, Barrhead.
1891-1896—Charles Cattanach, Millworker, Neilston.
1891-1894—William Whyte, Merchant, Barrhead.
1891-1897—John Cunningham, Engineer, Barrhead.
1894-1900—Rev. Duncan Brown, R.C. Manse, Neilston.
1894-1909—John S. Murray, Gateside, Barrhead.
1894-1906—Z. Pollard, Wellbrae, Barrhead.
1894-1908—Rev. David Stewart, The Manse, Uplawmoor (Chairman).
1894-1900—Adam Bohn, Draper, Barrhead.
1897-1909—-William Murray, Caledonian Works, Barrhead.
1900-1903—John Shanks, Dalmeny, Barrhead (Chairman).
1900-1909—Duncan Blair, Cross-Arthurlie Street, Barrhead.
1900-1903—Archibald Clark, Cross-Arthurlie Street, Barrhead.
1900-1909—T. J. Saunders, Emenscraig, Barrhead.
1900-1909—Rev. A. Reifenrath, R.C. Clergyman, Neilston.
1903-1909-—Rev. Robert Barr, M.A., The Manse, Neilston.
1906-1909—John Beattie, Barrhead.
1906-1909—Andrew Carnduff, Barrhead.


J. S. Murray, Chairman.
Rev. Robert Barr, M.A., Neilston.
Rev. A. Reifenrath, Neilston.
Duncan Blair, Barrhead.
Robert Young, Uplawmoor.
T. J. Saunders, ,,
John Beattie, Barrhead.
Andrew Holms, ,,
Richard John Speirs, Barrhead.
Joseph Watson, Esq., Writer, Clerk to the Board from its commencement.
William Fife, Esq., Writer, Joint-Clerk from 1901.

Gentlemen on the Commission of the Peace.

William Mure, Esquire, of Caldwell.

Henry Barclay Dunlop, Esquire, of Arthurlie.
Robert Orr, Esquire, of Cowdenhall.
David Pride, Esquire, The Knowe.
Robert Osborne, Esquire, Forebrae.
Z. Henry Heys, Esquire, Rockmount.
William Shanks, Esquire, Raisdale.
John Shanks, Esquire, Dalmeny.
John Cochrane, Esquire, Househill.
John Mackinlay, Esquire, Meadowbank.
James Pollock, Esquire, Banker.
John Anderson M'Haffie, Esquire, Kirktonfield.
Z. George Heys, Esquire, Springhill.
Thomas Thomson, Esquire, Westlea.
Robert Murray, Esquire, Barrhead.
Inspectors of Poor for the Parish.
John Gardiner, schoolmaster.
Archibald Mackenzie.
Matthew Anderson Haig.

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