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Donna's Newest Recipes
Orange Peelings and Lime Juice

     So what if I'm slopping about the kitchen in comfortable velour slacks and top while the juicer is whirling non-stop. No one can tell me I'm an invisible house wife. Not in my own mind. In my thinking a trusty steed of a war horse stands at the door waiting for me to finish the bowl of jello for a sick friend. On him, in saddle of leather,  I go charging along through the wintry, dull, dry terrain while I'm prepared to hand the morsel of chicken soup through crack in a door. If I'm hollow eyed and tired looking no one can see that, I believe. Instead of being sallow faced,  my skin is glowing and youthful. Damn the photographer who caught me busy at a crafts table and then put the scarecrow like thing of me in the paper. The editor made a mistake. That frowsy-headed woman with dark circles around her eyes is not Donna Flood. I must call the newspaper and complain.

“I have a bone to pick with you,” I whine to the photographer. “Someone called and asked if I needed to shop for a good bra.”

He is obviously  taken aback by my candid remark. 

“Serves him right,” I'm deadly,  now. After-all, he was the one,  to burst my bubble. Gone are my illusions of sharp pressed uniform while I dutifully tore into the terror of flu, runny noses, painful coughs and bugs that were being individually assaulted with my sword of righteous juices and chicken soup.

“Oh don't worry about it. They are just jealous of you.” He tries to placate my silliness.

I, at last,  have the good sense to remain silent and not say what I'm thinking, “Hmmmm. The word is jealous? Not hilarious?”

At any rate here are some of the tips regarding food in the battle against flu's misery.

Tips from a Home Economic major (me) :-)

Let up on the money you normally spend for meats and spend this on limes, oranges, lemons, good frozen vegetable, stir-fry vegetable fettuccini and so forth. There are some really delicious vegetables already frozen and seasoned in small packages. Do not over cook. Just warm until they are no longer frozen, then cool in a strainer with cold water. Add a favorite salad dressing to these. Squeeze limes in anything that is naturally sour like Italian bottled salad dressing, sweet jello, wherever you can get the natural vitamin c to your family. Slice small limes in half and encourage children to squeeze them over any food that can be enhanced with them.

You can add lime juice and sweet relish to deviled eggs instead of using mustard and mayonnaise. Raw vegetables put through the juicer can be added to V-8 juice. Potatoes have a natural anti-biotic when raw. Drink this immediately because potatoes turn dark, quickly. In other words keep yourself busy if for no other reason, as therapy. In other words, use your imagination and stay out of the fast food places for just a while.

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