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Writing Group
Descriptive Paragraph Guidelines

A.  Sentence 1 is the topic sentence that introduces what is being described.

B.  For Sentences 2-8, use the descriptive details in previous lesson.

C.  Sentence 9 is a concluding sentence that restates or relates back to the topic sentence.

Exercise: Meeting of Artists

       If the somewhat newly organized group of artists were meeting as a very small group,  it didn't matter to Sherry. Dallas was too far to go for socializing with people of her own kind. These artist as folks from town would just have to do for bringing  her back to some sort of a place where she could force a discipline for  a productive painter's need to work.. At one end of the table was a retired teacher of art. She was one of the best as far as accomplishment was concerned. The woman had the letters of the university  behind her name. Beside her was a woman Sherry had known, from a distance,  for years. In fact she had given her step-mother pointers toward doing a great number of fine pieces. Sherry slipped into a chair beside a tiny petite woman who was a wild life artist. The small stature of this lady was dwarfed by the giant talent she owned. Sherry was very nervous because she knew there were always so many variables about any group formed in her small town not to mention  people sharing an interest,  who were  of such a wide, unconnected,  people as these were.

       Now let us explain about variables. Sherry's art was hard won over the years from what was called self taught. Many years of devouring the old master's writings and work, study while she pushed back grief over her birth-injured daughter and by attending any seminar from famous artists who made the Dallas circuit was how she learned. Although the years had softened the Native American prejudice she knew that could be a great problem too. . She was raised in the ranching community some miles away and this gave her a difference in goal setting.  Religion always was a major difference among these people and it always loomed strong in the background.  Politics was not just a gentle under current, it was a big thing with these otherwise gentle folks.  There was the relationship to those who had gone before strong within her spirit. These ancient ancestors seemed to walk with her at times and always made the need to be ready to absorb any and all comments about her folks of another day and time.  All these were the slightly different ways she had from others when she made an effort to join into a class of people with like talents.

    So on and on the conversation was winding its way through each and every one of the private and silent places of her heart. Someone alluded to the hunter's lodge that was saved and used by the town as they wished. The fact that no place for an artist to show was available even though a place called the studio existed at the museum now. At one time it had been to house invited artists as an in house residence. Occasionally, Sherry would read something about an artist being there for some reason or other, she could not  remember who, what or when. Someone else spoke of how the cost of renting a room at the other mansion was prohibitive. Other questions were so subtle but  more prying as to personal attitudes and beliefs. She felt like she was sitting on a pedestal as a model while those below her painted her likeness. Forever,  she had always worked through this sort of thing with complete truthfulness, no matter how painful the issues were. Not even her feelings about the statues depicting her grandparents were to be  kept for her own knowing. The resulting  week after the meeting brought the worms out of the woodwork as far as who was who were there.  It left  Sherry with a new wisdom and knowledge of the encircled camp. This all seemed to be a decision she would have to make as to being able to continue with the pummeling of her innermost emotions and feelings in order to associate with other artists.

    The only saving grace in the evening for Sherry was her mentioning a new branching off toward filming video documentaries as a new art form. There was interest shown for this. The clumsy recording of her first films had been evolving to a little classier work and she was proud of this. The things she had learned through experience certainly were worth sharing. Using the camera was a form of art, after all. Perspective, light and dark, contrast, all were just some of the parts of a composition.  The adding of narration and music made the pieces an emotional experience.  Recording of current events becomes  precise historical accounts which any artist wishes to do. Once again there was a love for nature and life with the woman. She felt she could eventually share this with them  if she could just get past all the other destructive,  latent, mind demons. With filming there was a new attitude once again to remind her of her youth and first love for art.

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