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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
The Family Tree - February/March 2004
Postal Heroes

Postage Heroes come through one more time for The Family Tree!  Thank you!

This little paper depends on you.  We donít have sugar daddies or endowments or large funds...or small funds for that matter!

We do have our loyal and wonderful readers and our marvelous advertisers!

You make this publication possible by your kind contributions for mailing the paper.

We are a 501 (c)(3) library, so contributions are tax deductible.

Alabama has always been a  state of very supportive Postage Heroes and this time we heard from Barbara Jean Propost, Marilyn Kavanaugh, Mary & Jimmy Gunn, Murray McDaniel, Walter Davis, Lynda R. Pate, Martha Richey, Madgeline Camp, DeLane M. Shelley and Linda Meadows.  Thanks so much!!!
From Arizona our Postage Heroes are Lon MacKey, David & Elizabeth McNabb, Kathleen W. Crooks and Patricia Bormann.  Many thanks to you!!!

We heard from Arkansas and appreciate these Postage Heroes:  Thomas H. Newton, William C. Finch and Kevin McLeod.

Contributions were received from Californiaís Postage Heroes.  Many thanks to Benedict Adams, Barbara Ferguson, Mrs. J. H. Haedrich, Thelma J. Shook, Mona Neilson, Dorothy Deombeleg, Catherine O. Braly, Charlotte A. Llewellyn, Betty Stewart, Marilyn Brasher, Horace Henderson, Elaine C. Hirtle, Hallie Mc G Adams, George B. Conlan, Gertrude Oliver, Connie Lawson, Blaine & Pauline Buchanan, Dr. Karen Poirer-Brode, Sandra Glantz, Mrs. Geraldine H. Wheeler, Mary Anne Whary, Louise Boyd, Lauretta R. Friese, Mrs. Lyle Stephens, Tim & Annette Hart, Beulah OíNeal, Elvera E. Davis, Agnes Tupes, Mrs. Charles Audet, Dennis Cousins, and Joedy Adams.

From Colorado our Postage Heroes were Ronald W. Byers, Lyle Stewart (via Pay Pal), John & Myrna Whitfield (Clan MacKenzie), Major Ronald A. McGregor (American Clan Gregor), Colonel Hadley Gray, Philip H. Norton, M.D., Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Hall, Jo McKinnis, and Shirley Todd.  Thanks so much for your support!!!

There are such sweet people in Connecticut who are our Postage Heroes, like Linda Coad and J. David Sullivan.

The sunshine state of Florida gave us Postage Heroes named Martin K. Donaldson, Isobel Carroll, Volusia County Genealogical Society, Mrs. Joanne A. Cochran, Amy M. Odom, Frank H. Carter, Beverly A. Monroe, Robert G. Marshall, William Farquhar, Mr. Francis Henderson, The Reverend & Mrs. George S. Andrews II, Margaret Patti, Ada B. Atwood, Elsie V. Dallas, Robert E. Todd, Robert J. White, Mr. & Mrs. George Donald, Mike & Patty Burns, Raymond A. McCranie, Fred Lamond, Norma J. Duff, Marion & Susie Lamb, Elizabeth F. Monloto, Mrs. Harold Hagan, Bob & Maria Spence, Raymond Stewart, Jack & Elizabeth McMillan, Joe & Susan Barta, R. J. White, Sarah W. Dugan, Michael & Rebecca Yue, Thomas Brownlee, Mr. & Mrs. John M. Goodwin II, Admiral & Joyce Piper, R. Rhudy Bell, Charles D. Lyon, Gail Birket, Blair Thomas, Linda P. Kenny, Mrs. Verner Gregory, Alma M. Pipkins, Robert G. Marshall, Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Innis, William T. McElfresh, Sr., Ann C. Cullison, and B. & J. Caldwell.  Always glad to hear from you!!!

We were so delighted to hear from our Postage Heroes in Georgia:  Mr. & Mrs. C. I. Clotfelter, Ian MacFarlane, J. R. Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Winn, Kennette Adcox, James K. Bass, Jr., David E. McKinzey, Claudia Brown, Judith A. Thompson, David H. Gambrell, Lanora Martin, Jason R. McGibony, D.M.D., Henry J. Proctor, D.D.S., Donald A. Bowman, Betty Wallace, E. Braxton Greer, Edgar B. Sterrett, Jr., Jimmy Grizzard, Jim Kilpatrick, Sarah Dunaway, Reverend Lori M. Lowe, Reverend William P. McLemore, David E. Riggs, Ginny & Hal Shaw, FSA Scot, Mrs. Joyce P. Poole, Mrs. Beulah Bausch, Hugh Stringfellow, Carolyn Cromer, Helen Butler, Norman W. McGee, Cornelia Groves, Alta M. Bearman, Mimi Jo Hill Butler, Hank Segars, Anna S. Newhall, George & Carmen & Sandra Stewart, Mrs. Bettye Parker, James Robin Adams, Julie Rogers, Alma R. Blair, John E. Smith II, Marion Sutton, Marjorie G. Hamrick, James F. McEntire, and Regina M. Emery.

From the colorful state of Hawaii, our Postage Heroes were Lillian M. Cunningham, Faye S. Mytinger.  So nice to hear from you and thanks!!!

In Idaho we have Postage Heroes named Pat Andrews, Sonja Weaver and Christine McPike.  Thank you so much!!!

Up where Jinx used to live in Illinois, we had Postage Heroes named Marilyn J. Gallagher, Karen Goodenough, Teresa Conway, William McDonal, R. A. Payne and Muriel F. Barger. 

We thank so much our Postage Heroes in Indiana.  They are Anne Tangeman, Lois M. Mousty, N. K. Lautzenhiser and Mr. & Mrs. Phil Ferguson.

So glad to hear from our Postage Hero in Iowa this time.  Thanks to Joan Smith.

Several Postage Heroes in Kansas were heard from.  Thanks to Mrs. Madge McDonald, Della J. Dove, June Jewett, Genevieve Martinson, Dixie Kinney and Carol M. Fauster.

From the state of Kentucky, our Postage Heroes were Paula O. Whalin, Scott & Treena Trimble.  We thank you ever so much!!!

And Postage Heroes are in from Louisiana, too.  We are so thankful for Patsy K. Barber, Margaret V. Johnson, A. C. Cunningham, Thomas & Betty Jo Scott of Clan Scott, Marie McCullough Derbes and John Gautier.  Youíre wonderful people!!

Maryland gave us Postage Heroes named Harry & Faye Henderson, Fred Gray, Richardson A. Libby, Mrs. William P. Trolinger, Jr., H-Bar Enterprises, James V. Wasson and Kenneth R. Norris.  Thanks so much!!

Our Postage Hero friends in Massachusetts are Donald J. MacRae, FSA Scot (Clan MacRae), Joseph W. MacQuade, Jr., Carol Budinger,  and Carola C. McNeish.  We appreciate your help!!!

Michiganís Postage Heroes are Dr. Janine Hall, Roy M. Cumming, Reverend & Mrs. Gil McDonald, Conrad L. Burton, Robert D. Montgomery (Clan Montgomery Society International), Sandra Lawrence and Harry McCandlish Daniels.  Thanks so much!!!

We were delighted to hear from Minnesotaís Postage Heroes.  Thanks to Irvin Scott and Joanne Sher.

We also heard from Postage Heroes in Mississippi named Dena Warth, Regina Ellison, John W. Bailey, Louise Ward, Joan M. Allen and Thomas L. Wallis.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Many thanks to our friends and Postage Heroes in Missouri named M. C. McDonell, Larry R. Whitehead, Mrs. Jacqueline H. Baldwin and Sue Bailey.

Up where itís cold right now in Montana, we heard from Betty Shearer, Robert & Elaine Anderson as Postage Heroes.  We appreciate you!!!

We always appreciate our Postage Heroes in Nebraska.  This time we heard from Royce Mabon.  Many thanks!!!

Nevadaís Postage Heroes are so special to us.  Thanks to Jimmy A. McCord, Anne E. Readdy and Mrs. J. D. Stanley.

We were delighted to hear from the Alice M. Hall Hattenbrun, Marion Nichols and the Nathalie Peters Family in New Hampshire.  Thank you very much!!!

We heard from New Jersey and Helen Huber, Joyce Gamble, Mildred Allen, Carol Allan, Dottie Robinson, and Stuart & Lillian Macdonald.  Thanks, yíall!!

There are wonderful people in New Mexico that sent us Postage Hero contributions, and we thank Lee Graham, Mrs. Fred Thompson, Olive Bell and Wanda Swafford.

Once again from the Big Apple state of New York, we heard from Mr. & Mrs. Michael Darroch, G. M. Cunningham, Mrs. Amy K. Gregory, Dorothy R. Hutchinson and Karen Sadovsky.  Thanks to you!!!

In North Carolina we have Postage Heroes named Scottish Tartans Museum, Archie McNeil, George & Catherine Hargreaves, Brenda Cameron, Mr. & Mrs. Graeme P. Watson, William S. McLean, Charles & June Gladding, Eleanor Scott (Clan Scott Society, Inc.), R. Carol McLeon, Elton Edwards, Mr. Billy G. McKenzie, David Mathewes, Charles E. England, Brenda Poole, Jerry L. McLarty, Lan & Nel Nichols and John A. McNeill, Sr.  Thank you, thank you!!!

From the state of Ohio we heard from John A. Hutchison, Than W. Moffitt, Paul S. West, Ralph H. Galloway (Clan Macfarlane), Mrs. Shirley Kerestly, Velma C. Holmes, H. Ann Montgomery Hill & John J. Hill,  Margaret C. Spiry, Noel E. Arnold, Mrs. Alice Huffman, W. M. Meikle, Diana Wackerman, Kenneth & Patricia Rose, Frances M. Blair and Dreama Powell.  We appreciate you so very much!!!

We also appreciate our Postage Heroes from Oklahoma, namely Margaret Farmer and JimAnn Oliver.  Thanks much!!!

There are wonderful Postage Heroes in Oregon.  We heard from Robert Dow, Andy & Janet Tilp, George Roe, J. Madden and David G. Setterberg.  Great to hear from you!!!

Pennsylvaniaís Postage Heroes were Patricia Sexton, Dorothy E. Holmes, Carol M. Covington, Roxanne Rouanet, Robert & Sandra Stuck, William Vosburgh, Richard Martin, Gaynelle Jordan and Robert C. Dumeyer.  Many thanks to you!!!

We appreciate so much the Rhode Island Postage Hero contribution from Ralph Peters.  Thanks ever so much!!!

South Carolina is our nearby neighbor and we heard from John C. Buchanan, Roslyn Westray, Charles K. Snoddy, James R. Saunders, John C. Buchanan, III, Beth D. Miller, Mrs. Ruth Scruggs, and Norman B. Cox as Postage Heroes.

People like Mr. J. Black, Milton Armstrong, Christine W. Parton, David D. Dickey, Ken Harrison and George Mathews from Tennessee are our Postage Heroes.  We thank you kindly!!

Of course, Texas has fabulous Postage Heroes.  We thank William L. West, III, Josephine Briggs, M. A. Bardin, Jackie Keasler Helmke, Wilena D. K. Young, Phillip A. Nitzberg, C. L. Allmon, Mrs. Dolores Perkins, Amelia Bogard, Bryant & Alice McDonald, Claudette Harrell, S. L. Coleman, Carolyn M. Hill, Dorothy Lee Pope, Andy Peeples, Janet Schwierking of Turnbull Clan Association, Clan MacLeod Society USA, Inc. (South Central Region), Jim Walters of The Caledonian Kitchen, Merle McNeese, Mrs. Henrietta Freeman, Dr. Leslie Reid, Liz Patranella, Linda Duncan, Catherine Dee Rawlins, Homer McBride, Mrs. Sarah Godwin, Lloyd & Nancy Gibson, and Mrs. Shirley Naughton.  We appreciate everyone of you!!!

Several Postage Heroes in Virginia sent contributions.  We greatly thank Marie J. Kendrick, Carol M. Finlay, Jeff & Susan Poulin, Donald Veitch & Denise Shaw, Charles T. Campbell, Mark Montgomery, Jack & Sherry Johnson, Suzanne F. Brown, Erskine B. Van Houten, Jr., Evelyn B. Gordon and Eugene M. Stevens.

We also heard  from Postage Heroes in Washington.  Thanks go to Joseph W. MacIntyre, Beverly Henderson, Penny Brown, Jean Meyer, Harry Murdock, John Stuart and Shirley A. Weber!!

West Virginiaís Postage Heroes are Colonel Edward M. Rider.  Many thanks to you!!!

Did I say the last time we heard from the cheese state of Wisconsin?  Well, we heard from them again:  Margaret E. Zerwekh and Britton Buchanan.  Many thanks to you!!!

Then up in the big state of Wyoming our Postage Hero is Major Scott McElvain, USAF.  Thanks so much!!

We are so proud to hear from our Postage Hero in Canada!!!  A big thank you to Donald H. MacDonald in Ontario.

As our last thank you, we would like Richard G. Boyd from Clan Boyd Society International (via Pay Pal) to know we greatly appreciate his contribution.

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