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Sleep Well Dr Bob

Most of the town folks here in Ponca City, Oklahoma simply called their family doctor, Dr. Bob. The affectionate title was an acknowledgement as to the man's easy going care he gave to his patients. However, make no mistake, there wasn't anything easy going in the way he took on the treatment and care of a most wide range of ailments. His office was always packed. There was hardly ever a place left to sit.

The old fashioned atmosphere with tile on the floor dating back to the 1930's made no attempt to impress.  Nor was there entertainment with soft music. Not a decor of luxurious decoration was present.  All was so simple. The patients evidently didn't mind though since they were ever faithful and loyal to their doctor, no matter they didn't always understand his far ahead thinking. Those ideas as they first started were not common, but as they became successful more and more of the medical community picked up on them and used his ideas as to diet, etc.

There was one room that was decorated and this was the children's room. Covering the wall were the Looney Toon characters we all know. There was Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and so on.

There will be no medals presented posthumously, I'm sure.  Doctor Bob was a small man, but physical characteristics had nothing to do with the giant of a man he was as to personal courage. His staff surrounding him was equally as honed to an almost military like small army who would have literally given their life for the man. They were ready to risk everything when it came to the dedication to him and his work.

During the time I was fortunate enough to be treated by him I did have an opportunity to briefly enjoy the love and power behind his wish to have well patients. Attending lectures he gave once a week gave me a
totally different viewpoint as to diet and the management of stress in my life. He made his point easily and matter of fact until anyone could understand and be inspired to follow his advice.

As  Dr. Bob leaves us we are reminded that he was one of the last old time doctors. Their methods of treatment are forever gone now. They lived in the time when one walked in, received a careful diagnosis, walked out with a prescription and in a few days would be back to wellness.

If you visit with someone who used Dr. Gibson there will always be a story forth coming as to something Dr. Bob said or did.

My daughter remembers going to him. She was coughing with a cough she couldn't seem to shake.  Dr. Bob stuck his head around the waiting room door and asked, "Whose coughing in here?"  When the nurse explained he simply said, "She's next."

There will be many people in this community who will notice the quietness around the clinic where Dr. Bob practised. Instead of a busy place where people did overflow the office and sometimes waited in their cars, the old Clinic sets quietly alone now.

Sleep well, Dr. Bob.  The battle you fought to care for your people was more than admirable as to courage and daring. For my own life given me since the year 1975 when other doctors told me, "maybe nine months," How can one say thank you for being able to live and see their children and grandchildren. Nevertheless, thank you, and  sleep Well Dr. Bob. You deserve the rest.

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