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Pinto and Buster

        Comrades in crime are Pinto and Buster. Pinto is a mutt mix of maybe Dachshund and some other small dog.  Buster now that's a different story.  It is up for guessing what breed he is.  There must have been some very good blood somewhere though.

        They have a multitude of things to keep them constantly busy around the small tracts and home sites. Mostly the neighbors at first were intolerant. After Pinto proved he was able to grab and kill creepy, crawly things they became more able to endure his presence. If the children are aghast because Pinto has caught a bird, a turtle, or a small snake, well then, that is just part and parcel of the way of things.

         At this particular time their naughty behavior was causing them to worry the horse across the road. No amount of scolding, penning them up for a day, or anything else made any difference. Fortunately the horse mostly ignored them.

        “I'm telling you!  One of these days you are going to be so sorry.” Milly was trying to warn the two dogs.  No matter. She would no more than turn around and the two would be busily, noisily,  yapping at the heels of the horse.

       “Well, I guess you will just have to learn the hard way. I hope you make it through.”  Milly dismissed the nuisance pair. She was by this time a little tired of their bothersome ways. Buster had a cough not too long before.  Opening capsules of garlic on his food was just another chore for her, even though it did clear his hack, hack, hacking. Soon that little extra aggravation was done but Milly was more than ready to concentrate on something of a higher endeavor.

         “Mother, I have something to tell you about Pinto and Buster you aren't going to believe.

         “That pair?  I would believe anything about them.”  Milly never guessed  what was happening in the world around her.

          “Buster came to my door last evening. He actually knocked on the screen door until he got my attention.”

          “Well!”  Milly wasn't too surprised.

           “Yes, he did!  When I went to the door he was barking and barking.  Woooffff!  Wooffff! You know how he has that gruff bark?” The young women commented.

           “Allergies.  No doubt.”  Milly was facetious and  aware of his bark.

          “Well, he just kept on and on. He was running around in circles and then running toward the road like he wanted me to follow him.  I asked him where his buddy, Pinto, was. I walked up the road calling Pinto, Pinto?  All the while Buster was still barking at me from in front of the house. There was nothing around there on the road so I walked down the other way calling for Pinto. Buster kept barking while running back to the house like he wanted me to follow. All at once I saw Pinto. He was barely walking while coming from the field where the horse is.”

           “Oh yes! Their favorite game of late.”  Milly knew what had happened.

           “Evidently the horse must have kicked him. There is a long scratch on his back leg and that is the one he is favoring.”  Milly's daughter was young enough  she still was fascinated with the way of animals. “He didn't kick him hard enough to kill him, although I'm sure a horse could easily have done so.  Pinto sure is stowed.”

            “I knew that would happen. I'm sure they won't be bothering that horse any more.”  Milly spoke directly to the two ornery little boy, acting out,  dogs.

           Sure enough, golden peace was once again supreme on their tract. Pinto and Buster had learned the hard way it wasn't wise to pick on someone one thousand times bigger.  No longer was it necessary to scold them or warn the two not to bother the horse across the road.

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