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Robert Burns Lives!
Burns Supper held at the Stonehouse Primary School near Larkhall, Glasgow

Edited by Frank R. Shaw, FSA Scot, Dawsonville, GA, USA

Last month Susan and I had the privilege of attending the annual conference at the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Robert Burns Studies. It always provides an opportunity to hear several outstanding speakers, renew auld acquaintances and make some new ones. At dinner one evening, Kirsteen McCue, Co-Director of the Centre, told us about an intriguing Burns Supper put on by school children. Kirsteen’s son, Gregor, was a participant in the supper, so I did what I always do when I hear something interesting about Burns - I asked for a copy of the program and pictures of the event!  With thanks to Gregor, his classmates and his mother, I hope you enjoy this rare Burns Supper held at the Stonehouse Primary School near Larkhall, Glasgow that these young people attend.  You will also find an email of introduction from Gregor as well.

(FRS: 2-22-12)

Dear Mr Shaw,

My mum is Kirsteen McCue – I think you met her? I am Gregor. I am sorry you couldn’t come to our Burns supper this January. But I’m enclosing some pictures, and some documents (like the lassies toast and my immortal memory and some memories of the event) which were written by me and some of my classmates.

In the first picture (949) the Toast To a haggis (Chloe, Duncan, Erin and Euan). In The second image (950) I’m in the middle on the right is Hannah (Toast to the Laddies) and left Eva (MC first half). In the third (951) Me doing my Immortal Memory. The fourth (951) the whole class at the end.

Thanks again hope to meet you next time you’re over the pond.

Yours sincerely, Gregor

Larkhall’s Stonehouse Primary School Burns Supper

In January every year P.7 (the final class) organises a Burns supper. We started planning this event in September 2011. We started by our teacher (Mrs Hunter) explaining what our Burns Supper should include. We began by fixing a date which was the 27th of January and we sent invitations to our head teacher, teachers from the high schools we will go to after the Summer Etc.

The next thing we did was holding the auditions to find the best people for the speeches. We decided we were looking for two people to be the MCs (Eva and Leiha), Someone for the Selkirk Grace (William)Someone for the Toast To The Lassies (Jamie), The reply to the Laddies (Hannah) and a person for the Immortal Memory (Me).

We all got our parts, wrote our speeches and kept rehearsing again and again. Soon we would all get our turn at the Burns Supper itself. We were all extremely anxious as we sat in wait…

It was very warm in the hall because so many people were there. The piper and drummer (who had been pupils at the school) piped in the haggis and piped us around the school. We sat down and Eva started to speak.  We had the Selkirk Grace (William) and after the Toast to the Haggis (Euan G, Erin, Duncan & Chloe) we feasted and had a great meal. Then it was my turn for the Immortal Memory. And then it went on with To A Mouse (Blair, Julia, Jack B, Katie, Rebecca, Danny, Connor and Heather) and the toasts to the lassies and laddies (Jamie & Hannah).

Then the second half opened up with Leiha taking over as MC and Eva quickly had to switch sides and came back into the spotlight to dance the Highland fling for us. Erin, Rebecca and Katie then all made us feel proud to live in Scotland when they sang our national anthem. We danced the Military two-step and had great fun. Then the Primary 7 all-girls choir sang Red Red Rose and Cameron sang a delightful Scots whahae and we finished with Auld Lang Syne.

Once the Burns Supper had passed we were all very relieved but sad about how quickly the time had gone. It went just as we had practiced. I wish we could do one every year!

List of names that took part: Eva, Leiha, Gregor, William, Jamie, Hannah, Euan G, Erin, Duncan, Chloe, Nicole, Jack W, Tami, Blair, Julia, Jack B, Katy, Rebecca, Danny, Connor, Heather, Cameron and most important of all MRS HUNTER!

Thanks to everyone who came.

By Gregor Hamilton P.7

Immortal Memory Speech
By Gregor Hamilton

I am gobsmacked to be speaking about this wonderful person, not just a person but an inspiration to Scots.  Robert Burns was born on the 25th of January 1759. He grew up struggling for money. His father was a poor man and tried to put food on his plate but they survived.  It seemed Burns had a talent for language and could speak English, French and his own Scots. Burns published his first book of poems and sold it for free. People call him Scotland’s favourite son and he was simply known as The Bard. Unfortunately Burns died at the age of 37, too young. He died of rheumatic heart fever, but he loved a drink and that didn’t help his condition. People remember Burns for his real love of people and his poems and songs that inspired nations. All over the world people sing his songs and know him as Scotland great gift. So let’s toast to the man who shaped Scotland to what it is today.


Hannah, Gregor, and Eva

To The Lassies

Good afternoon ladies, we hope you’re enjoying your afternoon
However – I must warn you – you will be offended soon.
When you smear and smother make up all over your face
Us lads just think it’s a real disgrace
You’re always calling on your mobile phones,
Texting your friends and looking for new ringtones
You think keeping fit is going to the shops
Ooh hair bobbles, Ooh perfume, Ooh boy band stuff.
It never stops!!!
Your heads are full of horses and chick flicks,
All that fluffy nonsense makes us guys sick
Our wonderful fragrant lynx will always be the best unlike your perfume which will never pass the test!!
These funny crazy hair do’s impress us they don’t
We’ve voted that they’re actually hair don’ts
Dancing and boogying, looking in the mirror all that posing just makes us boys shiver
We’ve all had a laugh, and the slagging is over
But without you bonnie lassies our class would be no fun
TOAST: to all our bonnie lassies                                                                        

By Jamie Boyes

Toast to the Haggis with Chloe, Duncan, Erin and Euan

Burns Supper Personal Recount

At the Primary 7 Burns supper I had a great time. The bits I enjoyed the most were the Toast To The Lassies and the choir!!!

The reason I liked the Lassies speech is:

Jamie used great expression,

The boys thought of everything we do,

It was hilarious and in the end they made us feel special and they weren’t to offensive with what they said which was good.

The other thing I Liked was the primary 7 all girls’ choir. I was in the choir and we did an amazing performance of the song Red Red Rose.

Even though I only talked about two things out of the whole Burns supper that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the rest of the Burns supper. These were only my personal favourites. The whole class did great and that’s all that matters.

By Hannah Mckie P7

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