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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - February/March 2004
TV Scots is on the Air

Scottish Nationalist Television

Bringing Scotland to the world

Because The Family Tree is such an intricate part of our lives, we wanted you to be the first to know that as of today, December 14th, Scotland will never again be any further away than a click on your computer. TVScots has begun Bringing Scotland To The World via Internet transmission of programs on demand.

We had some difficulties at the start, so we called Alastair at Electric Scotland and after a few minutes, we had a cooperative effort in the works. This means that when the viewer sees a film on William Wallace, for example, if they have questions, they can click on Electric Scotland and get all sorts of answers and study material.

The programs are presented in two formats. For those still using dial up, we present the films in Real Player and even a free Real Player platform can be downloaded. Real Player was chosen because it gives the clearest picture with the smallest file and so download time is reduced. For those with DSL and faster, we have MP1, which gives a picture and audio as good as the TV in the living room. Dial up can use the MP1 files also, but it may take a while to download. We suggest they download these at night while people are sleeping.

Our programs will be added to as fast as we can produce them. We shall soon add Video Gaelic Lessons, Scottish Cooking, History and Lore, Ghosts and Castles, and films on the clans and their lands, etc. As for now, my favorite is the #55 bus ride from West Paisley Road to Central Station in Glasgow in which our camera man Tommy does ah tha narrrrrayshuns, and we have typed in the translation frae Glasga tae Amerrrikun. Anyone watching our history of the Real Braveheart William Wallace will see the Wallace Monument in shadow as we look out over the battlefield at Stirling Bridge. Iona shows all the area where St. Columba once stood. Ms. Joann Gilmartin and the other artists bring the songs and music of Scotland to the viewer as performed by a world class Burns scholar with a voice that would bring a tear to a marble.

Like ScotRadio, this is a labor of love and we offer it to the Scottish Community world-wide as their station. Just write us and tell us what you want to see, if you know any artists, musicians, etc., have them contact us at or if you just want to ask a question or have a wee blether, drop us a line. We hope to be able to begin streaming live concerts and Scottish films soon, too. Anyone wanting to see the TVScots, just drop us a line and we will send you a click and go. TV Scots

TVScots and ScotRadio are Bringing Our Hero Home
The week of August 25, 2005 will mark the 700th anniversary of the muder of Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) in London. At that time his body was drawn and quartered and sent to different parts of the realm by Edward I of England. This, there was never a body nor was there a funeral. It is our goal to correct this and if not in doby, then most definitely in spirit Bring Our Hero Home.

Mr. Davie Ross, Wallace historian and author, will begin the events by retracing Sir Williams journey to London dragged behind horses after Monteith betrayed him fir a bit o' land and a few bits of silver. Mr. Ross will walk the route and not be dragged. We are requesting that the public NOT join this march as it is a rather solemn event and while people are welcome to line the route, we respectfully request that Davie be allowed to honour Sir William and walk alone. Again, one lone Scot will march the route with pride, dignity and the people of Scotland, and the Children of the Exiles behind them.

Many of the plans are not yet confirmed because we have a very restricted budget. This ceremony is not being financed by any government or corporate funds, but by we the Sons and Daughters of Scotland.

There will be a ceremony at St. Bartholomew (The Greater) in Smithfield (London). At this point, Sir William's coffin will start its journey back to Scotland. Depending on funds, the coffin may be in the back of a van, on the shoulders of walkers, or in a hearse. If we can afford it, pipe bands will escort the coffin back to Scotland.

We at TVScots for our part would like to carry out celebrations around the world. If people want to contact us for instructions or help in holding a local event, they can contact us at

Once returned to Scotland, the coffin will rest in state as behooves our Patriot Hero. The coffin will be brought from London to Stirling to lie in the Smith. It will be there for a few weeks to allow people to visit. There is going to be an exhibition of Wallace memorabilia to coincide with the 700th anniversary of his murder at the Smith, and the coffin will take center stage.

The Burial: He will be buried in the night, torches burning, and the pipes playing. All those who wish to take a turn with the shovels can do so.

We have been given permission to inter Sir William's Spirit at St. Kentigerns in Lanark, a proper site where he killed about 50 English soldiers when they called his daughter The Bastard Child of the Priest of St. Nicholas. Davie wrote me this news. I just got a phone call from a councilor at Lanark. They know all about the funeral and the coffin coming home to Scotland, and they have phoned to say I can bury William in the church of St. Kentigerns in Lanark. This is the church where he first saw Marion and where they were married.

The Cairn: Everyone attending will bring a stone, a rock from the area where they stay. These will be used to build a cairn in the traditional Scottish manner above his grave, and it will therefore contain rocks from every part of Scotland, a fitting tribute. The famous Celtic stone carver, Ron Henderson from Bridge of Earn, is crafting the plaque for the front of the cairn, something simple, along the lines of Here lies the Spirit of Wallace, Hero and Patriot.

What TVScots is doing and how you can participate:
1. We have contacted several American travel agents, each a recognized expert and certified as such by the Scottish Tourist Board. We have also made arrangements for a tour to bring people over for the event. Being as we are not profit motivated, the price will be as low as we can get it. Any profit or funds left over will go to the project. Please book early. If you decide to go over on your own, we will be more than happy to help you with information. Please note all of TVScots and ScotRadio services are free of charge.

2. We have tee-shirts for sale on our web site which should be up soon. As I said, we had not planned to come forward quite this early, but the project is picking up a life of its own. One is the flag of Scotland with the bloody foot prints of Sir William on the white cross and the words Bring Wallace Home. These are available for $15. Just email us for the address. All profits go to the event.

3. We are collecting funds. If anyone wishes to donate, just email us here for the address.

4. We are also accepting messages which will be placed in the coffin. These messages will be placed on a disk and interred with the Spirit of Sir William. We want to know what you would say if you met Sir William today. Again there is no charge for this service. Just email your messages to us here at Here is an example of a letter we received for the coffin: William Wallace, you died as a martyr to the concept of liberty. Five hundred years later the descendants of your countrymen and women, along with the descendants of virtually every nation on earth, founded a new nation on that premise. May your memory never grow dim, may your ideals of freedom be kept alive in every nation, in every age. With profound respect (name withheld).

5. We are making an email newsletter to keep people informed of the progress of the event. To get on the list, just email

6. TVScots is sending out films for anyone interested in Scotland. Again, just email us to request a copy and we shall put your name on the list. Because our funding is rather tight, priority for tapes will go to community organizations, Scottish associations, etc.

7. We shall present the story of the real William Wallace on our TVScots site. Email for details.

Well, that is all we have planned for now, but more news arrives every day. We appreciate your interest.
Signed: Dave from TVScots

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