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          Cinnamon, Sin for short was the snootiest French Poodle you have never seen.  As far as height he came up to his mistress waist which simply meant she was small for a lady and he was tall for a Poodle.

           Sin was a reddish brown curly poodle about the color of Cinnamon. That name was too long so Shirley simply called him Sin.

            Wherever Shirley happened to be there was Sin also.  She wasn't much bigger than a very young girl. If the dog had wanted to run away  it would have been an easy thing for him. He never pulled her or jerked at his leash. He seemed to know she was not that strong. As she was striding along so did he.  The dog kept exactly the same pace. If she slowed a bit so did he.  When she walked faster he could be seen at a trot beside her.

            Shirley and her husband, Jim,  had never had any children so she doted on the Poodle. There was no expense spared for the dog's grooming or anything else. He was simply insufferably spoiled upon returning from the doggie beauty shop. Even though he was a male,  he always came home with his toe nails polished and bows in his hair.  At that time Sin was just the most stuck up personality there could ever be. Shirley loved to call her neighbors to join her for coffee at these times. She got the biggest kick out of Sin's nose in the air attitude. It was fun to watch him. Ordinarily he would have been jumping around Shirley, chasing a ball, or barking at some dog through the sliding glass door. Not after a do.  At that time he would sit at the glass door casually observing whatever dog might be there. No barking, jumping around trying to get their attention, or running back and forth in front of the door. Instead he rested on his haunches with his nose in the air. If a dog happened to come by he simply turned his head to look at Shirley and then back at the dog as if to say, “I'm just too cool to give that dog the time of day.”

             Shirley's husband was just sure the dog was lacking in the brains department. He always laughed and pointed out some habit the dog had such as chasing a ball and then failing to stop in time for the door. Invariably Sin hit the door with a dull thud. When he did that Jim took the ball away from the dog.

              “Look, Sin,” Jim would warn him.  “Get your act together, quit slamming into the door, and maybe you will get this ball back.

              As always happens with any pet Shirley had her moments with Sin. There  was a time when the dog nipped a child. The boy was ornery and was continually teasing the dog.  Shirley paid and paid the doctor because the mother kept taking the child back even though the bite was little more than a scratch and not that big of a deal.

             Shirley   was trapped though. Finally, she went to the doctor to explained about the woman who was punishing her via the medical bills.

            “Oh, I see.”  The doctor was informed.  “I think you have paid quite enough.” He told Shirley.

             So it was, Sin was saved out of that dreary situation. Shirley had to pay no more unnecessary doctor bills.

             She did keep the dog even closer to her though when she was out. Nothing had changed with the dog. He still was with her every step of the way and always created a barrier with his body by standing close beside the woman creating a space between the two people.

              “Sin, get off me!”  Shirley could be heard to say as he gently nudged her,  a little at a time to create a wider space between the two people. Then as she continued on her walk, “Come on Sweetheart, are you ready to go home now for a treat?”

             Jim had been watching through the glass door and when Shirley returned he grinned good naturedly, “I see your mighty watch dog is on his job.”

             “Oh yes, Shirley in a breathless way grinned and giggled like a kid instead of the aging woman she was.  “Oh yes, forever on guard,   we are.”

             Sin in his dog way looked up into her eyes with the love only a dog can express and seemed to say,  “I've been good.  Now where is the treat?”

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