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Donna Flood
Ribbons for Heart Strings

Bara and Kay To weave sparkling romantic tapestries from ribbons of love and joy was to be the experience we will remember for our daughter's marriage to Baraquiel Bojorquez-Loya. Little girls spinning about on the dance floor in long fluffy delicate dresses and little boys in white tuxedos create a web of intricate design. Tall handsome dark Latins were outstanding to see with the strength of their physical dancing with their ladies dressed in long dark dresses having skirts' slit to reveal the same beautiful skin of their legs. The rhythm of the music was second to the flow of the generous agreement of the dancers matching moves. The mood of gracious historical Pasadobles slipped through generations past to this moment for a precious reminder of those far away yesteryears. For those of us who were of other slower persuasion could only stand in wondrous awe to be gifted with the rare bauble glistening before us.

Gone and almost totally forgotten were the sad memories of our daughter's grief over a period of time. The nights spent listening to her weeping, the desolate grief as her child cried for "Daddy," the struggle to continue with needed regimen for job and survival, all these disappeared as quietly from our mind and as quickly as this tall strong young man had reached his arms around our daughter and her child with the maturity which seemed to be tied to something as crisp and delicate as the strong culture from which he was molded.

Of course, it is imbedded in our psychic now, to know, there is nothing sure and definite. However, equally we have learned to "seize the moment." This time of happiness we will treat as a rare gift, giving us strength to once again hope for a tomorrow.

There were great amounts of food provided by the groom' s family, especially seasoned "down" for we who could not tolerate the spicy cuisine. One comment made was, "I've never been to a wedding where food was served so gracious and generously." This was not the only generosity to have greeted us. Each family contributed in their own way to the success of the wedding, with money. After having fought through weddings before, struggling to bring all things together, alone, this was akin to a soft warm breeze wafting off a great expanse of land. It was unexpected but altogether pleasant.

"The Money Dance," was a fun time. All the friends of the family lined up to dance with the bride and groom, dropping money in the hat held by the groom's sister as they "paid" for the brief dance with the bride and groom. A light-hearted moment came when the groom's aunt lovingly tied a brightly colored table cloth around the tuxedo of the groom "apron style." It was a very old custom to have reached down these generations of time holding the significance that the groom was now having to take on the responsibilities of not only his career but, that of the responsibilities of home and hearth. A fun time was enjoyed when the equally handsome cousin of the groom embraced him and danced a few steps with him while the groom was in the lead, which was another custom joyfully welcoming the young man to the position of leadership in the family, leaving his dance of carefree youth behind but, not totally. "There will always be some fun," the brother seems to be saying.

As time rushes along sometimes, there is a place to stop briefly. Setting in these brilliant flashes like the flashing of the camera's recording the wedding is the imprint left on our mind which needs not the paper, film, or moment caught in an image. Forever sealed on our hearts strings are these ribbons of memory. For whatever the future holds, of happiness and success or of other records, this "Noche del Baraquiel y Kay," will remain, a testimony to faith and hope.

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