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The Life of Andrew Murray of South Africa
Appendix A. Chronological Outline of the Life of Andrew Murray


Birth at Graaff-Reinet (9th May).

1838 (cat. 10).
Departure of John and Andrew Murray for Scotland.

1840 {at. 12).
Revival services of William C. Bums at Aberdeen.

1843 {at. 15).
Disruption of the Church of Scotland and establishment of the Free Church of Scotland.

1845 {at. 17).
Graduates M.A. at Aberdeen (April).
Departure in June for Holland—conversion at Utrecht.

1848 (at. 20).
On his twentieth birthday (9th May) ordained at The Hague. Departure for South Africa.

1849 2I)-Inducted at Bloemfontein (6th May).
First pastoral visit to the Transvaal (Dec. 1849-Jan. 1850).

1850 {at. 22).
Second pastoral visit to the Transvaal (Oct.-Nov.).
Call to the Transvaal declined.

1851 {at. 23).
Third pastoral visit to the Transvaal, with John Murray (May). Visit to Potchefstroom to interview Andries Pretorius (Oct.).

1852 {at. 24).
Present at the Sand River Convention (Jan.).
Fourth pastoral visit to the Transvaal, with J. H. Neethling (Mar.-June).
To Cape Town for meeting of Synod.

1853 (at. 25).
National delegates meet at Bloemfontein re proposed abandonment of the Sovereignty. Dr. Frazer and Murray sent as delegates to England.

First visit (after study years) to Europe.

1855 (at. 27).
Return to South Africa—calls to Colesberg and Ladysmith (Natal) declined.

1856 (at. 28).
Marriage to Miss Emma Rutherfoord.
Foundation stone of Grey College laid.

1857 at 29).
Birth of a daughter.
Meeting of Synod in Cape Town—appointed member of Mission Committee.

1858 (at. 30).
Commencement of literary labours—publication of Jezus de Kin-dervriend.

1859 (at 31).
Opening of Theological Seminary at Stellenbosch, with John Murray (brother) as senior professor.
Call to Worcester.

1860 (at. 32).
Departure from Bloemfontein and settlement at Worcester. Conference at Worcester—delegation of Dr. Robertson to Europe in quest of ministers and teachers.
Commencement of a great revival.

1862 (at. 34).
Visit to the Transvaal in the interests of mission work.
Meeting of Synod—Andrew Murray moderator—commencement of the struggle with the Civil Courts and with Liberalism. Disruption of the D.R. Church through a judgment of the Supreme Court (26th Nov.).

1864 (at. 36).
Visit of Dr. Duff to South Africa.
Call to Cape Town, and settlement there.
Defendant in the Supreme Court case Kotze v. Murray.

1865 (at. 37).
Defendant in the Supreme Court case Burgers v. Murray and others.

1866 (at. 38).
Second visit to Europe—appeal to Privy Council.
Death of his father.

1867 (et. 39).
Return to South Africa.
Meeting of Synod, adjourned to 1870.

1868 {at. 40).
Lectures on Het Moderne Ongeloof (Modem Unbelief).

1870 (at. 42).
Meeting of Synod, and end of conflict with Civil Courts—question of closer union with Anglicans.

1871 (at. 43).
Call to Wellington and settlement there.

1873 (at. 45).
Meeting of Synod.
Huguenot Seminary founded—arrival of Misses Ferguson and Bliss.

1874 (at. 46).
Formal opening of Huguenot Seminary—first collection tour for the institution.

1876 (at. 48).
Second collecting tour for the Huguenot Seminary.
Meeting of Synod—Andrew Murray moderator for the second time.

1877 (at 49)-Third visit to Europe, and visit to America.
Pan-Presbyterian Council in Edinburgh.
Founding of Mission Training Institute at Wellington, with Rev. Geo. Ferguson as principal.

1879 (at. 51).
First evangelistic tour—ministers’ conference at Colesberg.

1880 (at. 52).
Affection of the throat, occasioning a two years’ silence. Commencement of the Boer War of Independence (concluded March, 1881).

1882 (at. 54).
Third visit to Europe—stay at Bethshan Home of Healing. k Death of his brother, Professor John Murray.
Publication of first English book, Abide in Christ.

1883 (at. 55).
Establishment of Bijbel en Bid Vereeniging (Bible and Prayer Union).
Meeting of Synod—Andrew Murray moderator for the third time. Commencement of Total Abstinence question.

1884 (at. 56).
Conference at George—revival at Wellington.
Opening of Y.M.C.A. Buildings, Cape Town.
Second evangelistic tour, 1884-5, to eastern districts, Orange Free State and Transvaal.

1885 (at. 57).
Death of his son, Howson Rutherfoord Murray.
Conference at Cradock.

1886 (at. 58).
Visit to South Africa of Henry Varley.
Third evangelistic tour (south-western districts).
Meeting of Synod—Andrew Murray moderator for the fourth time. Goodnow Hall opened.
Predikanten Zending Vereeniging (Ministers’ Mission Union) established.

1887 (at. 59).
Fourth evangelistic tour (Natal, Transvaal, Orange Free State).

1888 (at. 60).
Fifth evangelistic tour (eastern districts)—Conference at Bethulie. Visit to South Africa of W. Spencer Walton.
Publication of Holy in Christ and The Spirit of Christ.

1889 (at. 61).
Establishment of the Cape General Mission.
Death of his mother.

1890 (at. 62).
Jubilee of the Wellington congregation.
Sixth evangelistic tour (Namaqualand).
Death of his cousin, Rev. G. W. Stegmann, Jr.
Meeting of Synod—Andrew Murray moderator for the fifth time.

1891 (at. 63).
Ministers’ Conference at Somerset East.
Seventh evangelistic tour (north-eastern districts .
Visit with Spencer Walton to Swaziland.

1892 (at. 64).
Rev. J. R. Albertyn appointed second minister of Wellington and colleague of Andrew Murray.

1893 (at. 65).
Conference at Stellenbosch re Poor Whites, The Church struggle in the Transvaal.

1894 (at. 66).
Cape General Mission reorganized as The South Africa General Mission.
Visits to South Africa of John McNeill and of Gelson Gregson. Publication of Wholly for God.
Meeting of Synod—Andrew Murray moderator for the sixth time.

1895 (at. 67).
Fourth visit to Europe and second to America—addresses at Keswick and at other conventions.

1896 (at. 68).
Jameson Raid.
Ministers’ Conference at Stellenbosch.
Death of the Rev. George Ferguson.
Visits to South Africa of Mark Guy Pearse and of Donald Fraser and L. Wishard.

1897 (at. 69).
Eighth evangelistic tour (Transvaal and Orange Free State)— Conferences at Durban, Maritzburg, and Port Elizabeth. Meeting of Synod—Rev. J. H. Hofmeyr (brother-in-law) moderator.

1898 (at. 70).
John Neethling Murray (son) ordained as missionary.
Girls’ industrial school established at Wellington.
Ministerial Jubilee of Andrew Murray.
D.D. degree from Aberdeen University.
Huguenot College established.

1899 (at. 71).
Foundation stone of Huguenot Memorial Building, Cape Town, laid.
Outbreak of Anglo-Boer War, lasting till 1902.

1902 (at. 74).
Fifth visit to Europe, lasting until July, rgo3.

1903 (at. 75).
Accident in London.
Meeting of Synod (the last attended by Andrew Murray).

1904 {at. 76).
Death of the Rev. J. H. Neethling.
Ninth evangelistic tour (Transvaal).

1903 {at. 77).
Death of Mrs. Murray.
Opening of renewed buildings of Theological Seminary and Ministers’ Conference at Stellenbosch.

1906 {at. 78).
Retirement from active ministry, after 38 years’ service.
Visit to South Africa of John R. Mott.
Meeting of Synod.

1907. (at. 79).
Receives degree of Litt.D. from University of the Cape of Good Hope.

1908 {at. 80).
Missionary Congress at Wellington, and further Congresses at Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, etc.
Visit to South Africa of F. B. Meyer.

1909 {at. 81).
Missionary congresses at various centres.
Death of Professor Hofmeyr.
Meeting of Synod.

1910 {at. 82).
Conferences at Beaufort West, Aliwal North, etc.
World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

1911 {at. 83).
Publication of The State of the Church.

1912 {at. 84).
'Ministers’ Conference at Stellenbosch.
Abortive attempt at union of Dutch Reformed Churches of South Africa.

1913 {at. 85).
Unveils statue to Professors Murray and Hofmeyr at Stellenbosch. Laymen’s Missionary Conference at Oudtshoom—preaching visits to Graaff-Reinet and other towns.
Unveiling of Women’s Monument at Bloemfontein.

1914 (at. 86).
Preaching visits to Sterkstroom, Somerset East, Queenstown, etc.

1916 (at. 88).
Death in action of A. Haldane Murray (son) in East Africa.

18th January. Death at Wellington at the age of 88 years and 8 months.

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