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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with H


  • Page 230
    Ha', Haafgrunie, Habbie's Howe
  • Page 231
    Habchester, Habrahelia, Hackness, Hadden, Haddington
  • Page 232
  • Page 235
    Haddington, Haddingtonshire
  • Page 236
  • Page 240
    Haddingtonshire, Haddo House, House of Haddo, Haddon, Haer, Haerfaulds, Hafton, Hagghill, Haggs, Haggs Castle
  • Page 241
    Haghill, Hagsthorne, Hailes, New Hailes, Hailes Quarry, Haining Castle, The Haining, Hairlaw Dam, Hairmyres, Halbeath, Halborn Head, Halbury Castle, Halen, Half-Davoch, Half-Morton, Halgreen, Halin, Halkerton or Haulkerton, Halkirk
  • Page 242
    Halkirk, Halladale, Hallbar Tower, Hallcraig, Halleath, Hallforest, Hallgreen, Hallguards, Hallhead, Hallhill, Hallin, Hallodale, Hallrule, Hallside, Hallside House, Hallyards, Hallyburton House
  • Page 243
    Halmyre House, Halstaneden, Halyburton, Halyhill, Hamer, Hamilton
  • Page 244
  • Page 245
    Hamilton, Hamilton Palace
  • Page 246
    Hamilton Palace, Hamrigarth, Handa, Hangingshaw, Harburn, Harden, Hardgate, Hardington House
  • Page 247
    Hardmuir, Harefaulds, Harelaw, Harestane or Hearthstane Burn, Harlaw, Harlosh, Harold's Tower, Haroldswick, Harperfield, Harport, Harray, Harris
  • Page 248
    Harris, Sound of Harris, Harroldswick, Harrow, Hartfell, Harthill, Hartree, Hartrigge
  • Page 249
    Hart's Leap, Hartwood, Harvieston, Harviestoun, Hassendean, Hatton, Hattonburn, Hatton Castle, Hatton Law, Lower Hatton, Wester Hatton, Haugh, Haughhead, Haugh of Urr, Haughton, Hauster, East Haven, Haveton, Hawick
  • Page 250
  • Page 253
    Hawkhead, Hawthornden, Hayland or Loch Hailan, Hayocks, Haystoun, Haywood, Hazelbank, Hazelfield House, Hazelhead, Heacamhall, Heacle or Hecla, Heads of Ayr, Hearthstane Burn, Heatherlie, Hebrides or Western Islands.
  • Page 254
    Hebrides or Western Islands.
  • Page 263
    Hebrides or Western Islands, Heck, Hecla, Heiton, Helensburgh
  • Page 264
    Helensburgh, Hellmuir Loch, Hell's Glen, Helmsdale
  • Page 265
    Helmsdale River, Helvels or Halivails, Hempriggs, Henderland, Hendersyde Park, Henlawshiel, Henwood, Herbertshire, Herdmandstonm Herdsman, Heriot, Hermand, Hermiston, Hermitage Castle
  • Page 266
    The Hermitage, Hermit's Cave, Herriot's Dyke, Heughhead, Hevera, Heywood, Hieton, Highfield House, Highlandman, Highland Railway
  • Page 267
    Highland Railway
  • Page 269
    West Highland Railway, Hightae, Hightown, Hillend, Hillhead, Hillhouse, Hill of Beath, Hill of Blair, Hill of Cromerty, Hill of Dores, Hill of Fare, Hill of Keillor, Hill of Nigg, Hillside, Hillslap, Hills Tower, Hillswick, Hilltown, Hilton, Hilton of Cadnoll
  • Page 270
    Hinnisdale, Hirbesta, The Hirsel, Hirst, Hirta, Hoan, Hobgoblin Hall, Hobkirk, Hoddam
  • Page 271
    Hodges, Holburn Head, Holehouse, Holekettle or Kettle Bridge, Holl, Holland, Hollandbush, Hollows, Hollow-Wood or Howwood, Hollybush, Hollylee, Holm, Holmains, Holme or Holme Rose, Holms Water, Holybush, Holydean Castle, Holy Isle
  • Page 272
    Holylee, Holy Linn, Holy Loch, Holyrood Abbey and Palace, Holytown, Holywood
  • Page 273
    Home, Honeygreen, Honton, Hoove, Hope or Hopes Water, Hope, Hopekirk, Hopeman, Hope Park, Hopes, Hopetoun House, Hop-Pringle, Horndean, Horsbrugh
  • Page 274
    Horse Island, Hoscote, Hospitalfield, Hoswick, Houl and Houland, Houna or Huna, Hounam, Houndslow, Houndwood, Hourn, Housay, House or East Burra, Househill, Houssie Skerries, House of Muir
  • Page 275
    Houston, Houstoun House, Houton, Howdens-Hall, Howe, Howford, Howgate, Howgill, Howmore, Howwood, Hoxa
  • Page 276
    Hoy, Hoy Sound, Hullerhurst, Humbie
  • Page 277
    Hume or Home, Huna, Hundalee Cottage, Hungladder
  • Page 278
    Hunterfield, Hunter's Quay, Hunterston, Huntfield, Hunthill, Huntington House, Huntingtower, Huntly
  • Page 279
    Huntly, Hurlet, Hurlford, Hutchison, Hutton
  • Page 280
    Hutton and Corrie, Hutton Hall, Hyndford

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