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       Without a doubt someone at three o'clock in the morning was tapping at their door. It was a soft gentle, but constant, knock. Samantha rolled over and groaned at the thought of having to get out of bed at this hour. She glanced over to her husband's side of the bed.  He was sleeping so soundly  it would have been thoughtless to disturb him.

        She couldn't imagine who was at the door at this time of the morning. They were living in an  apartment on the back of their parent's home at the time which made it necessary to answer the door in case something was wrong with her aging father. He was just starting to have the hemorrhages from his nose which were steadily growing worse.

        When Samantha looked out she could see no one. She glanced down to the bottom of the storm door and there was her parent's honey colored Cocker Spaniel. Honey was an outdoor kind of dog. He was a free spirit and could not be kept in the house for any length of time. The birds in the yard, a passing cat, the mail man, the enemy squirrels or whatever happened to be going on in the yard was always just of too much interest for him. Inside the house  was  boring and bland in comparison. Long ago her mother had given up trying to keep him confined. They owned a big yard, actually two lots, so Honey had plenty of space to guard with his,   fearless,  but friendly ways.

         He did have one fear though and it was of storms. The dog hated the lighting and thunder with a passion.  However, tonight was warm and still. There didn't seem to be a storm of any kind brewing. She looked to the sky. No lighting was visible.

        “Honey!”  Samantha spoke to the dog. “What is wrong that you have been tapping at my door?”

         She then pushed the door open just to a little over a crack. Honey forced his head through the door, pried it open with his body and was in the house in an instant. Now this was uncharacteristic of the dog which told Samantha something was amiss.

        The young woman stepped to the television sitting close to the door to turn it on for an all night station coming out of Oklahoma City which was a little over one hundred miles away. This was the days before cable when they only picked up a few stations with the antenna on the roof of the house. No sooner had the station come in clearly when the announcer was heard to say.  “Well, we've been knocked off the air.”  At this,  the  television went blank.

        Samantha turned to look at the dog who was huddled in a corner of the room. His big Cocker Spaniel eyes were watching her closely. After all he wasn't her pet. Probably he had tried to awaken the people in his home but since they were elderly they may not have heard him. Dad was very deaf. Her mother worked at a demanding job. She generally was sensitive to any noise but could have been just very tired.  Was this dog now wondering if the woman was going to put him out.

        “No need to worry about having to go out, Honey.”  There is no way I would even make the attempt.”  She knew when the dog did not want to move it was almost impossible to do so. He could all at once become as flat to the floor as a rug while seeming to have a suction to it. Nothing could budge him.

         The dog sighed one of his customary sighs as if to say, “I'm not bothering anyone here, but I am definitely not going outdoors either.”

          “I cannot believe you can sense a storm one hundred miles away but then I have a lot to learn about the goings on in this world don't I?”

          The next morning  she and her parents laughingly  discussed the quirk in Honey's personality to make his fearful of a storm.

         As it turned out, the storm never even reached their town, although it did some major damage at Oklahoma City. The television station being knocked off the air was only one of the things to have happened as winds tore and wrecked havoc over many homes.

         Samantha's mother recounted the advise  Native people gave about dogs being able to feel the difference in the vibrations of any person's footsteps, be it friend or foe.  Her Dad laughed and started to
tell a story about a wild coyote and how sensitive they are but then this is another story.

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