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Donna Flood
Science Fiction 2040

The blood flowing through her veins came from the Chief's of old and served her in small ways. The world in which she lived now spoke not of ancient times and softer days. Gog of Magog sat in the midst of her civilization at the year 2040. This was an entity far away from grandparents gentle, loving, Wah-Kohn-Dah. Jeannie looked down to her hands and then to the color of her arms. As she aged she noticed her strong natural tan was going back to that of the ancestors. She swung her arms up toward the heavens. "See! Great Wah-Kohn-Dah, see! I am here, I am you." She stood inside her temperature controled pod. "Forgive me Wah Kohn Dah for not standing in the presence of your gift's." "The beauty of your blue sky, these small creatures, the air itself." "These are new times, different world." She felt herself slipping into the language of her old ones, clipped with limited wordiness. As her creator's being settled upon her there was the gentle feeling of love. This love was so strong it brought her back to moments in her life when she had experienced a particular joy. The birth of her first child, the call from a distant friend, or even a glorious sunset.

Breaking into her thoughts, a masculine voice came from her computer, letting her know she had a call. Tapping at a key caused the image of her friend, Swift Song, to come up on the screen. "First night to go." She stated flatly. Where upon Jeannie recognized that same clipped tribal manner of speech, typical of her people. It was true they were completely absorbed into the one race, and could not even speak the old language. Still, they clung to an accent, the memory.

"Good job." "Are all the groups working well?"

"There is no other way with the drilling we've been through the last six months."

"Okay!" From the map give me directions to the first three." And as she listened she committed all to memory. "No written records for evidence," she admonished Swift Song, who was a somewhat younger mother.

As she left the conversation with her friend, she was quickly getting dressed. The clear plastic zip lock bags were stacked neatly on the shelfs of her armoire. She ran her finger down from the top of the stack. Mentally she was avoiding those with the sheen and crystal look to a flat colored black. She selected a garment. It fit neatly in the fist of her hand but, as she slipped into the fabric, it became a part of her skin, as light as nothing at all. Over this she pulled a black hooded coat reaching down to her knees.

Running her arm through a beam of light enabled her to know the car would be waiting in readiness with all checks made to its electronic engine. There was still a freedom in choice of cars for some reason. For their mission this was the one she had chosen. It set low to the ground, easy to manipulate through whatever they would have to do. Sure enough as she stepped up the car a voice spoke to her. "A name please," for a vocal identification, please? "

Jeannie answered, "Well, since you are always so polite it would be a pleasure." "I am Jeannie."

The car door swung open and she was ready to engage the running engine. The minute she moved to the center of the cockpit looking interior of the front seat to rest her body weight there, the garage door was sliding up out of the way. She looked to both sides of her. There was room for a passenger on each of her sides because her seat was lifted higher, putting her at an advantage as to seeing down the road. At this point the car was artistically designed with a slope over the roof so gentle it made no distraction from the beauty of the machine. As soon as she left the garage she punched in a code to bring the four television cameras outside the car into action.

"Cameras' are in readiness now, Jeannie."

"Thanks! You suave devil with a golden voice," she grinned.

Slowly and easily her car slid up to where she was to pick up her companion. He was into the car quickly and in one motion swung the encased bow to the back seat. It could have as well been an expensive over night pack. "We are on time schedule?" Fox Who Speaks, looked through her with his blue eyes all but blazing with excitement.

"You bet."

"Is it necessary to have five cars for this?" "You know one could do it?

"Later!" "Tonight is for education and action from all the training we've had with the bows."

To the minute the cars set themselves at the four corners of the house. Her companion had his bow out and was dipping the rag-covered tip into a jar of kerosene. In unison the flaming arrows rose high into the sky and plopped themselves into the ground. She stepped from her car and on her bull horn she spoke clearly. "Everyone out." "Mamas' get your babies out." "Your lab is going down tonight!" "Come on out babies." "We are not hurting you but you can't be inside."

The first cars were already as gone as a cloud across the moon and as rapidly people were pouring from the interior of the lonely old shack setting here in the midst of a burned out wheat field. Jeannie could not help the feeling of sorrow to touch upon her as she saw the dirty unkept children and mothers rushing out. Young boys who could have been studying to use their inventive skills to heal were too dashing away from the drug lab house.

"Do it!" She spoke to Fox Who Speaks. "They are out."

No sooner had she spoke when she heard him snapping his cigarette lighter to the kerosene-dipped arrow. True to its place it set and flames immediately were there. Now speeding away she looked back to see the explosion. While she wiped a tear from her eye, she muttered Wah-Kohn-Dah forgive for taking vengeance if you can. That first one was for my baby."

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