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Donna Flood
Blue Hawaii

Their child had taken a cold and had been very sick for days. Jayleen, the Mother, was shut in with the sick baby and cold weather until she felt worn and thread bare as the old house slippers she was wearing. She padded about the house for several days just half dressed in a robe spending every moment caring for the sick child. The little girl's injury at birth had caused her to be fragile and with delicate health. With being ever alert and watchful even when the child was well she had survived up until this time when she was two years old.

Jaylene heard the tapping at the door but did not want to answer it. She was sure she looked to be a total wreck. The attention she had been giving the baby did not leave the house in a much better state of affairs. The small rooms demanded that one continually keep things picked up and she had not done even this much. She peered through the front glass window of the door and recognized the woman. Jayleen did like her so she let her in.

"Kat!" "How are you?" "Come In," Jaylene invited her into the house.

While Katheryn glanced about the house, Jayleen knew she was wondering about the condition of things. It was evident the visitor did not seem bothered by what she was seeing.

"I guess I should not have answered the door." " The baby has been sick and I'm thoroughly worn out," Jayleen apologized.

Kat could be described as being a vivacious fire ball. She had five daughters in stair step ages. Wherever you saw them, they were always sparkling clean with hair combed to a point of perfection. They were lined up one behind the other like little walking dolls marching to the steps of the one just older than the other. If Kat was ever depressed, frightened or lonely no one ever knew about it. She was the one who was always there first to lend a hand when someone needed help. She seemed to actually have a spiritual direction leading her to this or that person who was floundering in one or another human suffering.

If Kat's red hair suggested she was Irish certainly, her personality agreed. She was quick to tell you her folks were "Arrrish." Really, she didn't need to explain. The obvious was there. Her culture came through when she cooked with certain herbs to make something plain become special. The background could be well noted with her dedication to her family's education going toward music and most especially with her careful Christian instruction of the children. They were well advanced in their memory work and reading abilities

Kat seemed happy to play with the baby for a few minutes. "I came by to ask if you would go with me to see Elvis Presley in, Blue Hawaii, tonight?" "Jim will babysit for me."

"Oh what a great thought!" Jayleen exclaimed.

"Good! With that Kat was out the door in her quick way. Jayleen would learn to know over the many years, Kat's ways. The woman would develop into something of a pillar in the little community where she lived. She would energetically raise the most beautiful of children, grandchildren and on to great grandchildren. As their little numbers began to swell and grow each of them was as varied as the notes of music they all played. Like their mother they were constantly on the move with activities of strength and goodness. Probably, the only difference in Kat and her girl's was that they were a little different in their personalities. They were daughters of a man who was one-half Choctaw Indian. This gave them a different turn to their ways and it was very pleasant. Some were darker to show the Choctaw, and others were fair to the maximum going to their Irish blood.

Seven o'clock and Kat was there without fail. "Careful" she called from the car window. "It's slick. uh-huh. It is too," and she giggled mischievously. "Br-r, couldn't Elvis have waited until a better day to come around." She laughed.

"I'll speak with him about it," Jayleen smiled dreamily.

"Yeah, you do that, you just speak with him, Ha!" Kat grinned.

Naturally, they were among a very few out that evening but, surprisingly, there was a good crowd.

The music, the clear sparkling Hawaiian waters, the costumes and, of course, Elvis, darkly handsome in white, all wove a spell. They came out of the movie doing the hand motions and hula dances under their heavy winter coats. When Kat dropped her off, Jayleen waved to her. "I'll never forget what you've done for me."

"Yeah, you'll forget, you won't even remember it in the morning," and even on the ice she sped out of the drive way slipping back onto the street and was gone.

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