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Sadie at the Parade

       The sleepy little town of Tonkawa, Oklahoma seemed to come alive on days like today when an event was planned. The parade promised excitement for the children and adults as well.  Taking their pets for a march down main street while the high school band played promised to be great fun.

       Folks lined both sides of the street in anticipation of the morning activities. The town was at the edge of a wheat farming community so it was common to see the farmers. Their bib overalls, clean   soft plaid shirts gave them an identity. Strong country women with sparkling teeth and rosy cheeks were their wives. They also  welcomed a pleasant morning away from their non-ending,  demanding, chores.

       Other folks from the town enjoyed seeing a neighbor or someone with whom they did not often get to visit.

       “Hey George!  Haven't seen you in a coon's age!”  The two men would be shaking each other's hand while they laughed like boys in their youth when they attended school in town class rooms together.

       “Why Millie MacCombs!  Where have you been a keepin' herself? I'll  swanny to Johnny, you never show yer face aroun' here atoll.” Another woman might slip easily into the country vernacular they all knew.

       The children were excited too. Their pets were in place and ready for the parade to be followed by the judging. Prizes were to be given for the biggest, smallest, most well mannered, best dressed, shortest hair, longest hair, and so on.

       Veda was in for a surprise when the high school band struck up a rhythmic marching beat. Sadie was immediately in a show mode. Decked out with only a  large red bow on her neck she was holding her head high. Her nose was  in the air and her feet picked up to the beat. She was prancing. That beautiful black and white spotted fireman's dog was up to the occasion and was performing.

       The children were so surprised. Little Brother was riding his bicycle which had been decorated with crepe paper. The girls were making every effort to keep up with the high-stepping dog. Sadie vigorously marched  all the way down main street to the very end where the judges were standing. She was the center of attention and she seemed to know it. Her demeanor was impeccably snooty seeming to call attention to her well bred ways. If no one knew they were only recently achieved what did it matter?

       Veda breathed a sigh of relief when they finally arrived at their destination in front of the judges. Sadie had done so well. She was a winner too. For her efforts she was given two ribbons.  A blue ribbon for her conduct and a second prize for the  most beautiful dog in the show.

         All had gone well up to this point. Sadie was resting on her haunches gracefully wearing her blue ribbon which was pinned to her red bow. Oh my! The pride everyone had in her.

        As always every ointment can have a fly. Beside Sadie was a prize winner also. The little yappy Scotty was dressed in a farmer's garb. His overall's even sported a complimentary soft plaid shirt. The owner must have sewn the garment since they were small enough to fit the little dog. Where she had found a hat to fit the dog was up for question. He was given an award for being the best dressed dog in the show.

        For a good while Sadie ignored the barking nemesis. And then, all at once, with one easy motion she reached down to the tiny dog. How she so gingerly took the overalls in her mouth was like an unbelievable happening. In an instant the pants were off the dog. The small dog was at a loss and confused. He then began tearing at the shirt too. It was like he was in agreement with Sadie. “I really do hate this.”  He seemed to be saying.  Somehow or another,  the hat stayed on its head.

       The farm woman in her self-controlled way with hands folded in front of her simply stood looking at her undressed dog.

        Sadie remained in position still sitting on her haunches. The act had been easily achieved with the dog turning her head to one side and down toward the smaller dog while she so quickly  slipped its pants off.

       Veda and her sister-in-law were desperately trying to redress the little dog.

        Later on when they were at home they laughed long and hard about how silly they felt about trying to get clothes on the woman's dog in such a hurry there in front of the whole town of Tonkawa.

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