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Nancy Bellzona's Picture Book
Chilocco - Elizabeth "Lizzie"

Children of Narcisse Pensoneau and Elizabeth (Me-Tah-Ing-Gay) Little Cook are:

Child 1. Edward Richard Pensoneau, born August 4, 1910, died

Spouse: Harrient Collins, born August 22, 1920


1. Edward Richard
2. Charmain Ann
3. William Cecil
4. Steve Lanier
5. Elizabeth Marie
6. Darlene *
7. Lilly Vera
8. Christopher David

Subject: My Ponca name
Hi sister, I read your comment to Vivian and thought I'd let you know how I got my name. Seems I did not have one until I was about 32 years of age. and I asked all the Tribal elders how I might obtain one, and I heard different ways such as ask the eldest of your clan and on and on. Finally, my grandma Cordelia Hardman (mom's side) came to me and said: 'you may carry my name, on condition you carry it with dignity" and I was overwhelmed. So, the next Ponca gathering (a gourd dance) I called her in front of the tribe and presented her with a black shawl and a basket of groceries and they announced my name which is "Me-mahashay" me meaning sun and mahashay is when it is at the highest in the sky. "high noon" in other words. I always say it's because of my smile. :^) So, put that in our family records. Thanks sister.

Child 2. Velma Louise Pensoneau

Spouse: Lee Otis Jones, Born July 9, 1902


1. Donna Colleen Jones
2. Dennis Michael Jones
3. Alvin Lee Jones
4. Esther Inez Jones
5. Daniel Clark Jones

Velma's husband, Lee Otis was formerly married to Emma Soehnholz. Their children:

1. Arnold Heinrich Jones
2. Paul Martin Jones, born May 2, 1930

Children of Enrique Emilio (Henry) Hernandez and Elizabeth were:

Child 3. Daniel Badillo Hernandez, born March 18, 1917, died 9-10-98.

Spouse: Rena Christina Wiseman: born August 28, 1920.


1. Ronald Lynn born December 2, 1942
2. Larry Wayne
3. Edwin Bruce

Child 4. Francis Vincent Hernandez, born 9-13-20, died, 2-2-89

Spouse 1. Edna Mae Legg
Spouse 2. Lucy Lee Rouseau, born August 15, 1929


(Spouse 1. Edna) Franceen
Spouse 2: Child, Mary Maureen

Child 5. OTILIA (Tillie) Haydee Hernandez, born May 28, 1925.

Died January 1, 1994. No children.

This is a great find. While working on my files I came across what is a birth certificate for Otilia Haydee Hernandez, document. It was in  bits and pieces and my husband, Rodney,  had to painstakingly piece it back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The scotch tape trying to hold some of it has long since yellowed and darkened. Although the date on it is 1952, notarized, the paper was just flimsy and must be acid because there were literally delicate flecks of paper left.

Anyway, this is valuable because it is the first trace of history I've been able to find on Henrique Emilio "Henry" Hernandez, second husband of Elizabeth Little Cook.


This is a birth registration at the Ponca City, Hospital of Otilia Hernandez.


Henry Hernandez, Farmer, age 48.

This would make his calculated time of birth approximately 1904.

Grandfather, Selas Hernandez, born

Madrid, Spain


Elizabeth Garnieau (as well as I can decipher the handwriting)

Born in France.

January 25, 2011 a phone call came from

John Luther Foster who is a descendant of Emilio Henrique (Henry) Hernandez, 2nd spouse of Elizabeth Little Cook, Metahingay, Pensoneau, Hernandez.

John Foster is the child of Franceen Elizabeth Hernandez Foster. Her spouse is:  John William Foster. John Foster was born at McConnell airforce base

Franceen is a daughter of Edna Mae Legg who was married  to Francis Vincent Hernandez, who was a son of Henry Hernandez & Elizabeth L.C. Hernandez.

Edna Mae married second time, Henry Alexander Seals.

John Luther Foster son of Franceen, daughter of Edna Mae Legg and Francis Hernandez,  has one sister:

Michelle Rene.  Michelle has three children:

l. Justin Michael Nichols
2. Stephen Nittler
3. David Nittler

Dear Mary,

The reason I only put your fathefs name once was because I do not have any information on that part of the family. The only information that I have is on my part of the family. With this in my mind, let me explain the family.

Ciriaco and Erinea were your grandparents because Francis was their son along with Abraham and the others.

Abraham and his wife, Maria, were Jesus'parents (Jesus was my grandfather).

Jesus, Victorina, Piedad, Ancieto, Nicholas, Juana and Maria are your cousins (l do not have any information on their children).

Jesus and Paula Cerda are my grandparents; there children are Abraham (my father), Maria, Paula, and Jose Jesus.

Abraham and Corina Garcia are my parents. My siblings are Guadalupe, Abraham Jr. and Victoria.

Lupe and Thelma have Roxanne and Lupe Jr.

Victoria and Kenny are the parents of Meggie, Thea, and Carissa.

Therefore, my nieces and nephew are Meggie, Thea, Carissa, Roxanne, and Lupe Jr.

Jose Jesus is my uncle; he is my grandparents last child. He married Elisa Cavazos. They had Melissa, Paula, and Rebecca.

Melissa and her husband, Gilbert, have three children, which are Daniella, Gilbert, and Roma.

Paula and Jerry have one son, Jerry Jr.

I hope that this further information clarifies your questions. However, if you have any other questions please contact me.

I had always wanted to do a family tree, but I guess I never got around to it. I became motivated when I discovered that in one of my graduate courses I have to present my family tree in class. This prompted me to start investigating. With my Aunt Maria's help, we have learned a great deal about our family. After my grandfather died in February, Maria showed me
Donna's letter. I decided to write to Donna not knowing anything about her or if she would respond. Luckily, she did and we have been e-mailing each other ever since.

Please tell me some background information about yourself. I hope to hear from you soon.





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