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Biographical Dictionary of the Eminent Men of Fife
Of Past and Present Times, Natives of the County, or connected with it by Property, Residence, Office, Marriage, or Otherwise by M. F. Conolly (1866)


Sir Robert Sibbald, in bis History of Fife and Kinross, informs us that “in the ancient language of the Picts it (Fife) was called Ross, which signifieth a peninsula, and that it was the best part of their kingdom, where their kings had their royal seat.” Hence it has been the custom to designate it the “Kingdom of Fife,”—a popular phrase retained to this day; and doubtless there are some little kingdoms on the Continent less deserving of the title.

Fife is an extensive and important county. It is, as above stated, in the form of a peninsula, having the waters of Tay on the north, and the Firth of Forth on the south, and terminating in a point on the east, in the German Ocean, commonly called the “East Neuk.” Its total area is about 300,000 acres. It lies between 56° 3' and 56° 25' north latitude. It contains sixty-one entire parishes, besides portions of two others, seventeen Royal Burghs, eight weekly newspapers, a University, and 153,989 of population, per census 1861.

“Fife,” as has been well observed, “has always occupied a prominent place in the history of Scotland.” Though this prominence may be partly owing to the circumstance that both a royal residence and a University were situated therein, still, much must be due to that energy and enterprise which for centuries have characterised the native inhabitants, who have proved themselves equally ready to defend their country from foes, and to forward its best rights and interests.

In all the contests of the people for the maintenance of their civil and religious liberties, we never find the “ men of Fife” behind in the discharge of their proper duties ; but on the contrary, always foremost in the path of honour—as patriots, philosophers, and men of renown.

To this fact, an influential foreign journal recently testified in strong terms. Speaking of one of our most eminent hydrographers it says, “He was a native of Fife, a county prolific of illustrious Scotchmen from the earliest period of our national history."

Fife, then, we submit, will compare favourably with any other county in Scotland, in reference to the number of distinguished men it has produced, from the days of Sir Michael Scott to those of Adam Smith, and downwards to Dr Chalmers and Principal Tulloch. It will not, therefore, be denied that Fife affords an ample field for a biography peculiarly its own, as well in respect of its population and importance, as of the illustrious men whose lives such a work must necessarily bring before us—lives which can neither be uninteresting nor uninstructive.

Perhaps no species of literature is more interesting to the general reader than biography. It combines the charm of the poem with the more substantial teachings of history; it frequently verifies the maxim That truth is more strange than fiction and it at all times affords useful and instructive reading. And there are no lives which we peruse with more satisfaction and advantage than those of men belonging to the same soil as ourselves; whose conduct and character have rendered them worthy of being held up as patterns and examples in tlicir native land; at the same time it may add to the interest of the work, if its notices should not be confined to Natives of Fifeshire, but comprehend also eminent individuals who have been connected with the county officially or otherwise.

Gratifying as it is to know that biographical literature is so popular, and so extensively read in Scotland, it is surprising that no work exclusively devoted to the worthies of Fife, has yet appeared. Up to the present time there has been no volume of Fifeshire biography in existence—no collection of lives at once adapted for ready reference and popular entertainment.

To supply such a desideratum, the writer has put together the sketches referred to, in the form of a biographical dictionary. In following out the plan of the work, the writer has aimed at producing something more than a mere compilation. In addition to the lives of persons previously commemorated, among the contents will be found biographies of individuals hitherto overlooked, as well as of men of note, who have recently died, and whose lives have been heretofore unwritten. But, besides these, the author has introduced many sketches of contemporary biography, i.e., notices of living men of our own day. These have been written with brevity and caution, with a strict adherence to facts, and avoiding, as far as possible, matters of opinion; because, until the whole career of a man is finished, it is impossible fairly to estimate his life and character.

On the whole, what the writer has had chiefly in view is, to save parties of the middle classes, and engaged in active life, the expense of purchasing, and the time and trouble necessary in searching for information about men of Fife in Encyclopedias and general biographical dictionaries; to preserve curious scraps and anecdotes, relative to men of mart, which would otherwise be lost and forgotten; and to provide a reliable book of Fifeshire biography, comprised within the compass of a moderate sized volume, and containing about five hundred and fifty names, to be offered at a price which most people can afford to pay. In short, to produce a work which must be within the reach, and not unworthy of a place, in every Fife man’s library; embodying a biographical and literary history of the county, and recommending itself to every inhabitant as a record of the honoured and worthy men who have shed lustre on their country’s annals, and made Fife respected, through the length and breadth of their native land.

Chesterhill, by Anstruther, July 1866.

Below I've scanned images of the pages with the Index of Names and below that I have ocr'd in the names.  Below that you will find links to each letter where we have split up the pdf into alphabetical sections.


Abercrombie, John, M.D.
Adam, Right Hon. William
Adam, Sir Charles, K.C.B.
Adam, Robert, Architect
Adam, W. P., Esq., M.P.
Adamson, Archbishop
Adamson, John, Naval Officer
Alexander, Professor, LL.D.
Anderson, Rev. John, D.D., Newburgh
Anderson, Alexander of Montrave
Anderson, Captain A. J.
Anderson, George, of Ferry bank
Anderson, Rev. James, Cults,
Anderson, Colonel John, E.I.C.S.
Anstruther, of Anstruther. Family of
Anstruther, Sir William, Bart.
Anstruther, Eighthon. Sir John, Bart.,
Anstruther, Sir John Carmichael, Bart.
Anstruther, Sir Windham Carmichael, Bart
Anstruther, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Bart
Anstruther, Lieutenant Henry
Anstruther, Sir Robert, Bart., M.P.
Anstruther, J. H. Lloyd, Esq.
Arnot, The Family of
Arnot, Hugo, Advocate
Amot, Neil, M.D.
Arnot, Rev. David. D.D.
Arnot, Archibald, M.D.
Arnot, Sir John
Anchmuty, of that Ilk
Aytoun, The Family of
Aytoun, Sir Robert, Knight
Aytoun, Andrew

Bainbridge, Henry, E.N.
Baird, The Family of
Baird, William, of Elie
Balcanquhal. Rev. Walter
Balcanquhal, Rev. W., Junior
Balfour, The Family of
Balfour, Baron, of Burleigh
Balfour, The Family of Denmylne
Balfour, Sir James, of Pittendreigh
Balfour, Sir Andrew, M.D.
Balfour, Robert, Professor, Bordeaux
Balfour, John, of Balbimie
Balfour, A. J., of Whittinghame
Balnaves, Henry, of Halhill
Balvaird, Baron
Barclay, of Collairnie
Barclay, Professor William, of Pont-a-Mousson
Barclay, John
Barham, Lord, of Barham Court
Baxter, Sir David, of Kilmaron
Bayne, Professor Alexander, of Feres
Beatson, The Family of
Beatson, Robert, of Vicarsgrange
Beatson, A. John, of Rossend
Bell, General Sir John, G.C.B.
Bell, Rev. Andrew, D.D., and LL.D.
Bentinck, William Henry C., Marquis of Titchfield
Bentinck, Lord George
Bentinck, General Lord William Cavendish, Governor-General of India
Bethune, The Family of
Bethune, Cardinal David
Bethune, Maximillian, Duke of Sully
Bethune, Admiral, of Balfour
Bethune, Major-General Sir Henry, of Kilconquhar
Bethune, Alexander
Bethune, John
Birrell, Rev. John, M.A.
Bisset, Professor Peter, of Bologna
Black, Admiral William, Anstruther
Black, Captain James, R.N.
Black, John Eeddie, R.N.
Black, Thomas, Surgeon
Blackwood, Professor Adam
Blair, Rev. John
Blair, Rev. Robert, author of “The Grave."
Blair, Rev. Robert
Blair, The Rev. Hugh, D.D.
Blair, the Lord-Preaident of the Court of Session
Blair, Rev. William, A.M.
Booth, David, Balgonie
Boswell, C. I. Lord Balmuto
Boswell, Alexander, Lord Auchinleck
Boswell, James, Biographer of Johnson
Boswell, Sir Alexander, Bart.
Boswell, James, M.A., London
Boswell, Sir James, of Auchinleek, Bart
Boswell, Mr, of Kingcausie
Boswell, Alexander, Kennoway
Bowman, Walter, of Logie
Boyle, James, Earl of Glasgow
Brewster, Sir David, LL.D.
Brewster, Rev. George, D.D.
Briggs, Lieutenant-Colonel, of Strathairly
Briggs, Major James, 63d Regiment
Briggs, Lieutenant David, R.N.
Brown, William Lawrence, D.D.
Brown, Robert, Esq., D.C.L., London
Brown, Rev. James, Kilrenny
Brown, Thomas, Cellardyke
Bruce, The Family of
Bruce, James, Earl of Elgin
Bruce of Kennet, The Family of
Bruce, Robert, Esq. of Kennet
Bruce, O. Tyndal, of Falkland
Bruce, John, of Grangehill, &c.
Bruce, Charles, D.D.
Bruce, Edward
Bruce, Sir William, of Kinross
Bruce, Michael, Poet, Kinross
Brunton, George, Cupar
Buccleuch, William, Duke of
Buccleuch, Walter, Duke of
Buchanan, George
Buist, George, D.D.
Bum,Major-Gen. Andrew, Anstruther
Burnet, Alexander, Archbishop of St Andrews
Burns, Rev. John, Dunino

Cameron, Richard
Cameron, James, M.D.
Campbell, The Family of
Campbell, of St Andrews, The Family of
Campbell, Jobn, Lord Chancellor
Campbell, Sir George, of Edenwood
Campbell, Sir Archibald, Bart.
Campbell, George Colin
Canning, George, Prime Minister
Canning, Viscount, Governor-General of India
Carmichael, Gerrhom, Monimail
Carstairs, Rev. Andrew George, D.D., Minister of Anstruther-Wester
Cary, The Family of, Viscount Falkland
Cary, Henry, Viscount Falkland
Cathcart, Taylor, of Pitcairlie
Chalmers, The Family of
Chalmers, Rev. Thomas, D.D.
Charters, Samuel, D.D., of Wilton
Chiene, The Family of
Chiene, Captain John, R.N.
Chrystie, Thomas
Christie, Charles Maitland, of Durie
Christie, Peter, son of James
Christie, Aune Macdonald, Munimail
Cleghom, Hugh, of Stravithy, M.D.
Clephane, The Family of
Clephane, Andrew, Sheriff of Fife
Clunie, Rev. John
Cockbum, Professor Patrick, St Andrews
Colville of Culross, The Family of
Colville, Rev. Alexander
Colville, George T., R.N.
Conolly, Erskine
Constable, Archibald, Publisher
Cook, The Rev. George, D.D.
Cook, Walter, W.S.
Corstorphine, Alexander, of Pittowie
Cowper, The Family of, at Stenton
Cox, Henry, Esq., R.N.
Craik, George Lillie, LL.D.
Craik, Rev. James, D.D.
Craik, Rev. Henry, Bristol
Crawford, Lindsay, Lady Mary
Crichton, D. M. M., of Rankeillour
Crichton, James, styled “The Admirable,”
Cunningham, Lord, Court of Session
Currie, Andrew, of Glassmount

Dalyell, of Lingo, The Family of
Dalyell, Colonel Thomas
Dalyell, Colonel J. Melville, of Lingo
Deas, Sir George, Lord Deas
Dempster, George, of Dunnichen.M.P.
Dick, Thomas, LL.D.
Dickson, David, of Westhall
Doig, David, LL.D.
Dougal, John, Kirkcaldy
Douglas, the Family of, Earl of Morton
Douglas, James, Earl of Morton
Douglas, George, Earl of Morton
Douglas,The Family of, Earl of Wemyss
Douglas, Right Rev. John, D.D., Bishop of Salisbury
Douglas, David, Lord of Justiciary
Douglas, Alexander
Dow, James Kidd, Anstruther
Drummond, David
Drummond, Peter
Drysdale, Rev. John, D.D.
Duff, Lady Louisa T.
Duncan, Andrew, sen., M.D.
Duncan, Professor Thomas, A.M.
Duncan, Rev. James, Kirkcaldy
Dundas, The Family of, Earl of Zetland
Dundas, Thomas, Earl of Zetland
Dunfermline, Baron, J. A.
Dunfermline, Baron, R. A.
Durham, The Family of
Durham, General James, of Largo
Durham, Admiral Sir P. C.
Dysart, The Family of
Dysart, Elizabeth, Countess of

Elgar, Right Rev. Henry
Ellice, Right Hon. Edward, M.P.
Ellice, Edward, jun., M.P.
Elliot, The Family of
Elliot, Gilhert, first Earl of Minto
Elphinstone, The Family of
Elphinstone, Arthur, sixth and last Lord Balmerino
Erskine of Mar, The Family of
Erskine, John, Earl of Mar
Erskine, Sir George, of Innertiel
Erskine, Thomas A., Earl of Kellie
Erskine, Archibald, Seventh Earl
Erskine, Thomas, Ninth Earl
Erskine, Sir Thomas, Bart.
Erskine, The Hon. Henry
Erskine, Thomas, Lord Erskine
Erskine, Rev. Ebenezer
Erskine, John, Advocate
Erskine, Rev. Dr John

Fairfoul, Right Rev. Andrew
Falconer, Right Rev. John
Fergusson, of Raith, The Family of
Fergnsson, Robert, Esq. of Raith
Fergusson, Sir Ronald, M. P.
Fergusson, Robert, of Raith, J.P.
Fergusson, The Rev. David
Fergusson, Dr Adam
Fernie, J. B., of Kilmuir
Ferrier, Professor J. F.
Forbes, Rev. John
Forbes, The Right Rev. Robert
Foreman, Archbishop Andrew
Fowler, William M‘Donald, A.M.
Fraser, The Rev. John, A.M.
Fraser, The Rev. Donald, D.D.
Fraser, Robert

Gilfillan, Robert
Gillespie, The Rev. George
Gillespie, The Rev. Thomas, D.D.
Givan, John, Cupar
Goodsir. Professor John
Gorrie, The Rev. Daniel
Gourlay, Robert F.
Gladstone, The Right Hon. W. E.
Glas, The Rev. John
Glas, John, his son
Glennie, James
Gleig, Right Rev. George, LL.D.
Gleig, The Rev. George Robert
Grahame, The Right Rev. Patrick
Grant, George, Cupar
Gray, Captain Charles, R.M.
Gregory, Professor James
Greig, Sir Samuel

Haxton, David, of Rathillet
Haig, William, of Seggie
Haldane, Principal, St Andrews
Hailes, Alexander
Halkett, The Family of
Halkett, General Sir Colin, G.C.B.
Halkett, Charles Craigie Inglis
Halkett, Sir Peter, of Pitfcrrane
Halkett, Sir Peter Arthur
Halkett, Lady Ann
Hall, Henry, of Haughhead
Halyburton, The Rev. Thomas
Hamilton, Archbishop
Handyside, Robert, Lord of Session
Hannay, of Kingsmuir, The Family of
Hannay, George Francis, of Kingsmuir
Hannay. Cunningham R., of Pitarthie
Hannay, of Grennan, the Family of
Hannay, James, late Editor of Courant
Harvey, George, R.S.A.
Hastie, Alex., of Camock
Haxton, John, Drumnod
Hay, Sir James, Earl of Carlisle
Hay, Marquis of Tweeddale
Hay, George, Marquis of Tweeddale
Hay, Rear-Admiral, Lord John
Henderson, Rev. Alexander
Henderson, Dr Ebenezer
Hill, Rev. George, D.D.
Hog, J. Maitland, Esq. of Kellie
Hogg, Thomas, Cupar
Hopetoun, The Family of
Hopetoun, The Earl of
Hope, John, Earl of Hopetoun
Hope, Sir William, of Balcomie
Hope, of Craighall, The Family of
Hope, Sir John, of Craighall
Hope, George W., of Rankeillour
Horsburgh, James, of Klie, F.R.S.
Horsburgh, James, of Pittenweem
Horsbrugh, Thomas, Sheriff-Clerk
Horsbrugh, Major James, of Mayfield
Horsbrugh, Major Boyd, of Lochmalony
Hunter, John, LL.D.
Hunter, Rev. Henry, D.D.

Irving, The Rev. Edward, M.A.

Jack, John, St Monance
Jamieson, Andrew, Sheriff-Substitute
Johnstone, Mrs Christian Isobel
Johnstone, John, Dunfermline

Keith, The Right Rev. Bishop
Keith, The Right Hon. Viscount
Keith, Sir Robert Murray, K.B.
Kennedy, Bishop
Kerr, The Rev. James Ralston
Kidd, The Rev. Alexander, D.D.
Kilgour, Alexander, Dunfermline
King, James, Irrawang
Kirkaldy, Sir William, of Grange
Knox, The Rev. John

Latto, Thomas C.
Lawson, Professor George
Learmont, Thomas, The Rhymer
Learmont, Sir James, of Balcomie
Lee, Professor John, LL.D.
Leitch, The Rev. William, D.D.
Leslie, David, Lord Newark
Leslie, John, Lord Newark
Leslie, The Family of Rothes
Leslie, Henrietta, Countess of Rothes
Leslie, Alexander
Leslie, Professor Sir John
Lindsay, The Family of
Lindsay, Lady Ann, or Bernard
Lindsay, Elizabeth, Countess of Hardwicke
Lindsay, The Hon. Robert
Lindsay, General James
Lindsay, Sir Coutts Trotter, Bart.
Lindsay, Colonel Robert Lloyd
Lindsay, The Hon. Mrs H. S. L.
Lindsay, Lord Alexander W. C.
Lindsay, Sir David, of the Mount
Lindsay, John, Eighteenth Earl of Crawford
Lindsay, Robert, of Pitscottie
Lindsay, Sir John
Livingstone, The Family of
Low, The Right Rev. David, Bishop of Moray
Lumsdaine, of Innergellie, The Family of
Lumsdaine-Sandys, The Family of
Lumsdaine-Sandys, The Rev. Edward Sandys, Dr Edwin Sandys, Sir Edwin, Sandys, George Lumsdaine, of Lathallan, The Family of
Lundin, of Anchtermairnie, The Family of
Lyell, David, LL.D.
Lyon-Bowes, of Strathmore and Kinghorn, The Family of
Lyon-Bowes, Thomas, Twelfth Earl of Kinghorn

Maeansh, Alexander
M'Duff, The Family of Lord Fife
Mackay, John
Mackay, Dr John
Mackie, Dr Andrew
M'Kenzie, Donald, Esq., Sheriff of Fife,
M'Martin, Mr, Prinlaws
M'Niell, The Right Hon. Duncan
M‘Neill, Sir John, G.C.B.
M‘Conochie, The Family of
M‘Conochie-Wellwood, Alexander, Lord Meadowhank
M'Conochie-Wellwood, Allan Alex,, Maitland, The Family of
Maitland, Admiral Sir F. L.
Maitland, Jas., of Rankeillour
Maitland, William H., R.N.
Maitland, Dame Catherine
Malcolm, Alex., of Lahore
Malone, Robert L., of Anstruther
Marsham, Dr Robert Bullock
Marshall, John, Lord Curriehill
Marshall, Andrew, Physician
Marshall, Rev. Charles
Martin, David, Portrait Painter
Mathie, James, Dysart
Mathieson, Alex.
Mathers, Thomas
Melville, or Leslie-Melville, Earl of Leven
Melville, or Leslie-Melville, The Family of
Melville, David, Earl of Leven and Melville
Melville, Lord Balgonie, Seventh Earl
Melville, John Thornton, Eighth Earl
Melville, Rev. Andrew
Melville, Rev. James
Melville, Robert, Military Officer
Melvil, Sir James, Statesman
Melville, or Whyte Melville, The Family of Whyte
Melville, John, of Bennoehy and Strathkinness
Mereer, Rev. Robert, Kennoway
Merson, Rev. Win., Crail
Milligan, Rev. Geo., D.D.
Milligan, Captain George
Millar, David, Perth
Mitehell, Captain, James
Mitchell, James, Crail
Moffat, Robert, Missionary Agent
Molyson, David, Poet
Monteith, Alex. Earle, Sheriff of Fife
Monypenny, of Pitmilly, The Family of
Monypenny, David, Lord Pitmilly
Monypenny, Wm. Tankerville, of Pitmilly
Morris, James
Morton, James
Moubray, Captain George, R.N.
Moubray, Lieutenant Thomas
Mudie, Robert, Teacher
Muir, Rev. William, Dysart
Murray, Wm. David, Earl of Mansfield, The Family of
Murray, Wm. D., Viscount Stormont
Murray, Wm., First Earl of Mansfield
Murray, W. H.
Murray, William, of Henderland
Murray, William, Comedian
Murray, Right Hon. Sir George
Murray, Mrs Catherine, a Centenarian
Murray, of Clermont, The Family of

Nairne, The Family of
Nairne, The Rev. J., Pittenweem, D.D.
Nairne, Captain John, R.N.
Nairne, Captain Alex., H.E.I.C.S.
Nicol, Robert
Nimmo, Alex., F.R.S.E.

Oswald, Sir John, of Dunnikier

Page, David, Geologist
Park, Rev. John, D. D.
Paton, Joseph Noel
Pitcairn, Archibald, M.D.
Pitcairn, David, M.D.
Piteaim, A., Barrister
Pittenweem, Baron, CoL Stewart
Playfair, John, Professor of Mathematics, Edinburgh
Playfair, Lieut.-Colonel Sir H. L.
Playfair, Lyon, 0.B.
Porteous, John, Tailor
Pratt, John, of Glentarkie
Pringle, James
Pringle, John
Pyper, Professor William

Ramsay, James, Marquis of Dalhousie
Randal, Captain Henry, R.N.
Reid, Sir William
Reid, Peter, M.D.
Reid, Dr David Boswell
Reid, John, M.D.
Ritchie, William
Ritchie, John
Robertson, Rev. John, D.D.
Rogers, Charles, LL.D.
Rollo, Baron, The Family of
Rolloek, Robert
Rowle, John, Prior of Pittenweem
Russell, Robert
Russell, The Rev. Dr.
Russell, The Rev. James, D.D.
Russel, Alexander
Rutherford, Dr Samuel

Sage, The Right Rev. John
Sanders, George, Miniature Painter
Schanck, Admiral John
Scott, Sir Michael
Scot, Sir John
Scott, The Rev. George
Scott, Rev. Hew
Scotty Thomas
Selkirk, Alexander
Sharpe, Bishop James
Shirra, The Rev. Rohert
Sibbald, Sir Rohert, Historian, M.D., St Clair of Roslyn, The Family of
St Clair Erskine, James Alexander, Earl of Roslyn
Small, Rev. Andrew
Smith, John, Botanist
Smith, John Campbell, Advocate
Smith, Dr Adam, Professor
Smyth, Robert Gillespie
Sommerville, Mrs Mary
Spalding, Professor William
Spankie, Sergeant
Spotswoode, Sir Robert
Stewart, The Rev. Alexander
Stewart, James, Duke of Ross
Stewarts of Saint Fort, The Family of
Stone, Jerome
Storer, James
Strachan, The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Toronto
Strange, Sir Rohert, Engraver
Stuart, Francis, Earl of Moray
Stuart, John, Twelfth Earl of Moray
Stuart, James, Earl of Moray
Stuart, James, of Duneam
Stuarts, The Royal House of
Stuart, James, The First of Scotland
Stuart, James, The Second of Scotland
Stuart, James, The Third of Scotland
Stuart, James, The Fourth of Scotland
Stuart, James, The Fifth of Scotland
Stuart, James, The Sixth of Scotland, and First of England
Stuart, Mary, Queen of Scots
Stuart, Charles, The First of England
Stuart, Charles, The Second
Stuart, James, The Second of England
Stuart, Mary, wife of William the Third of England
Stuart, Anne, Quaen of Great Britain
Stuart, Prince Charles Edward
Swan, William, Kirkcaldy
Syme, Professor James

Taylor, The Rev. Anstruther
Taylor, Rohert S., Sheriff-Substitute
Taylor, George, Poet
Tennant, Professor William, LL.D.
Thomson, David
Thomson, Andrew, D.D.
Thomson, William, Kennoway, Theta
Thomson Anstruther, of Charleton, The Family of
Thomson, John Anstruther, Esq., of Charleton
Thomson or Gray, Mrs Caroline
Todd, James Cameron
Trail, Walter
Trail, Robert
Tulloch, Principal

Waid, Lieutenant Andrew
Walker, Admiral James
Walker, Bishop
Wallace, William, LL.D.
Wardlaw, The Family of
Wardlaw, Henry
Watson, Robert, LL.D.
Wemyss, Admiral James
Wemyss, J. H. E., M.P.
Wemyss of Bogie, The Family of
Wemyss, Sir James, of Bogie
Wilkie, Sir David
Wilson, Robert, Carnbee
Wilson, Right Rev. William, Bishop of Glasgow
Wishart, George
Wood, The Family of
Wood, Sir Andrew, of Largo
Wood, John, of Tullydavie
Wood, John, of Orkie
Wood, James, M.D.
Wood, The Rev. Walter
Wood, Dr Alexander
Wood, Captain Patrick
Woodcock, James Ballantyne, M.D.


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