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A Scot in China of Today
Enping City Guangdong & (Ginshan hot Spring)


Hi all this is not a sales pitch just to let you know what is happening in china not all a bed of roses like the media says it is.

I went on a trip with my friend to see some business opportunities in Enping a small city west of Guangzhou around 4 hours by bus. This is a typical small city in china full of culture and pace of life which is more suited to china and not like the hustle and bustle of the big cities. This is a place where is goes to sleep around 10pm and up around 5am.but in saying that all the usual night life is there like the guy sitting in the foyer wait to pounce on you to ask would you like a bed warmer or two for the night, being such a nice guy I of course said no (I did honest) and it was not a hot water bottle.

We arrived in mid afternoon and were picked up by my friend’s friend and duly went on a trek up the hills where this guy owned lots of forest and he wanted to show me all his trees that he owned and to see around the area. We headed up the hills and passed a place where what I made out sold goose for dinner, however we did not eat just stopped and moved on after around 10 minutes. We eventually arrive at this huge lake where we met one of his employees who were the look out for him and stayed at the lake side, his job was to make sure no one was felling timber that belonged to them.

We all got on this old boat and set off around this lake and he explained about the trees and what they were grown for mostly for paper production and some for furniture. When we were on the boat I asked about the notice which mentioned the number 26 on it at the road down to the boat as I do not read Chinese, he replied oh that’s how many people that have drowned while out swimming on the lake and they have never been recovered then he proceed to tell me that the cat fish in the lake can be up to 9ft – 12ft long and have been found when caught with human remains in there gut. Needless to say I would not be going swimming there. After this we got back in the 4x4 and headed down the hills back to the goose place where this huge steel bowel arrived with chopped up goose in it all cooked and some small bowels of rice . I might say this was local cooking with little or no hygiene and what was running through my mind if I would be able to avoid the bad stomach in around 4 hours. Just as this was running through my mind the owner’s phone rang and the next thing I knew there was another goose but living this time appeared about 6 feet away from where there openly slaughtered it and cleaned it. Well I really don’t mind this as I do understand this is how it is done in china as they like things to be as fresh as possible and yes you can taste the difference but hey not when you are busy eating it brother. After our meal we headed off to book into a hot spring complex which my friend was wanting to look around as it was for sale by the bank for one dollar and they were offering you incentives for the first three years to take it off their hands. With a little bit of investment and negocation with the local government about the surrounding road to the springs it would be a nice place, the whole complex was looking tired. But it had a huge amount of villas and challis. We booked in and stayed the night and took full advantage of the hot springs which was so nice to be able to be sitting out at 11.30pm in the hot water pools.

In the morning we got up and had breakfast and was picked up buy our friend and taken in to a old culture village which dated back to the 10th century which I must admit was more like something the jungle was reclaiming but did give you a insight how life was in the area at the time and the village still has some people living there and tending the land around it. We stopped and had another local cooked lunch which we had to pick as it was still running around but the chicken was nice we had to eat also the fresh trout which we picked from the local stream. After lunch we headed into Enping city where we were taken to a huge hotel complex which was also up for sale again for a dollar and was being offered with a package by the bank to take it off their hands. I wondered at this point why were the banks offering this entire place for sale at such a low price and also offering three year packages along with them in which the bank was paying you to run them. I asked and was told that by law in china banks cannot own or run other business they acquire if repayments are not kept up on them so they have to dispose of them within 6 months or the government levy big fines on the banks (maybe we need this same system in the uk). After this we went to see a massage parlour also which was up for sale for the same one dollar. So there are plenty opportunities for the right people who can offer a good management and service to the area. I feel most times you find that the man management is poor in the small cities but not all the time. I hope you like the photos I took and if you would like to ask any question please do or if you require to import or export goods to and from china just drop me a email please all enjoy the photos

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