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Right brained children, in a left brained world

Review and report on book;  "RIGHT BRAINED CHILDREN, in a LEFT BRAINED WORLD".  Unlocking the Potential of your ADD child, by Jeffrey Freed, M.A.T., and Laurie Parsons:

Two point five million children in the US find it impossible to sit quietly, focus on a task, or work well with others. As Jeffrey Freed has discovered there is more to these gifted children and with right brained learning these children can be a the source of unparalleled strengths. Freed has developed a simple easy to apply program that works with, not against the abilities of these children's powerful visual memory and heightened perceptions, enabling them not only to hold their own, but to excel.

For parents who have longed to help their ADD child quickly and direct, Freed and Parson's approach is nothing short of revolutionary. This is the first book to offer them reason for hope and a clear strategy for enabling their child to blossom.

HOW to:

  • Use the innovative "Learning Styles Inventory:  to test for a right brained learning style.
  • Help an ADD child master spelling and build confidence by committing complicated words to visual memory.
  • Tap an ADD kid's amazing speed-reading abilities by stressing sight recognition and scanning rather than phonics.
  • Access the child's capacity to solve math problems of increasing, often astonishing complexity without pen and paper.
  • Captalize on the "writing and weaning"  techniques to help the child turn mental Images into written words.
  • WIN OVER TEACHERS AND PRINCIPALS  to the right brained approach, to which the ADD child thrives.

You can purchase this book at
Where you can also read 44 sample pages of the book and here is a bit from the author...

The author, Laurie Parsons, August 26, 1999

Laurie Parson writes:  "It is one thing to read that there are more than 2.5 million children nationwide who have ADD and quite another to learn your child is among them.

She goes on to say, "Zack was blessed with many gifts. He had a memory unparalleled."  Because he was touchy, with angry outbursts, followed by hours of sullen silence we took him to a psychologist who told me I should brace myself for the likelihood that Zach would someday be a "juvenile delinquent."

This began Laurie's crusade fired by her maternal fury to find someone who could help her. After a short time of after having been pressured to try Ritalin, she dropped it because of the severe weight loss it brought to the child.

After much searching and researching she found Jeffrey Freed, M.A.T., a private educational consultant who had been quietly working with over 1000 gifted and ADD children in the Denver Metropolitan area.  There were parents who described him as a "miracle worker."

Freed related that all children who are labeled as ADD are right brained and have a visual learning style. Instead of focusing on the deficits of these kids, which our schools and doctors are all to quick to do, Freed emphasizes their many strength.  These children are creative, can do difficult math problems in their heads, and are excellent speed readers. Because teachers left brained detail oriented, auditory processors and view visual learners as flawed these children tend to do poorly in school.

Jeff has a two year waiting period but Laurie was finally able to get in and watched with tears in her eyes as Jeff coached Zach out of his shell, making him feel confident and smart.

Today Zach is doing long division and algebra, has a newfound confidence and won many friends.  He is active in Soccer.  He loves to make up jokes, "Why did the cat circle the computer?"  ("Because he was trying to catch the mouse"). Zach will always be hypersensitive, but he is far from being the "juvenile delinquent."  He is a delightfully happy child who unashamedly refers to himself as "the boy genius."

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