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By Donna Flood

Winter and Its Dark Days

I'm not going to lie to you and tell the world that there aren't days of depression for me, especially in the winter. Although fifty years of dealing with everything a woman has to live through in a marriage is forever there, over the years I have learned to treat sadness like an unwelcome situation, rather than to give in to despair.  The guest is there and can't be mistreated, but when they decide to go, so much the better. It does take a little thought and practice to overcome the dark days.. Eventually, it will be easier.  I'll be sending along a series of things I've done this winter to "pull myself up by my own bootstraps."

Rodney had built me shelves close to the stove  for my pots and pans which was wonderful,
except that this is how they looked, cluttered.

We bought these shelves from Lowe quite some time ago when they were much less expensive
than they are now.  The thing about this now is that the doors closing over the shelves make
this a much less cluttered area.

Here are more shelves Rod built for me.  I have been able to move spices and some packages,
canned goods, etc.  out of the pantry to this area, close to where I cook and I love that.
However, again, the clutter is decidedly unattractive

More shelves I love and use so much, but clutter, clutter, clutter.

Now these two cluttered areas are covered with this fabric from Wal-Mart, $1.00 a yard.
I love the uncluttered look my kitchen now has when I have company.  For me, I'm what
is called a visual person, I like to see what is on the shelf, so when no one is here but us;
I simply leave the curtains open.  Rings for bathroom shower curtains are what I used.
I  had an awl to poke a hole through the fabric that had been turned down,  and then
pushed the ring through that.  The fabric is knit with no need to even hem it.  The material
is easy to wash with no ironing, so the curtains will be easy to clean.  Rod cut me a length of
conduit (from scrap left over from jobs).  He puts utilitarian hooks up and the conduct
rests on those.  It can be painted and that works well. The hooks slide over the top so the
paint is only scratched off where it cannot be seen.

It's a cheap project, maybe costing me around 10 dollars,  since I had everything but the fabric.

Here is another way I trick my mind into believing it isn't dark and
cold outside. This was the before view outside my back sliding glass door. The shelves
had more clutter at the top. Of course, we become accustomed to a view and pay little
attention to it, but the scene still has an effect upon our mind, I believe.

I moved another one of those tall plastic cabinets with doors on it to
that place,  instead of the curtained shelves.  The plants on top immediately transformed this little space to something pleasant to see.   It is a small thing, but every little bit seems to help for
brightening up our space and our mind.  Again, I already had the cabinet and the plants, so this cost me nothing other than the time to do it.

To continue with ideas to fight the winter doldrums I include these following pictures.  I think you will agree these ideas are cheaper than medicine or therapy against depression.. Anyway, everythhing is all for fun and that is worthwhile, too.

A sit down dinner party on a middle of the week evening turned out to be
the most enjoyable time ever.  The evening was spent with good food,
friendship's pleasant conversation and a general memoriable evening. A high point
for me was when one of the guests brought this beautiful bouquet of pink
roses.  I wanted a picture to keep the memory, forever, so here it is.

In the summer this small area is bright and cheerful, but in the winter
with the curtains pulled and the metal door shut the area becomes
dark and, frankly, blah!  To remedy this I moved this mini- lamp
with a small florescent bulb in it so the cost of leaving it on would be
minimal. This painting was moved to the area for a point of interest.
Now the place is warm and interesting.

On one particular low day I was so tired of the winter I made up my
mind to go to Hobby Lobby to look at any spring like silk flowers they
might have. Would you believe I found this branch of a Forsythia looking
branch?  It was so real I had to take the one branch home.  After Christmas
these are on half-price so it was around 3.50, a great buy, I thought.
This uninteresting area behind this chair was all at once bright and cheerful
plus is a reminder, "spring is coming."

This circular painting I did of an apple was just the ticket to accent the
beige and brown colors of the new curtains I put up in the kitchen.
The red and white trim around it is from Tractor supply and  cut from
a length of nylon rope they sell there for farmers and ranchers to use.  The cost for
that was about 3.50.  The masonite was around 2.00.  The wire and
eye screws to hang it I already had.  For me, the painting of a juicy apple
reminds me of when the apple trees will be blooming in the spring.

This scroll work piece Hobby Lobby had on 1/2 price, else I wouldn't
have been able to afford.  Going along with my French decor I chose this
Fleur De Lis.   The gold accents are what I use, too. This house can be
dark so the bits of gold lighten up the space.  This is over the back sliding
glass door.  I took a wash of white paint and went over the blue paint which
cleaned that up, too.

This is the front long window beside the door.  Here again I have used my
Aunt's crochet work on the back of this chair.  I can see it from the kitchen
and every time I see the area I'm reminded of happy times in my aunt's home.

Rod's dad was a rock hound.  Rodney built these rather deep, heavy shelves
for me to accommodate these pieces he collected.  Some are fossils, others
are from different formations.  I need to find their names and label them.  I
know someone who was a geologist and I'll have to ask him to do that for me.

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