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The Scotch-Irish in America
Proceedings of the Third Congress at Louisville - Proceedings

Saturday, May 16, 1891.

Mr. Bonner:

The Congress will now come to order. We will be led in prayer by the Rev. Dr. Woodside, of Pittsburg.

Dr. Woodside:

Let us unite in prayer. Almighty God, we return Thee thanks today for Thy kindness to us all, for Thy marvelous liberality in supplying our wants, in all that Thou has done for us, and for all the promises Thou hast made to us respecting the future. We bow before Thee as our fathers' God, and as our own God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three persons in one God, and we worship in the name of Jesus Christ, Thy Son. We return Thee thanks, O God, that we are here today, and that we enjoy so many privileges in this place and in this land. We bless Thee for peace and prosperity, for the growth of our nation, and for the increase of our product, for Thou hast blessed the labors of the husbandman as well as the mechanic. We thank Thee for Thy goodness to us, bringing good out of what appears to us to be bad, and making the people of the earth to praise Thee. O God, we thank Thee for the fidelity of those who have gone before us; we thank Thee for these pleasant meetings; we thank Thee for the privilege of meeting these brethren from different parts of the land and different countries, and we pray Thee that Thy presence may be near us in these meetings, and O grant that this Society may be a source of great power for the accomplishment of glorious results in the future. Let Thy blessing rest upon all its officers and members, and increase its membership, O God, and bring us more to Thee in our mind and in our heart than we have ever heretofore been, and grant that all sectional differences may be removed, and the time may soon come when the nation will be included in one high church, and the various branches of churches represented in this Society may be brought with one heart and one mind before God. Continue Thy loving-kindness to us all; blot out every sin, and accept our presence and services through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mr. Bonner:

Before proceeding with the regular addresses, Dr. MacIntosh has something to say which I think will be of peculiar interest to the ladies.

Dr. MacIntosh:

Mr. President: During the last twenty minutes I have been exceedingly uneasy; the fact of the matter is, sir, proposals have been made to us by the ladies present, and, that Dr. Hall and myself may not be placed in an embarrassing position, I think it is better that we should understand one another at once. I have been asked whether there is any possibility of effecting an alliance. Why there is all the possibility in the world; we want to have the ladies with us in our work; if we can only associate them with us in this work, our success is not nearly, but is assured. The question has been put: "Can ladies become members of the National or General Society?" Answering this question, I will say that any lady with Scotch-Irish blood in her veins is eligible to membership, and Mr. Campbell, the Assistant Secretary, will be found to my right hand, right back there where the placard is. I recognize the right of the ladies to make this proposal.

Mr. Bonner:

We have been listening to admirable addresses from gentlemen of the South, from the West, and from the North; we are now to have the pleasure of hearing an address from the Rev. Stuart Acheson, of Toronto, Canada, on the Scotch-Irish of Canada.

Rev. Stuart Acheson:

(For Mr. Acheson's address, see Part II., page 195.)

Mr. Bonner:

It is with very much pleasure that I introduce a very distinguished lawyer, who really needs no introduction to a Kentucky audience. I refer to Judge William Lindsay, of Frankfort, Ky., who will speak to us on the Scotch-Irish of Kentucky.

(For Judge Lindsay's address, see Part II., page 191.)

Mr. Bruce:

Ladies and Gentlemen: A lady who thought, I suppose, that she had the right to comment on the fact said to me just before coming here this morning that it seemed to her that I had had to say something every time there had been a meeting, but I can assure you it is not of my seeking. A meeting of the Scotch-Irish Society of Kentucky was held this morning in accordance with previous arrangements; and though I was not there, having been kept away by other duties, yet certain resolutions were passed which it has been deemed advisable to have read here in order that those who were not there in person can understand what was done. I will simply read them as they have been written and handed to me.

1. Resolved, That the Scotch-Irish Society of Kentucky appropriate of the funds received and to be received from dues for membership $100 for the purchase of one hundred copies of the first and second volumes of the proceedings of the national Congresses held in Columbia, Tenn., and Pittsburg, Pa., said copies to be sold as fast as can be by the Secretary of the State Society.

2. That the Secretary procure the form of application for membership as used by the National Scotch-Irish Congress and mail to each new member elected recently, and also inclose them a circular stating that they should have the first and second volumes of the proceedings of the Congress, and can procure them of our State Secretary at $1 each.

Mr. Bonner:

This meeting is now adjourned to meet at 8 o'clock this evening at Polytechnic Hall.

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