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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with M


  • Page 1
    Maam-Ratagain, Maam-Suil or Mam-Sodhail, Maar or Park Burn, Loch Maberry, Mabie, Macallan, Macarthur's Head, Macbeth's Castle, Macbie Hill, Macduff
  • Page 2
    Machany Water, New Macher, Old Machar, Machars
  • Page 3
    Machermore Castle, Machline, Machrihanish Bay, Mackinnon's Cave, Mackiston, Maclellan's Castle, MacLeod's Castle, MacLeod's Maidens, MacLeods's Tables, Macmerry, Madderty, Maddiston, Maddy, Maeshowe or Maiden's Mound, Magbiehill, Magus Muir
  • Page 4
    Mahaick or Maghaig, Maich Water, Maidenkirk, Maiden-Paps, Maidens, Maiden's Leap, Maines, Mainhill, Mainhouse, Mainland, Mains and Strathmartine, Mains Castle, Mains House, Mainsriddle, Main Water of Luce, Makerstoun
  • Page 5
    Mallaig, Malleny, Maltan Walls, Mam-Ratagain, Mam-Suil, Manar, Manderston, Mannofield, Manor, Mansfield House
  • Page 6
    Manuel House, Mar, March, Marchfield, Marchglen, Marchmont House, Loch Maree, Margaretsfield, Markinch
  • Page 7
  • Page 8
    Marlee Loch, Marlefield, Mar Lodge, Marnoch, Marnock, Marr or Mar Burn, Marrel, Marshadder, Mar's Hill, Martin, Loch Martnaham, Marwick Head, Maryburgh, Maryculter
  • Page 9
    Maryculter, Marydale, Maryhill, Marykirk
  • Page 10
    Mary's Loch or Loch Morie, St. Mary's Loch, Maryton
  • Page 11
    Marywell, Mashie Water, Masonhall, Massan, Masterton, Mathers, Mattocks, Mauchline
  • Page 12
    Mauchline, Maud or New Maud
  • Page 13
    Maudiston, Lauldslie Castle, Maulesden, Maulside, Mauricewood, Mavis-Grove, Maw, Mawcarse, Maxton, Maxwell, Maxwellheugh, Maxwell's Cross, Maxwell Thorns, Maxwelltown
  • Page 14
    Maxweltown, Maybole
  • Page 15
  • Page 16
    Maybole, Mayen House, Isle of May
  • Page 17
    Mayville, Water of May, Meadowbank House, Mealfourvounie, Mealista or Eilean Mhealastadh, Meall Horn, Meall Meadhonach, Mearnaig, Mearns
  • Page 18
    The Mearns, Meathie, Medwin, Medwyn, Meethill, Meggernie Castle, Megget, Megget Water, Megginch Castle, Meigle
  • Page 19
    Meigle Hill, Meikle Bin, Meikle Earnock, Meikle Ferry, Meiklefolla, Meikle Greinord, Meikle Law, Meikleour House, Meikle Roe, Meikle Warthill or Wartle, Meiklewood House, Loch Meikle, Mein Water, Melby, Old Meldrum
  • Page 20
    Melfort, Melgam Water, Melgund, Melista, Mellerstain, Melloncharles, Melmont or Molmont, Melness, Melrose
  • Page 21
  • Page 27
    Melrose, Old Melrose, Melsetter, Melvich, Melville Castle, Melville House, Memsie
  • Page 28
    Memus, Menmuir, Menock Water, Menstrie, Menteith, Menzies, Menzion Burn, Merchiston, Mechiston Hall, Merchiston House, Merkinch, Merkland Cross, Loch Merkland, Merrick, West Merryston, Merse
  • Page 29
    Mertonhall, Mertoun, Meshie Water, Methil, Methil Hill, Methlick
  • Page 30
  • Page 31
    Mey, Meyrick, Mhorday, Miavaig, Midbrake, Midcalder, Mid Clyth, Middlebie, Middle-Bridge, Middledean, Middleton, Middleton House, Midholm, Midhope Tower, Midlem or Midholm, Midlock Water
  • Page 32
    Midlothian, Midmar, Loch Migdale, Migvie, Milesmark, Milfield, Milheugh, Milhouse, Water of Milk, Mill Bay, Millbrex, Millburnbank, Milburn House, Millburn Tower, Millearne House, Millerhill, Millerston, Millfield, Millhead or Milnhead, Millheugh, Millhouse, Milliken
  • Page 33
    Millikenpark, Mill Loch, Millnain, Mill-of-Conveth, Millport, Millseat, Milltimber, Milltown, Milnathort, Milnearn, Milnefield, Milne-Graton, Milngavie
  • Page 34
    Milnhead, Milnholm Cross, Milntown or Miton of New Tarbat, Milrig, Milton, Milton or Milton of Campsie, Milton-Bridge, Milton-Brodie, Milton-Lockhart, New Milton, Milton of Balgonie, Milton of Dunipace, Whins of Milton, Minard Castle, Minch or North Minch, Little Minch, Minchmoor
  • Page 35
    Mindork Castle, Mingala, Mingary Castle, Minginish, Minishant, Minnick Water, Water of Minnick, Minniehive, Minnigaff
  • Page 36
    Minnishant, Loch Minnoch, Water of Minnoch, Minnock Water, Minnyhive, Minsh, Mintlaw, Minto
  • Page 37
    Mistylaw Hills, Loch Miulie or Loch a' Mhuilinn, Loch Moan, Mochrum, Mochrum Loch, Moffat
  • Page 38
  • Page 41
    Moffat, Moidart, Moll, Mollance, Mollinburn, Molmont, Monach, Monadhliath, Monaebrugh, Monaltrie House, Loch Monar, Monboddo House, Moncrieffe House
  • Page 42
    Moncur Castle, Mondynes, Monearn, Moness Burn, Moneydie, Moneypool Burn, Moniaive, Monich, Monifieth
  • Page 43
    Monifieth, Monigaff, Monikie
  • Page 44
    Monimail, Monkland
  • Page 45
    Monkland Canal
  • Page 46
    New Monkland, Old Monkland
  • Page 47
    Old Monkland
  • Page 48
    Monkland Well, Monklaw, Monk Myre, Monkrigg, Monk's Burn, Monks Island, Monkstadt, Monkton
  • Page 49
    Monktonhall, Monkwood, Monquhitter, Monreith, Mons, Montagu's Walk, Montblairy, Montcoffer, Monteith, Lake of Monteith
  • Page 50
    Port of Monteith, Monteviot, Montfode, Montgomerie, Montgreenan
  • Page 51
    Montkeggie or Monkegy, Montlokowre, Mont-Quhanie, Montrave, Montrose
  • Page 52
  • Page 58
    Montrose, Montrose and Arbroath Railway, Montrose and Bervie Railway, Old Montrose, Monymusk
  • Page 59
    Monynut Water, Monzie, Monzievaird and Strowan
  • Page 60
    Monzievaird and Strowan, Moodiesburn, Moonzie
  • Page 61
    Moorbeck, Moorfoot, Moorhouse, Moorkirk, Moral Fell, Morange, Moranside, Morar, Moray Firth
  • Page 62
    Province of Moray
  • Page 68
    Province of Moray, Moraylaws, Moray's Cairn, Morayshire, Mordington, More or Rumore, Morebattle
  • Page 69
    Moredun, Moredun Hill, Morgay, Morham, Loch Morie, Morir, Morishill, Morison's Haven, Moriston, Loch Morlich, Mormond
  • Page 70
    Morningside, Morphie, Morrison's Haven, Morriston, East and West Morriston, Morroch, Morthill, Mortlach
  • Page 71
  • Page 72
    Mortlach, Morton
  • Page 73
    Morton, Morton Hall, Morton House, Mortonne, Morven, Morvern
  • Page 74
    Moss, Mossat, Mossbank, Mossburnford, Mossend, Mossfennan House, Mossgiel, Mossgreen, Moss House, Mossknowe, Mosspaul, Moss-Side, Mosstodloch, Moss-Tower, Motherwell
  • Page 75
  • Page 76
    Mound, Mount Annan, Mount Benger, Mount Cameron, Mount Charles, Mounteviot, Mountflowery, Mountgerald House, Mountgreenan, Mount Hecla, Mount Hill, Mount Melville, Mount Misery, Mount Oliphant, Mount Pleasant, Mountquhanie, Mountstuart, Mount Teviot, Mount Vernon, Mousa, Mouse Water
  • Page 77
    Mouswald, Mow, Moy, Moy and Dalarossie
  • Page 78
    Moy and Dalarossie
  • Page 79
    Moy and Dalarossie, Broom of Moy, Moydart or Moidart, Moy Lodge, Moyness, Muasdale, Muchairn, Muchalls, Muck
  • Page 80
    Muckairn, Muckerach, Muckersie, Muckhart, Muckle or Meikle Loch, Muckle Burn, Muckle Roe, Loch Muck, Muckrach House, Muckross, Mudale, Mugdock
  • Page 81
    Mugdrum, Muick, Muir, Muiralehouse or Muirton, Muiravonside, Muirburn, Muirdrum, Muirend, Muiresk, Muirfield, Muirfoot Hills, Muirhead or West Benhar, Muirhead, Muirhead of Liff
  • Page 82
    Muirhouse, Muirhouses, Muirkirk
  • Page 83
    Muirk of Ord, Muir of Rhynie or Rhynie, Muirshiel, Muirside, Muirton, Muldron, Mull
  • Page 84
    Sound of Mull, Mulroy, Munadhliath, Munches, Muncraig Hill, Munlochy, Murdoch Isle, Murdostoun Castle, Murie House, Murieston House, Murkle Bay, Murlaggan, Murlingden, Murrayfield, Murrayshall, Murraythwaite, Murrin, Murroch Burn, Murroes
  • Page 85
    Murtle House, Murtly Castle, Musdile or Mousedale, Musselburgh
  • Page 86
  • Page 89
    Musselburgh, Muthill
  • Page 90
    Mutiny Stones, Muttonhole, Mylnefield Feus, Myot Hill, Myrehead, Myres Castle, Clachan of Myreton

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