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Donna Flood
Commentary on This Fourth of July

Many times throughout the history of mankind the warning of our Christian scriptures have been given to mighty empires. There was the Great King who had the warning written on the wall while he feasted and drank. "Your kingdom has been found wanting."

Maybe we should reflect on those age old warnings to great nations. Lest I be called the messenger let me point you to the history of my own family which I have worked for many years to preserve.

My own grandmother, Bellzona, was caught in such a time of turmoil. She was as helpless to change events and happenings as are many of us. These things I have simply copied and organized were actually the things she saved. If you will scroll down to the "Mass murder of the Osage"  you will see she simply just folded the newspaper clipping and stuck it in her little tin box. A small act, but one speaking of her feelings as to the things happening around her. "I can't do anything about this, but one of my grandchildren may see it and take warning or action which ever the case may be,"  she might have thought.

Today, we are faced with many of the same dilemma's as these ancestors of mine and ours. We go about our business, doing just the routine things put upon us, often not questioning whether it is right or wrong.

We get caught up into doing what everyone else is doing and are equal to other great empires who were victims of  peer pressure also. If there is one  error or oversight in our own little world which becomes a sin, or simply what is actually just a missing of our target, will it then become a part of a collective cancer, growing to great proportions? Maybe not, but maybe.

Sometimes, we all are like spoiled children who are allowed to have bad manners. This mind you is the meaning of the word, "spoiled,"  and not the fact that the child is loved.

How can we love our children, our neighbors, as we have been challenged to do by our scriptures if we do not stop to think about the terrible sacrifices our very own dear family made for us, much less those who were not even of our own blood? As I point out in my recordings, these sacrifices were not something of a rash, impetuous nature. They were a life time of living and working toward a goal of building right things. A momentary mouthing of a promise was not enough then, it is not enough today.

During the World Wars there was a phrase, "On the Home Front."  It had a wealth of meaning, for it was the home front where the battle was really fought. What was called "Victory Gardens," and many other things going to the "war effort," the people practised under the direction of the leaders. For what ever reason, as a diversion from the horrors of the war or for real benefits probably, are a part of lost information. However, for whatever reason, it did work to keep strong families.

Today, our "Home Front" has been severely attacked. Not by any one ideology or control, or philosophy or person, other than that powerful master, called materialism. This insidious monster has reached into every level of the nation, causing more destruction and disrepair to the environment and moral stature than any other single tool. It has become the unseen King controlling every facet of our lives. One "needs" to keep up appearances at all risks. A new car, a well cared for appearance in the home, attractive well groomed appearance. All of these things are not ugly or undesirable, but rather are attractive. However, when other family values are ignored at any risk or expense of adhering to these things, then there is the sin.

All this, please kind reader, do not feel put upon, for it is only to my own dear loved ones I wish to remind. "You know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  These were the words of first of all our scriptures, and then of our own Grandmother, who loved to quote them, Bellzona.

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