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By Donna Flood

Back Porch

Growing up on a hill where sweet summer breezes were like Dr. Jenkyl and Mr. Hyde come the month of September. The same winds that cooled and made life so pleasant on the highlands of Osage County during the warm months suddenly became not a pleasant dream but something rather akin to a nightmare. These memories make me ever aware of what is coming and every year creates a flurry of activity lest I be caught with undone chores. The month of October to most folks is a time for fake scares of Halloween but for me, it is a reality of fearful winter miseries in an almost abnormal activity. Large, cold, drafty houses of my youth left such an impression on me I’m like an ant hurriedly carrying large loads on my back to a nest at this time.

Here are some pictures of the work I’ve been doing on the back porch. I’ve been so delinquent with correspondence while I was doing all this fall cleaning of closets, pantry, sewing room and fabric room. Hopefully, this will redeem me with you. All I need to do now, is to work on my crafts and I’ll send along photos as I go in hopes you can use something for an idea.

I pulled the curtain out over the top of the chest freezer so you can see that I have lined them with this black fabric. I'm hoping this will draw the sun to heat the windows here. The top of that storage chest was painted black for the same reason. The curtains can easily be partially pulled back during bright sunny days. You can't see them but I used those long flat hooks in order to give a space behind the curtains so the air will heat up and flow upward and then drop back down into the room. I learned this neat trick from Lil from my homestead group. It is a clever way to use solar heat. She's a smart lady so I'm counting on this to work. That is the kid's artwork on the side of the freezer. The fabric has simply been staped on to the front of those shelves. One end was stapled and then the other end. I pulled the fabric in half and stapled it in the middle and then just went along doing the same thing and it is fairly equally gathered without a lot of guessing and fuss.

This is the other side of the room. These windows make a wonderful, warm place to rest my tired back by afternoon. The place is a bit like a sunroom when the curtains are pulled back. I made that quilt couple years ago and a friend quilted it for me on her machine. The colors are dark and go well with the chest and plant I brought in from the patio. Mother always enjoys this place, too.

We have had some light frost but some how these lovely roses on the west front side of the house have survived.

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