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Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland
Places beginning with C


  • Page 207
    Caff, Cabrach, Cadboll, Caddel, Cadden, Cadder
  • Page 208
    Caddon, Caddonfoot, Cademuir, Cadzow
  • Page 209
    Caerlanrig, Caerlaverock
  • Page 210
    Caerwinning, Cailam or Chaluim, Cailleach, Cailliach, Cainail, Caiplich, Cairn
  • Page 211
    Cairnacay, Cairnaig or Carnach, Cairnaire, Cairnaqueen, Cairnavain, Cairnban, Cairnbanno, Cairnbeddie, Cairnbran, Cairnbroe or Carnbroe, Cairnbulg, Cairnburgbeg, Cairnchunaig, Cairncubie, Cairndow, Cairness, Cairney, Cairneyhill, Cairnfield, Cairngall
  • Page 212
    Cairngorm, Cairnharrow, Cairn Hill, Cairnhill, Cairnholy, Cairnie, Cairniehill, Cairniemount or Cairn-o'-Mount, Cairnies, Cairnirenan, Cairnish, Cairnkinna, cairnmonearn, Cairnocuimhne, Cairn-o'-Mount, Cairnorrie, Cairnpat or Cairnpiat, Cairnryan, Cairns
  • Page 213
    Cairnsmore, Cairnsmore of Fleet, Cairntable, Cairnton, Cairntoul, Cairnyaran, Cairston, Caitha, Caithness
  • Page 215
    Caithness, Caitnish, Cakemuir
  • Page 216
    Calair, Calbruar, Calda House, Calder, Calderbank, Caldercruix, East Calder, Caldergrove, Calderhall, Calderhead, Calder House
  • Page 217
    Calder Iron-works, Mid Calder, Caldermill, North Calder, Rotten Calder, Calderside, South Calder, West Calder
  • Page 218
    Calderwood Castle, Long Calderwood, Caldham, Caldra, Caldron, Caldron Linn, Caldshiels, Caldstane Slap, Caldwell, Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Railway, Caledonian Canal
  • Page 219
    Caledonian Railway
  • Page 221
    Calf, Cald or Calve, Calfa
  • Page 222
    Calgary, Califer, Callander or Callater, Callander, Callander and Oban Railway
  • Page 223
    Coaltown of Callange North and South, Callater Loch, Callendar, Callends, Callernish, Calligray or Killigray, Callioch, Callum's Hill, Cally, Calnadulach, Calrossie, Calton, Calton Hill, Calva, Calve, Calvine, Cama Loch
  • Page 224
    Cambie, Cambo, Cambray, Cambridge, Cambus, Cambusbarron, Burn of Cambus, Cambuscurry, Cambusdoon, Cambuskenneth, Cambuskethan, Cambuslang
  • Page 225
    Cambusmore, Cambusnethan
  • Page 226
    Old Cambus, Cambustane or Camustane, Cambus-Wallace, Camelon, Camend, Cameron
  • Page 227
    Cameron Bridge, Cameron's Stone, Camghouran, Camieston, Camilla, Camisendun, Camis Eskan, Camismore, Camistinavaig, Camlachie, Camlarg, Cammusmore, Camp, Campbell Castle, Campbell's Cairns, Campbeltown
  • Page 229
    Campbeltown, Camperdown, Campfield
  • Page 230
    Campfield, Camphill, Camphouse, Cmp-Knowe, Cample, Campmuir, Camps, Campsail, Campsbank, Campsie
  • Page 231
    Campsie Fells, Camptown, Camserney, Camster, Camstradden, Camusdinavaig, Camus Eskan, Camusnagaul, Camustane, Cannan, Candacraig, Cander, Candick
  • Page 232
    Candida Casa, Candlestick, Candren, Candy or Spittal, Canisbay, Canisp, Canna, Cannachy Bridge, Cannar, Cannerton, Cannich, Cannick Bridge, Canniesburn
  • Page 233
    Cannor or Kinord, Canny, Canonbie, Canongate, Canonmills, Canter, Canterland, Cantick Head, Cantray, Canty, Cantyre, Caol, Caolas-Uist, Caolchurn, Coalisport or Killisport, Caolvalloch, Capehope
  • Page 234
    Capel Fell, Capelhills, Capelrig, Capenoch, Cape Wrath, Cappers, Caprington, Caputh, Cara, Caradale, Caraldston or Careston
  • Page 235
    Carberry, Carbeth, Carbeth-Guthrie, Carbost, Carbrook, Carbuddo, Carcart, Cardan's Well, Cardenden, Cardon, Cardonald, Cardoness, Cardowan, Cardrona, Cardross
  • Page 236
    Cardross, Careston, Carfin, Carfrae-Mill, Cargen, Cargen-Bridge, Carghadoun, Cargill, Carhurlie, Carie, Carington, Carinish, Carity, Carlanerig, Carlaverock, Carleith, Carleton
  • Page 237
    Carlins Cairn, Carlin Skerry, Carlin Tooth, Carlinwark, Carlonan, Carlops, Carloway, Carlowrie Castle, Carlow's Linn, Carlton Fell, Carluke
  • Page 238
    Carmacoup, Carmel, Carmichael, Carmunnock, Carmyle
  • Page 239
    Carmyllie, Carn, Carna, Carnabattan, Carnach, Carnassary, Carnavaddy, Carnbee, Carnbo, Carnbroe
  • Page 240
    Carnchaivichin, Carnegie, Carneil, Carnethy, Carniehill, Carn Liath, Carn Mairg, Carn-na-Caillich, Carn-na-Cuimhne, Carnoch, Carnock, Carnon, Carnousie, Carnoustie, Carnsallach
  • Page 241
    Carntyne, Carnwath, Caroline Park, Carolside, Carphin, Carpow, Carr, Carradale
  • Page 242
    Carrbridge, Carre or Cavers-Carre, Carrick, Carriden, Carrington, Carrity, Carrol Rock, Carrolstone, Carron
  • Page 243
    Carron, Carronbridge, Carronhall, Carron Iron-works
  • Page 244
    Carronshore, Carron Station, Carronvale, Carrot, Carroy, Carr Rock, Carrubber, Carruchan, Carruth, Carruthers, Carrutherstown, Carryblair, Carsaig, Carse, Carsebridge, Carseburn, Carsecreugh, Carsegown, Carsegownie, Carse of Clackmannan
  • Page 245
    Carse of Falkirk, Carse of Forth, Carse of Gowrie, Carse of Henryie, Carse of Kinneil, Carse of Stirling, Carsethorn, Carsie, Carskey, Carslogie, Carsluith, Carsphairn
  • Page 246
    Carstairs, Carstairs and Dolphinton Railway, Carstairs Junction, Cart, Carter Fell, Carterhaugh, Cartland
  • Page 247
    Cartley Hole, Cartnaval, Cartsburn, Cartsdyke, Carty, Carvie Water, Carwinning, Carwood House, Cash-Feus, Caskieben, Cassencarrie, Cassillis House, Cassley, Castle, Castle or Kismull, Castlebank, Castle-Campbell
  • Page 248
    Castlecary, Castle Clanyard, Castlecluggy, Castle-Coeffin, Castle-Cole, Castlecraig, Castle Craig, Castlecraig or Castlegregg, Castle-Craignish, Castle-Dangerous, Castle-Donnan, Castle-Douglas
  • Page 249
    Castle-Douglas and Dumfries Railway, Castle-Drumin, Castle-Duart, Castledykes, Castle-Feather, Castlefern, Castle-Forbes, Castle Fraser, Castles Girnigoe and Sinclair, Castle-Gloom, Castlegower, Castle-Grant, Castlehaven, Castlehill, Castle-Huntly, Castle-island, Castle-Kennedy
  • Page 250
    Castle-Kilchurn, Castle-Lachlan, Castle-Law, Castle-Leod, Castle-Loch, Castle-Lyon, Castle-Maoil, Castle-Mearnaig or Castle-Glensanda, Castle-Menzies, Castlemilk, Castle-na-coir, Castle-Newe, Castle-O'er, Castle-Over or Castle-Overbie, Castle-Park, Castlephairn
  • Page 251
    Castle-Rachal, Castle Rainy, Castle-Rankine, Castle-Row, Castle-Roy, Castle-Semple, Castle-Shuna, Castle-Sinclair, Castle-Spiritual, Castle-Spynie, Castle-Stalker, Castle-Stewart, Castle-Stuart, Castle-Swin, Castle-Tirrim, Catleton
  • Page 252
  • Page 253
    Castleton of Braemar, Castle-Toward, Castletown, Castle-Urquhart, Castle-Varrich, Castlewalls, Castle Wemyss, Castlewigg, Castramont, Catacol, Catcune, Caterline, Caterthun, White and Brown, Catgill, Cathcart
  • Page 254
    Cathcart District Railway, Catherine, Catherinefield, Catherine's St., Cathkin, Cathlaw, Cat Law, Catrail
  • Page 255
    Catrine, Catrine House, Catslack, Catstane, Catter, Catterline, Cauldchapel, Cauldcleuch, Cauldhame, Cauldhane, Cauldron, Cauldshiels, Caulkerbush, Causea, Causewayend, Causewayhead, Causewayside, Cava, Cavens, Cavers
  • Page 256
    Cavers-Carre, Caverton-Mill, Cawdor
  • Page 257
    Cawpla or Caplaw, Cayle, Ceannabeinne, Ceannard or Kennard, Ceannmor, Ceathramhgarbh, Cellardyke or Nether Kilrenny, Ceres
  • Page 258
    Cessford, Cessnock, Chalmers, Chaluim, Champfleurie, Chance Inn, Chanlock, Channelkirk, Chanonry
  • Page 259
    Chapel, Chapel and Stirling Bridge, Chapel or Chappell, Chapelden, Chapel-Donan, Chapelgill, Chapel Green, Chapelhall, Chapelhill, Chapelhope, Chapelknowe, Chapel of Garioch, Chapel Park, Chapel Rome, Chapelshade, Chapelton
  • Page 260
    Chapelton, Charleston, Charlestown, Charleton, Fort Charlotte, Port Charlotte, Charnac or Chuinneag, Charterhall, Charters or Chesters, Charters-Chest, Chatelherault, Cheese Bay, Cheese Well, Cherrybank, Chesters House, Chesters, Chesthill, Cheviots, Chicken Head, Chirnside
  • Page 261
    Chisholm, Choaric or An Corr-eilean, Loch Choin, Chon, Christ's Kirk or Rathmuriel, Loch Chroisg, Cilla-Chuimein, Cilliechrist, Cir Vohr, Clachaig, Clachan, Clachan or Loch a' Chlachain
  • Page 262
    Clachaneasy, Clachan-Heughs, Clachan-Inair, Clachan of Glendaruel, Clachantiompan, Clachbhein, Clackmore, Clachnaben, Clachnaharry, Clachnamban, Clach-na-Ossian, Clachshant or Clayshant, Clackmannan
  • Page 263
    Clackmannan Pow, Clackmannanshire
  • Page 264
    Cladich, Claig, Claigean, Clairinch, Claistron, Clamshell or Scallopshell, Clanside, Clanyard, Claonaig, Clar or Loch a' Chlair, Clarebrand, Clarencefield, Clarkston, Clashcarnach, Clashmach, Clashnessie, Clatchard, Clathick, Clathy, Clatt, Clattering Briggs, Clatto
  • Page 265
    Clauchan, Clauchandolly, Clava, Claven, Claverhouse, Claybarns, Clayhouses, Clayland, Claypotts, Clayquhat, Clayshank, Clearburn, Cleat, Cleavan Dyke, Cleddin, Cleghorn, Cleish, Cleland, Cleland and Midcalder Railway
  • Page 266
    Clephantown, Clepington, Clerkington, Clerkston, Clermiston, Clett, Cleugh, Cleughearn, Cleugh-Heads, Clickamier, Cliff, Clifton, Clifton Hall, Clifton Park, Clintmains, Clints of Drumore, Clintwood, Clippens-Square, Cloanden, Clober, Cloch, Clochan, Clochcan, Clochnabane, Clochoderick, Clocksbriggs, Cloffin, Cloghill, Clola, Cloncaird Castle, Clonyard, Closeburn
  • Page 267
    Clouden, Clousta, Clova, Clova House, Clovenfords
  • Page 268
    Clovulin, Clow, Cloy, Loch Cluany, Cluden, Old Water of Cluden, Cluggy, Clumlee, Clune, Clunes, Clunie, Clunie Water, Cluny
  • Page 269
    Cluny, Cluny Castle, Hill of Cluny, Cluny or Loch Cluonie, Clyde
  • Page 272
    Clydebank, Clyde Iron-Works, Clydesdale, Clydesdale Iron-Works, Claysdale Junction Railway, Clynder, Clyne, Clynelish, Clyth, Cnoc, Coalden, Coalford, Coalhall
  • Page 273
    Coalheugh, Coalsnaughton, Coalstoun or Colstoun House, Coalton, Coaltown, Coalyburn, Coalyland or Collyland, Coatbridge, Coatdyke, Coates or West Coates, Coats, Cobairdy, Cobbler, Cobinshaw, Coburty, Cochno, Cochrage Muir, Cochrane, Cockairney, Cock Burn, Cockburnlaw
  • Page 274
    Cockburnspath, Cockenzie and Port-Seton, Cockham, Cocklaw, Cockle, Cocklerue or Cuckold-Le-Roi, Cockno, Cock of Arran, Cockpen
  • Page 275
    Cockpool, Cockum, Coe, Coeffin, Cogrieburn, Cogsmill, Coich, Coigach, Coila, Coilantogle, Coilsfield, Coiltie, Loch Coinneag, Coire or Loch a' Choire, Coire Nam Meann, Coire na Sith, Coir nan Urskin, Coiruisk, Colbost, Colbrandspath, Coldingham
  • Page 276
    Coldingham, Coldinghamshire, Coldingham Shore, Coldrochie, Coldside, Coldstone, Coldstream
  • Page 277
    Coldwells, Cole Castle, Colfin, Colgrave, Coligarth, Colin, Colinsburgh
  • Page 278
    Colinton, Colintraive, Coll
  • Page 279
    Collace, Colla Firth, Collairney, Coll-Earn Castle, College, Collessie, Collie Law, Collieston, Collin, Collinswell, Collinton, Colliston, Colluthie
  • Page 280
    Collyland, Colmkill, Colmonell, Colmslie, St. Colms, Colonsay and Oronsay, Little Colonsay, Colpieden, Colport, Colpy
  • Page 281
    Colquhalzie, Colquhony, Colsay, Colsnaughton, Colstane, Coltbridge, Coltfield, Coltness, Colvend, Colville, Colzean Castle
  • Page 282
    Colzium House, St Combs, Comely Bank, Comiston House, Comlongon, Commondyke, Commonhead Station, Commore Dam, Compass Hill, Compstone, Comrie
  • Page 283
    Comrie, Comyn's Castle, Cona, Conachan, Conait or Allt Conait, Conan, Conan-Bridge, Conan House, Condie, Condorrat, Conerock, Congalton, Conghoillis, Conglass, Conheath, Conicavel, Loch Con, Connel Ferry, Connell, Connell Park
  • Page 284
    Connicaval, Conningsburgh, Conon, Conrie, Contell, Contin, Meikle Conval, Conval or Coinne-mheall, Conveth, Coodham, Cookney, Coolins, Copay, Copenshay or Copinshay, Coppercleuch, Coquet, Coquhalzie, Corah, Corbelly, Corbie, Corbiehall, Corbie Pot, Corchinan, Core or Cor, Coreen Hills, Corehouse
  • Page 285
    Corellan, Corgarff, Corhabbie Hill, Corkindale Law, Cormorants's Cave, Corncairn, Corncocklemoor, Cornhill, Cornie Burn, Cornton, Corodule, Corpach, A-Choire Corr or Coir' an Fhearna, Corrachree, Corrah, Corra Linn, Corran, Corran Narrows, Corrennie, Corrichie
  • Page 286
    Corrie, Corriegills, Corriehabbie, Corrieknows, Corriemony, Corriemuchloch, Corriemulzie, Corrievrechan, Corriskin, Corrybeg, Corrybrough, Corry Our, Corryvarligan, Corryvrekin, Corsancone, Corsbie, Corse, Corseglass, Corsehill, Corsemill or Crossmill, Corsewall, Corskie, Corsock
  • Page 287
    Corstorphine, Cortachy and Clova
  • Page 288
    Coruisk or Corriskin
  • Page 289
    Corwar, Corymulzie, Coryvreckan, Coshieville, Cossans, Costa, Costerton House, Cotburn, Cotehill, Cothal, Cotton, Coul, Coulatt, Coull, Braes of Coull, Coullins, Coulmony House, Coulport, Coulter, Coultra, Countesswells, Coupar-Angus
  • Page 290
    Cour, Courance, Cousland, Couston, Couthally, Couttie, Cove, Cove-a-Chiaran, Covesea
  • Page 291
    Covington, Cowal, Cowcaddens, Cowdailly, Cowdenbeath, Cowden Castle, Cowdenhill, Cowdenknowes, Cowey's Linn, Cowgate, Cowglen, Cowhill Tower, Cowie, Cowiefauld, Cowie's Linn, Cowlairs, Loch Cowlatt, Cowpits
  • Page 292
    Cowshaven, Cowthally, Coxton, Coyle or Coila, Coylton, Crag or Craiglich, Craggie or Creagach, Craibstone, Craichie, Craick, Craig
  • Page 293
    Craig or Craif-of-Madderty, Craigallion, Craiganeoin, Craigandarroch, Craiganeoin, Craiganfhiach or Raven's Rock, Craiganoin, Craiganoin, Craiganroy, Craigarestie, Craigbank, Craigbarnet, Craigbeg, Craigbhockie and Cragboddich, Craigcaffie Castle, Craig Castle, Craigchailliach, Craig Cluny, Craigcrook Castle, Craigdaimve, Craigdam, Craigdarroch, Craig-David, Craigderg, Craigdhuloch, Craigdow
  • Page 294
    Craigellachie, Craigenarden, Craifencat, Craigend, Craigendarroch, Craigendoran, Craigengelt, Craigengower, Craigenputtoch, Craigenscore, Craigentinny, Craigenveoch, Craigflower, Craigfoodie, Craigford, Craigforth
  • Page 295
    Craig-Gibbon, Craig-Gowan, Craighall, New Craighall, Old Craighall, Craighead, Craigheads, Craighirst, Craigholm, Craighorn, Craighouse, Craigie, Craigie or Creagach Loch, Craigiebarns, Craigiebuckler, Craigieburn, Craigiehall, Craigielands
  • Page 296
    Craigievar, Craiglaw, Craiglea, Craigleith, Craigleoch, Craiglockhart, Craigluscar, Craiglush, Craigmaddie, Craigmark, Craigmarloch, Craigmile, Craigmill, Craigmillar Castle
  • Page 297
    Craigmore, Craig-na-Ban, Craig-na-Faolinn, Craignafeile, Craignaiolar or Creag na h-Iolaire, Craignair, Craigneil, Craignethan, Craigneuk, Craignish
  • Page 298
    Craignook, Craignure, Craigo, Craigoch, Craigowl, Craigphadrick, Craihrie, Craig Rossie, Craigrostan, Craigrothie, Craigrownie, Craigroy, Craigroyston or Rob Roy's Cave, Craigs, Craigskean, Craigs of Blebo, Craigs of Coyle, Craigs of Ness, Craigsparrow, Craigston, Craigston Castle
  • Page 299
    Craigthornhill, Craigton, Craigullian, Craig Vinean, Craigwood, Crail
  • Page 300
    Crailing, Crammag or Crummag, Cramond
  • Page 301
    Cramond Bridge, Cramond Regis, Crane, Cranloch, Cranshaws, Cranston, Cranstonhill, Craspul or Craisaphuill, Crathes castle
  • Page 302
    Crathie and Braemar, Crawford
  • Page 303
    Crawfordjohn, Crawford Priory, Crawfordton, Crawfurdland Castle
  • Page 304
    Crawick, Crawick Mill, Cray, Crauinch, Creack, Creagach, Creca, Cree, Creebridge, Creed, Creeinch, Creetown, Creggans, Creich
  • Page 305
    Creid, Creinch, Creoch Loch, Creran, Crianlarich, Crib Law, Crichie, Crichie House, Crichope Linn, Crichton
  • Page 306
    Crichup Linn, Criech, Crieff
  • Page 307
  • Page 308
    Crieff Junction, Criffel, Crimond, Crimondmogate, Crinan
  • Page 309
    Cringletie, Crocach, Crocketford, Croe, Croftanrigh, Crofthead, Croftinloan, Croftmartaig, Croftness, Crofts, Crogo, Croick, Crokach, Crolin, Crom, Cromack, Cromal or Cromwell's Mount, Cromar, Cromarty
  • Page 310
    Cromarty Bay, Cromarty District, Cromarty Firth, Cromartyshire
  • Page 311
    Crombie, Crombie Point, Cromdale, Cromlix, Cromwell Park, Cromwell's Fort, Cromwell's Mount, Cronberry, Crook or Creuch, Crook
  • Page 312
    Crook, Crookedholm, Crook of Alves, Crook of Devon, Crookston, Croot, Crosbol, Cross, Crossall, Cross and Burness, Crossbasket, Crossbost, Crossfield Hill, Crossford, Crossgatehall, Crossgates
  • Page 313
    Crossgates, Crossgellioch, Crossgills, Crosshall, Crosshands, Crosshill, Crosshouse, Crosshouses, Cross Isle, Crosskirk, Crosslee, Crossmichael, Crossmill, Crossmyloof, Crosspol
  • Page 314
    Crossraguel, Crossroads, Croulin Isles, Crovie, Crowbutt, Croy, Cruach or Stob na Cruaich, Cruachan, Cruach-Lussach, Crucifield, Cruden
  • Page 315
    Cruggleton, Cruicksfield, Cruick Water, Cruikston, Cruin, Cruister, Cruivie, Crummag Head, Crutherland, Cryston, Cuan, Cuchullins or Coolins, Cuckhold-Le-Roi, Cuen or Loch nan Cuinne, Cuff Hill, Cuil, Cuilhill, Cuillie or Culaidh
  • Page 316
    Cuiltrannich, Cuilunum Moss, Culag, Culbin, Culblean, Culbockie, Calburnie, Culcabock. Culcreuch, Culdees Castle, Culduthel, Culfargie, Culfreich, Culhorn House, Culkein, Cullalo Hills, Cullean, Cullen
  • Page 317
    Cullenoch, Cullen of Buchan, Cullen Park, Cullen Water, Cullerley, Cullicudden, Cullins, Cullisaid or Cuil na Sith, Cullivoe, Culloden
  • Page 322
  • Page 323
    Cully, Cullykhan, Culmallie, Culquhanny, Culrain, Culross
  • Page 324
    Culroy, Culsalmond, Culsh, Culter
  • Page 325
    Cultercullen, Culter Mains, Cultoquhey, Cults, Culvain, Culzean, Cumbernauld
  • Page 326
    Cumbrae - Great Big or Meikle, Little Cumbrae, Cuminestown, Cumlodden
  • Page 327
    Cumloden, Cummertrees, Cumming's or Cumine's Camp, Cymming's or Comyn's Castle, Cummingstown, Cumminstown, Cumnock, New Cumnock
  • Page 328
    Old Cumnock, Loch Cumrue, Cumston, Cunner, Cunnigar, Cunningham
  • Page 329
    Cunninghamhead,Cunninghar, Cunning or Cunnan, Cunningsburgh, Cunnoquhie, Cunzierton, Cupar, Cupar or Cupar-Fife
  • Page 331
    Cupar-Angus, Cuparmuir, Cupinshay, Cur, Curate's Steps, Curate's Well, Curgarff, Curgie, Curlee or Caerlee, Curling Hall
  • Page 332
    Curr, Curreath, Currie, Curriehill, Cushieville, Cushnie, Cuthill or Cuttle, Cuttlehill

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