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Donna Flood
Sanguine Sue

Sanguine Sue always went about her business with a cheerful attitude. No matter how gruelling and painstaking the job she could always find a way to make the time she spent with it positive and hopeful.

Now Sanguine Sue had five sisters, Beautiful Bertha,  Talented Tillie, Career Carey, Actress Anna and Wandering Wanda. Each of them in turn came to their sister for tea and cake and at different times.

Beaaautiful Bertha languished over her cup this morning. Her slow soft gaze with deep blue eyes could melt the butter on the cake she nibbled. However, if there was a  reason for her to become provoked, her eyes might flash with the brilliance of a blue diamond.

“Sue!”  Bertha smiled in  her disarming way. “How are you always so happy with never a sad moment about you?”

Sue was aware  Bertha was considered all beauty and no brains and she also knew this was very untrue. This was the wisdom she shared with the girl. “I have a very difficult problem with which I could use your very sharp mind to work through.”  “Will you please design this circular wall hanging for my front door?”  “It needs the help of someone who is gifted with the magic of geometry.”

Before Bertha left that day there was a new lovely geometric shape hanging on her sister's front door. Now there was a new facet to the glow of the girl's flashing blue eyes. It was one of  appreciation for her own intelligence.  The days to follow saw the girl adeptly working through her own life with a renewed spunk and willingness to succeed.

With love and happiness Sanguine Sue was able to watch Beautiful Bertha in her success, but no sooner was she comfortable with this pleasant part of her life when she had a call from Actress Anna.  “Are you free to meet me for lunch?”  The girl had a bit of a wistfulness in her voice.

“Oh please, Anna, can't you come to my house?”  “I have so many  chores to do.”  “I find it so hard to get away.”

Anna came up the front drive and into the shelter of the overhang of grape vines.  She stood back a moment and with her very trained actress eye she observed every part of the world around her.

"Please come into this house.”  “I have some tea and raisin cakes waiting I made just because I know you like them so well.”

“Just a bite.”  “My waistline, you know.”  Anna looked away and seemed to set her jaw.

They chatted about things Anna didn't know because she was gone on the road so much. “Since you write as well as you act maybe if you shared some of the things we do with everyone else.”  “For folks to see how we have done things back to the times of so many eons ago,  might be an inspiration to your screen performance.”

Thoughtful and quiet Anna was ready to return to the quick and moving ways of her world. She now had a purpose and a dream.

Sanguine Sue watched Anna for  the total distance out the drive and for as far as she could see. All the way down the road and as she did so she smiled to herself, in her mind  already seeing the encouragement and love  the thoughtful girl was to bring to the entire great world.

When she turned to go back to the kitchen the phone was ringing.

“Are you free?”  Wandering Wanda  was on the phone.

Sue didn't take a moment to think about what she had planned to do. “Sure.”  “I'm home.”  “Come on out.”  “There is tea and raisin cake waiting.”

Wandering Wanda stayed no place for long. She was up and moving about the small kitchen as if it was her duty to take care of things there. “I'm so bored.”  She complained.

“You like your job?”

“Sure!”  “It's a job.”  “I just get to feeling kind of trapped.”  “You know.”

Sue looked longingly  out over her back yard with her mind there but, she turned instead to Wanda. “You are a wild flower, my dear.” “Beautifully blowing in the breeze.”  “If I only had a camera every time I'm with you I'd record your every move.”  “Flowers, even   wild ones should be recorded.”  “What did you ever do with your camera?”

“I don't know, stuck it back someplace.”

“Every state has its own wildflower, you know.”  Sue lifted her eyebrows.

“Hmmm, never thought about that.”  “Well, guess I'll be running along.” “Give me a hug and I'm off and gone.”

“Uh!”  “Which will be your first state?”  Sue grinned.

“Maybe Texas.”  “It's big.”  “And I love those bluebonnets.”  “Oh yes, I ran into Career Carey and Talented Tillie.”  “They are worried about you not getting out.”  “They are thinking you are just doing absolutely nothing.” “Wasting your life away, and all.”  “You aren't are you?”  “I mean,  wasting your life away.”  “Said, they would be out tomorrow.”

“Ah  yes.”  “Well.”  Sanguine Sue smiled her smile while she tilted her head to one side and again glanced out toward her backyard with her far away look.  “I must find an absolutely delicious rare recipe from my Martha Stewart cook book for them.”  “They are so clever, you know.” “I'm sure we will have much to talk about!”

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