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Donna's Journal
May 07, 2005

Christ said, “If you would have let me I would have gathered you together, like a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings.” I'm sure the quote is not correct but the illustration comes across. These last few weeks have made me more sensitive toward His feelings regarding what was going on in the world around Him. He had the greater intelligence and did know how to address the situations. I, on the other hand, feel like the village idiot who sits quietly watching with frightened eyes.

In this vein of reasoning it is my wish to express my thoughts about this little machine. Of course, having been from a world of far away and long ago it is something of a miracle to me such a tool has come about. I remember I was sometimes listening to talk about the computers, predicting how they would be a “tool, of the devil.” Probably, this could be true in some instances, but in my case over these last struggles the exact opposite was true.

To see the faith of those on my mailing list, to receive encouraging notes and to be able at any given time to have a companion and confidant was not from the devil but from a higher power, according to my opinion. One dear lady from the south shared her herbal knowledge and the spider bite was beat. Instead of a gaping hole there is hardly any evidence of the dime size area where her recommended treatment kept the little beast's venom. It had begun to spread to a baseball size, That stopped. The skin is a bit wizened but certainly not cratered out and infected as some I have seen.

Another friend who has multiply problems of her own kept me laughing with her daily jokes. Yet another was sending along Native American prayers and messages and that held me up. So on and on it went. If this isn't a kind of an army maybe, someone else can find a better name for it. Do not let me forget my warrior poet whose thoughts sometimes are far too high in intelligence for my puny brain to comprehend but nonetheless, sparkling bits of illuminations floating out from the screen. The newly made acquaintance in Scotland who shares the every day nitty gritty of that great courageous culture made me feel closer to ancestors who were only whispered about down through the generations here in
America. That spirit registering and reminding me, my paltry battles are nothing in comparison.

There were cousins, nieces, family and friends, who would never have been able to communicate this freely, from a distance that have, each and everyone, sent along a helpful note. They always came at a time my spirits and soul was weakening, where upon, I could feel my heart and legs strengthened so I could step up to the problems at hand. I'm sure this machine is used by some for less than better, higher values but for me Christ has used the computer like the hen who gathers her chicks beneath her wings. I'm appreciative and thankful. With this vein of thought it is my hope I can continue to try to offer mild consolation and diversion by way of my silly little stories. For those who have been there for me when I needed them the most. Thank you.

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