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TS Law/ Thurso Berwick
(Tune: Marching through Georgia)

It's up the Clyde comes Lanin—a super duper Yank,
But doon a dam sight quicker when we coup him doon the stank,
Up tae the neck in sludge an sewage fairly stops yuir swank.
—We are the Glesca Eskimos.

Hullo! hullo! we are the Eskimos,
Hullo! hullo! The Glesca Eskimos,
We'll gaff that nyaff ca'd Lanin,
We'll spear him whaur he blows.
—We are the Glesca Eskimos.

It's in an oot an up an doon, an on an aff the piers.
There's cooncillors, collaborators, pimps an profiteers
The hairies jouk the polls, an the polis jouk the queers,
We are the Glesca Eskimos.

There's dredgers an there's sludgie-boats tae keep the river clean,
Ye lift yuir haun an pu the chain—Ye ken line whit ah mean,
But why in the hell has the Holy Loch been left ootside the scheme
—We are the Glesca Eskimos.

We've been in mony a rammy, lads, we've been in mony a tear,
We've sortit oot this kind afore, we'll sort them onywhere,
O, get yuir harpoons ready—he's comin up for air
—We are the Glesca Eskimos.

Footnote: One of the many songs which sprang from the anti-polaris demonstrations in the 1960s. US Captain Laning dismissed the holy Loch demonstrators as ‘Eskimos’ and inspired this song by the poet Tom S Law and songwriter Thurso Berwick. ‘Eskimos’ had already featured in Scottish folk song –

‘Sitting amang the Eskimos,
Playing a gemme o dominoes,
Ma Maw’s a millionaire.’

‘The Glesca Eskimos’ was included in the splendid LP ‘Ding Dong Dollar – Anti-Polaris and Scottish Republican Songs’ issued in 1962. The singers included my friend, the late Josh MacRae, one of the inspirers of the Scottish Folk Revival.



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