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Last Hogmanay at Glesca Fair,
There was me masel’ an’ sev’ral mair,
An’ we a’ resolved tae hae a terr
An’ spend the nicht in Rothesay-O!
We wandered thro’ the Broomielaw,
Thro’ wind an’ rain, an’ sleet an’ snaw,
An’ at forty meenits efter twa,
We got the length o’ Rothesay-O!

A hirrumadee, a doo-a-day,
A hirrumadoo ma daddy O,
A hirrumadoo, a doo a day,
The day we went to Rothesay-O!

A sodger lad ca’d Ru’glen Wull,
Wha’s regiment’s lying at Barnhill,
Gaed aff wi’ a tanner tae get a gill
In a public hoose in Rothesay, O.
His regimentals done the trick
He was apprehended gey an’ quick –
Baith him an’ the whisky got the nick
On the day we went tae Rothsay, O.

Says Rookery Tam “Ah’m gaun tae sing!”
Says I “Ye’ll dae nae sich a thing.”
Wi’ that he yells oot, “Mak a ring,
An’ Ah’ll kill ye a’ in Rothesay,O”
Says I, “Sit doon an’ go tae …” well,
The name o’ the place I will not tell,
Says he “Sit doon an’ go yersel’ –
An’ say ye cam’ frae Rothesay, O.”

In search o’ ludgin’s we did slide,
Tae find a place whaur we could bibe;
There was eichty-twa o’ us inside
A single-end in Rothesay, O.
We aw lay doon tae tak oor ease,
When one o’ the boys began tae sneeze,
An’ he waukened half a million fleas,
In a single-end in Rothesay, O.

There were several different kinds o’ bugs,
Some had feet like dyers’ clugs,
An’ they sat on the bed an cockit their lugs
An’cried “Hurrah for Rothesay, O!”
Says I “I think it’s time to slope!”
So we went an’ jined the Band o’ Hope,
But the polis widny let us stop
Anither hoor in Rothesay, O.

Footnote: Another humourous song from the Scootish Folk Revival which I learnt in the Boy Scouts! You will find a slightly different version in ‘The Rebel Ceilidh Song Book’.



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