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Donna's Journal
Mess With The Bull Get the Horn

   There is just no end to the circumstances we've endured from behind our property and for how many years I can't even count. Everything from fire, the worst smell of hogs and now this. When we bought the land by some stroke of good fortune in thinking of the future we did have the seller put a ban on hogs in the covenant. We didn't dream anyone would try to ranch an acre with cattle. As romantic as the smell of a barnyard might be somehow my memory must be lacking on that. The ranch house was located in front of the cow barn and at a distance. Even at that,  when one of the children was lost from being weakened by an attack of diarrhea the doctor made it plain that none of the hands should ever be allowed in the house on the carpet after having worked with the cattle in the barnyard.

    My visits to the beauty shop have been few and far between over the years but for some reason I had the urge to get a perm. The pampering a beautician gives us while taking care of our beat psychic and emotional low is probably of more value than the hair do itself and I knew this. However, as I came to our drive upon returning home there were cars lined up as if my husband had called all the neighbors for a get together while I was gone. The strange thing was the whole property appeared to be vacant with no one in the house or the yard.

    "What is going on around here? I can't be gone but for a couple hours without everything falling apart." I was muttering to myself.

    Almost as if to answer my question the phone rang. "Did you see the fire we had?"  My neighbor's quiet, sweet voice casually asked.

    "Fire? No! What fire?"  I'm blissfully  ignorant of any catastrophe but suddenly shaken out of my calm recently given me from my  break at the beauty shop.

    The folks behind us were burning trash and it got away from them. We all had to park our cars in your drive because Rodney was out there at your property line with the hose putting it out. It burned right up to my backdoor."  Now this would be a whole different story with what we went through with the ecology people to finally inforce the no-burn laws in Oklahoma.

    The hog story is another one and I won't even go through those painful recollections. Thank heaven the gentleman next door was living then and he took care of that with threats of involving the health department.

    So what is the moral to this story? I suppose it is simply that if you are buying an acreage in the country be sure you cross all the t's and dot all your i's when it comes to writing up the by-laws in the covenants of the total area or take the consequences, "mess with the bull, get the horn."  At the moment we can't afford to replace this decorative fence with a real one, but, on the other hand, we can't afford not to do so.

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