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Beau Meets His Match

        Melony was deathly afraid of Beau, our Chow.  As much as possible we kept him tightly in control. He knew he wasn't going to get any praise for growling or snarling at people, let alone barking at them. However, when he sensed fear in a person he was like an old man who glared them down. He made it plain the feeling was mutual in the way his eyes focused on the individual while he lowers his head to pin point their every movement.  This was what he was doing to Melony at the time. She in turn  walked around him as far as was  possible while she came into the house. If he had his eyes on her she too kept  him locked in her visual path.  The two remained guarded during her entire visit with the family.

       “Ooww look at him!”  She would say. “He would just love to tackle me.”

        “Oh I wouldn't worry about that.”  Dee tried to console the fearful woman. “He hasn't ever bothered anyone. I think it is the element of surprise  you have to fear with him. He doesn't like to be surprised by strangers. He knows you well enough. You are no stranger.”

        All of Dee's attempts to reason with the woman made no impression on her and she remained cautious around Beau.

       The day was altogether  beautiful like any  late spring day in Oklahoma can be. Gone were the  chilly, earlier times,  now replaced with these pleasant temperatures. There was a giant wild rose blooming on the front close to the drive. The lawn was freshly mown and the smell of the  grass reminded Dee of the meadow right after it was cut. The children were laughing and tumbling on the front yard as if it had been created solely for them.

      Melony was sitting at the edge of the sofa close to the door.  She could glance out to where the kids were playing while the two women visited.  Dee was in her coveted lounging chair. The cement floor she had lived on for all these years made her wish to capture every moment when she could use the foot support on the chair to put her feet up.  From her position she wasn't  able to see what the children were doing but she could easily hear their laughter as they played.

       Dee knew Melony was uneasy about the children playing with the Chow. His owner never worried though. He was, if anything, very protective toward the children.  They both were  trained to be respectful. The kids  rolled over his big bushy coat like he was some sort of pillow for their heads.  He in his stately duty never complained.  Beau always looked like he was smiling while he stretched out on the ground, paws in front of him,   watching the children.

       All at once the children's laughter had turned to screams. Immediately the two women were out of their chairs. Melony was a tiny woman but she didn't let that stop her in being able to move quickly.

       When Dee looked out the tall glass door she could see the commotion.  Beau was chasing a baby rabbit all over the yard. Evidently the little thing had been hiding under the wild rose bush.  For some reason it started to make a run for it.  The very small rabbit was only a  little bit of cotton tail fluff but doing a good job of staying ahead of the dog. Beau caught the rabbit by simply opening his jaws to suck it in much like someone would suck coke up a straw.  Anyway, this is the way it looked.  Whether that happened or not the dog had the rabbit in his mouth.

      Melony was on top of the dog in a heartbeat. She was wearing a pair of soft scuffs for shoes. One of these the woman jerked off her foot. A few moments before she had been a retiring picture of femininity. All of a sudden  she was now aggressively attempting to pound Beau about the head with the pliable, rubbery looking shoe.

      “Spit it out.  Spit it out!”  She yelled to the startled dog.

       In his excitement Beau forgot he had planned to eat the tiny animal.  He opened his mouth and the little rabbit simply hopped out and then hopped away while everyone stood watching in disbelief.

       Dee was laughing  hysterically.

       “If I live to be a hundred I'll never forget the sight of you beating that dog you have always feared about the head with that old soft scuff of a shoe.  I think he was too surprised not to obey you.

        “Did it occur to you that his fur is so thick he probably never even felt that shoe?”

         It was Melonie's turn to glare a look of mutual dislike toward the dog. She sauntered back over the lawn and  into the house with a lighter step now. The woman bravely  walked away from the once feared animal.

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