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A White Rabbit

      “I really have a weird problem.”  Marsha made the statement as she visited on the phone with her friend, Dee.

       “I can't imagine you having a weird problem. Dee thought about what a good mother her friend was. “You always have such an organized way about everything around you.”  She told her.

       “I've done it this time. You see.  I allowed the children to bring home a baby rabbit from one of their school projects.”

      “Oh I see.”  Dee had the picture. “Unfortunately, little things become big things?”

       Dee could hear Marsha's sigh on the telephone. “Oh yes. I'm afraid what was a cute little bunny is now a very big,  white, rabbit. Since you live in the country do, you think you could find a place for it?”

       It was now Dee's time to sigh.  “Well, I'll have to think about it. Maybe so, maybe not. I'll come by when I pick the kids up from school just to take a look.”

      “Oh thank you.” Marsha was thankful for even such a small thing. Dee stopped to look in on her friend's pet. She could see the problem. The poor rabbit had grown until it was filling the cage. There was hardly room for a turn around space.

      “The poor thing.”  Dee thought.

      “Your Dad will just have to help me find a place for this little animal.”  Dee told the children as they  rode home with the rabbit secure in its cage and in the back seat.

      Of course, Sam was always ready for a solution. He simply used an old cage he already had.   He  took the  bottom out and set it directly on green grass. The cage was quite large. Because it was made of wire it was light and easily moved. The bunny had no possible chance of outgrowing this one. The advantage of having green grass to continually nibble was nice too.

      The children played endlessly  with the rabbit at first while it was in the cage.  It had obviously been a pet because it was so tame. Eventually they lifted the cage away. The bunny stayed close to where they were. It had looked so big in the first cage but now it seemed small as it hopped about playing with the children.

      At night Sam set the bunny, cage and all, up on a large table. With a rock on top to weigh it down  the animal was protected from wandering dogs in the neighborhood.

     The children would run off to other parts of the yard. The bunny left behind didn't seem to mind. He stayed close about the back door. When Dee looked out to see if he was there she often took the cage and set it over him just in case a stray dog or cat happened by.

     “You know,” Dee spoke to the children that evening at the table, “It might be a good idea for you to put the cage on Rabbit when you leave him. He just could wander off. You surely would feel bad if something happened to him.”

       As it is the way with kids though a lot of the time Rabbit was wandering about out of the cage. It seemed he was farther and farther away from the back door too. Dee wasn't centered on worrying about the rabbit. Endless chores about the house kept her  preoccupied.

       Finally, one night when the time came for Rabbit to be put up he wasn't anywhere around.

       “I told you.”  Dee said.  “You know that anything can happen to a rabbit. They haven't any protection or  way to fight back. However, the next morning there was rabbit at the back door.

       “Rabbit's back!  Rabbit's back!  He's not dead.”  The youngest one was elated to think his pet rabbit was okay.

         So it went like this. The rabbit was with them during the day but at night he would not be there to go in his cage. Finally a day passed  with no Rabbit only for him to show up again the next day. His on and off appearance began to be a pattern they simply accepted. And then, all at once, he didn't show up at all. Days went by with no Rabbit.

        “Do you think something got Rabbit?”  Dee asked Sam.

        “Oh, who knows?”  He wasn't going to be bothered.

         Dee was waking up early to enjoy the on coming summer. The weather was warm and this allowed them to have the windows open. She stood at the kitchen door gazing out the back door, coffee cup in hand. Rabbit's cage was still where they had last used it. She was thinking they needed to put it away.  All at once there was  a movement close to the cage. What was it? As Dee looked more closely she could see two tiny baby bunnies. They were odd looking. Part of their body was the brown-grey color of the wild rabbits but there were large patches of white.

        Dee chuckled to herself.  Well! Well!  Apparently we should have referred to Rabbit as She instead of He. For years and years the tame, wild, rabbits about the lawn were interesting to visitors.

      “They are so tame!”  Someone might comment. “Why do they have those patches of white on them?”

       “It's a long story!”  Dee told them without volunteering any more information.

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