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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
Mo Hawg - Week 1

Day 1.

   Mo’s Trivia Question for Today: How many islands is the city of Venice, Italy built upon?
   Don’t know?  Mo knows!
   Venice, Italy is built on 118 islands!
   Gotcha!  You learned something from Mo!

   How many Krystal hamburgers would it take to make a row of Krystal burgers all around the earth?
   Since a Krystal measures 2.5 inches square, if you put Krystals end to end, it would take 184,654,680 to go completely around the world.
   It would!

   Never let it be said that Mo doesn’t know intellectual things.  Do you know who said, “It is in adversity that the good show their friendship most clearly; prosperity always finds friends?”
   Mo knows that it was Euripides!

Day 2.

   Mo’s Trivia Question for Today: When Walter Matthau applied for his Social Security card in 1937, he made up a middle name.  Do you know what it was?
   Don’t know?  Mo knows!
   When actor Walter Matthau applied for his Social Security card, he encountered red tape because he did not have a middle name.  He made one up.  So, on US government records he is listed as Walter Foghorn Matthau!

   Mo’s John Clarke Wisdom for Today: Make your enemy your friend!
   Our Billy Bob’s Dating Advice for Today: “Take a charcoal briquette and a boom box on a date.  If anyone asks any questions, just smile and say that you are radio carbon dating.”

   Mo’s Wisdom: Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible…and suddenly, you will find yourself doing the impossible.

Day 3.

   Mo’s Trivia Question for Today: Mo has seen sundials all around Moultrie.  Mo bets you do not know what the raised part of a sundial is.  That’s the part that sticks up and casts the shadow that tells what time it is.  What is that called?
   Don’t know?  Mo knows.
   The part of the sundial that casts the shadow is called a gnomon.  It really is.

   Mo’s Frank B. Whitney Wisdom for Today: Begin the day with friendliness and only friends you’ll find.  Yes, greet the dawn with happiness; keep happy thoughts in mind.

   Mo’s Wisdom: Think about it: common sense is really special – not common at all.

   Mo’s Cat Riddle for Today: What do you call a cat that can bowl?
   Give up?  A cat that can bowl is called an “alley cat.”
   Mo is sorry.  Bubba sent that one to us.

Day 4.

   Mo’s Trivia Question for Today: If you were in Great Britain and had an emergency, what telephone number would you call?  In Colquitt County you’d call 911.  In Great Britain you’d call what?
   Don’t know?  Mo knows!
   In Great Britain when you have an emergency, you would call 999.
   Now, you’re ready for a trip to Great Britain!

   Mo’s Abraham Lincoln Wisdom for Today: The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.

   More riddles from our Bubba.  (It’s important to remember that only intelligent folks love puns!)
   Mo’s Cat Riddles for Today:  If you have a small cat that composes songs what do you call it?
   If you have a small cat that makes up songs, you’d call it an itty bitty ditty kitty.
   What do you call a cat that’s been thrown in the dryer? 
   You call a cat that’s been thrown in the dryer…Fluffy!

Day 5.

   Mo’s Trivia Question for Today: Most everyone has a pet cat.  Almost nobody knows what the scientific name for the cat’s whiskers is.  Do you know?
   You don’t?  Mo knows.
   The actual and true scientific name for a cat’s whiskers are the “vibrissae!”

   Earl Ray sent in a few cat riddles. 
   What do you call a cat that gets thrown in the dryer and is never found again?
   (This one is really bad…Mo’s official bad pun warning…beware!)
   A cat that gets thrown in the dryer and is never found again…is called “Socks!”

   Mo’s Jean Paul Richter Wisdom for Today: The best moments of a visit are those which again and again postpone its close.

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