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Donna's Journal
Dear Daughters, Granddaughters

Long ago, my loves, I learned most ladies are more interested in how to save a penny than,  some philosophy of the Trinity. Therefore, only if asked and sometimes not then do I discuss what I know about the Niceen Creed.  The same holds true on politics because only I well know how ignorant I am on that subject going from economics being like water reaching its own level, or some candidate’s imagined dirty linen.

Today I must deviate from my housewifely condition to come away from what I daily practice. What caused this?  As I walk by the ever chanting voice of the television I’m half way interested in the news story about the university offering a home economic course and the repercussions from that decision by the news media, or whoever.

“It will set women’s rights back!”  The statement is made by someone in opposition.

“Women are in danger of losing their rights, again!”  Another proclaims.

After 50 years of being a housewife, homemaker, Mother, or whatever other  words they use to explain my life I must reflect back upon my home economic courses starting at the 7th grade through highschool and into college. All that I learned from nursing, facials, diet, culinary arts, sewing, budget, family relations, dress designing, home decorating, entertaining, manners for every occasion from weddings, house parties, children’s activities, anniversaries, on and on but, that only touched into the things I would have to know.

They didn’t tell us about sitting in a waiting room waiting for results from an injured child. We didn’t learn, in family relations of all that would be involved in a total breakdown of marriages and how we would have to meet that sorrowful new world not only in our lives but the lives of all our loved ones around us.

We didn’t learn about inflation and how that impossible situation would force man and wife both to go to work leaving her children weeping in day care while she silently wept and had to turn away from them. There was nothing to educate us about credit card debt, people didn’t have credit cards then and debt was a disgusting word, something well-bred gentlemen and ladies didn’t do. No issue was presented to us regarding children in a plaque of a drug ridden society and how that would touch into every family in the nation in one way or another.

Now they are talking about women losing their rights?  Folks, women have already lost their rights, and if a little education helps them to get through these circumstances and regain a position where they can step up and overcome the fierce attack on them and their loved ones then,  no matter what religion is propounding this, or what political element is backing it, let me tell you, girls and sirs, I’m for it.  Our adversary has the education of 1000's of years and is crafty beyond words. Even if we are alert and awake he stills finds a place to strike, not on the weak link, but on the strong one who is doing their best to meet his machinations and plots.

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