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City Mockingbird

Bernadette could bring someone back to the shores of Ireland with her looks and personality. She was quick of wit and intuitive too. Little escaped her in the world around. Perceptive eyes could catch an event before it happened just from careful observation. Sometimes when she is sad her forlorn far away gaze seems to reach into another world no one else can  see.

But this isn't Ireland.  It is America. If the little people found a way over  they are certainly careful to keep to the very far out places where no one goes.  The early immigrants are gone now with only sparkling sprinkles of their customs upon their descendants, nothing else.  There remains in some of the far out places stone houses built for the fairies but no one knows what they are unless an older person happens to remember a grandmother taking food and flowers out to them.  We have all been educated to understand about the laws of physics, mathematical equations for understanding the circumference and all that has been proven. There is not much of a place left for the dreamer of dreams and lovers of the little people. Still and all Bernadette found something almost as much fun as the little people.

These are the things one thinks about when there is a conversation with Bernadette. So much of our world is busy with what has to be done, or what we believe has to be done. The brief sweetness of a quiet way and time seems to be wound up in the fiber of the girl and it is pleasant.

“Since you have mentioned some things about birds you must hear what is going on around my neighborhood. I'm telling you it is the funniest thing.  I believe the Mockingbirds have all moved to town this year.  It is plain to see they all have their territories. You know how they do.”

“Oh yes.  World War Three  in Mockingbird. Actually it is like tiny airplanes in flight the way they zip around, up and down and skim through the air with one on the tail of the other. I've often thought I should keep my video camera handy just to record the reality of it. I don't think people actually believe the story about how they aggressively defend their territories. I've seen them come together in mid-flight with their wings flailing at each other. Actually they will be beak to beak in the air. All the fluttering is like two kids scuffling over a toy. Finally one must win because the other one will break loose from the threat swiftly and in a hurry. His adversary is just as quick to follow until the battle is won and victory is sweet.”

Bernadette continued to tell about her city Mockingbird's. “I'm up late sometimes and I'm listening to what sounds like a bird.  All at once here is a burglar car alarm directly in the middle of the song. No sooner have I almost  accepted this when there will be a song of at least three different video game sounds.”

“What? Are you telling me your city Mockingbird is doing this? That is so incredible!”  The older woman was a believer since she had experienced some really strange happenings with the songs of these birds even in the country.  For one bird it was the shocking wolf whistle.  Another mocking the starter of a car was really a taunting memory of a  car that was so obstinate with starting. It would have been pleasantly forgotten if that Mockingbird ane her descendants didn't remind them anew each season.  Sometimes  a song was so intriguing. She knew it wasn't another bird call. Was it a blender?

Bernadette smiled. “I think the most startling sound was something sounding like a machine gun. That so surprised me when it was late at night I was determined to find out for sure what it was.  The next day I walked around the yard making myself conspicuous. Those birds were very aware of my presence. They must have felt I was a threat to their nests.  All the machine guns, video games, and car alarms to come out of the old Elm tree on my yard was so amusing.”

“Well after all when a bird grows up in Rome,  you do as the Romans do.”  The older woman also found the Mockingbird's habits to be fun.

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