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Donna Flood
There's More in Savin' Than Makin'

Studying home economics in school was not considered to be the ultimate goal since the women at that time were just beginning to work up their courage to become that “I am woman, hear me roar” image.  To be a home maker was just starting to be shunned a little, maybe even the first wimperings of rebellion were present.  This is, at least, in my Anglo family and my husband's family.  All their women were career women, except my mother in law.  She did work for a few years just to prove the point that she could.

My own mother was definitely a career woman. For as early as I can remember she was actively bringing income into the family. Therefore, the chosen goal of family, forever fidelity, matching wits with the great economists who governed merchandising and housing just wasn't thought of as to being very smart, at least in my family.

A mother loves her daughter and my mother was no different on that order.  Her daughter practically giving away art lessons, hanging art exhibits, studying with traveling masters, doing the art scene in Dallas was something for which she never complained.

On the other hand the family on my husband's side was too kind to voice their opinion. At least to my face. Some were so adamant it almost reached a fever pitch at one point with unbelievable pressures leveled in order to force a leaving of the home and for heaven's sake, “Get a job.”

To say I blew them off  is an understatement.  They were so ignored if they were standing in the road in front on their head it wouldn't have changed my attitude.  Enough as to the politics around the family.

Economics are economics, whether home, national, business, whatever. One studies their course of living and if they are fortunate they will able to use what they have  learned. One can  master  the economics around the family probably, a lot easier than economists can master the nations money problems.  The saying Dad always used, “Now Girl.  Remember! There's more in savin' than makin”  has proven itself to me and I've found the words oh so true.

At this point in time working to get craft booths ready is what one does during the season when there are places supporting this.  In September I have two.  These booths allow me to concentrate on a numbers of things tied up with economics.  For instance, when a dollar a yard fabric will make a gown, a small dress, a pot holder, pin cushion or other small items from the scraps there is hardly even a garage sale where one can do as well.  And this is just to speak of sewing.  Mostly one will sell one article for maybe five dollars, which certainly pays for the fabric. The unsold items become useful to us or good for practical appreciated hand made gifts.  Like water then, it all reaches its own level.

Animal print potholder & pin cushion
Animal print potholder & pin cushion

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