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By Donna Flood


This chain came from Hobby Lobby and cost me 2.47.  The charm was .50 cents.  With a pair of pliers squeeze the clasp shut so it cannot be used. These el cheapo clasps break in just a little while. Tie the charm to the chain with  OMNI-FLEX, extra sure strength mono filament (fishing line).

Learn to tie a square knot for this:

This is opposed to a Granny knot which we all use to tie our shoes.  On a Granny knot the strands are thrown the same way both times.  On a square knot the tie is made by throwing the string over one way, and the next tie, the string is pulled in the opposite direction up and through the hole.

The length of the chain, 30 inches makes this a lovely little gift for only 3.00 dollars.. Without using a clasp it can easily be slipped over the head which makes it a good thing for little children. 


Here is a picture of the monofilament line (fishing line) I use for stringing these beads.  The possibilities for exercising your creativity are endless and will surely take anyone's mind away from small annoyances or just plain doldrums. It is a thrill to see the different beads going together in your own design.  Just remember to use the square knot instead of the Granny Knot to tie your line.  There are many sights on knots you can access just by typing  "square knot"  into Google.  A Granny knot will come out, a square knot won't.

Of course, if you wish, Sinew is a strong string that is more natural in looks and is what Native Americans use for their necklaces, moccasins, etc.

There are simply endless possibilities for the blending of colors, styles and designs in jewelry. This is a project easy enough to be enjoyed with Mother's help for pre-teen girls.  But remember, too, men are jewelers so this could be a way to teach a son or grandson about the beauty of stone.  There is a possibility of taking this to a total circle with the visit to a lapidary shop.  This great introduction to stone working tools, (small and large drills, stone cutting saws, silver works and on and on is a not only a great hobby but a wonderful side income making an opportunity to be a part of  a vast community of skilled artisans all over the U.S.  My brother has a total shop or silver jewelry, and his are collector pieces with breathtaking messages in the beauty of his work.

So, back to starting small at an early age and taking the opportunity to impress on our children,


For Safety sake:

Donna, for safety sake, make certain the monofiliment used is of such weight that a child can break it easily.  Children have been known to choke to death when a necklace or other similar object gets caught on something and they struggle to get away or fall.  Any type of necklace for a child really ought to have a self opening type of bead that will come apart when a slight pressure is placed upon it.  Any little one with a necklace should be kept in eyeview so they do not come into harms way.

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