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Behold I am a soldier bold, and only twenty five year old,
A braver warrior never was seen fae Inverness tae Gretna Green.
When I was young my father said he wid pit me tae a decent trade,
But I didnae like that job ata', so I went and joined the Forty Twa.
Chorus :
The wind may bla', the cock may cra',
The rain may rain, and the sna' may sna',
But ye winna frichten Jock McGraw,
He's the stoutest man in the Forty Twa.
The sergeant when he 'listed me, he winked his e'e and then says he,
"A man like you so stout and tall can ne'er be killed by a cannon ball."
The captain then when he cam' roon, he looked me up and he looked me doon,
Then turning tae the sergeant said, "Awa' ye scamp, ye;ve 'listed the bleachfield oot on tramp!"
At oor last fecht across the sea, the general he sends efter me.
Fan I gaed there and my big gun, of coarse the battle it was won.
The enemy a' ran awa', they were feart at the legs o' Jock McGraw.
A man like me so tall and neat, ye ken yersel' he could niver be beat.
The King then held a grand review, we numbered a thoosand and sixty-two;
The kiltie lads cam' marchin' past and Jock McGraw cam' marchin' last.
The royal pairty grabbed their sticks an' a' began tae stretch their necks,
Cries the King tae the Colonel, "Upon my soul, I took that man for a telegraph pole."
Footnote : This week's song is specially for The Flag's Jim Lynch who spent his National Service in the ranks of 'The Gallant Forty Twa', The Black Watch, and saw service in Kenya during the Mau Mau Troubles. The 42nd derived from the six Independent Highland Companies of Foot, raised in 1725 and regimented in 1739 under the Colonelcy of the Earl of Crawford. The regiment was originally numbered the 43rd, being numbered the 42nd in 1751 and granted the title of 'Royal' in 1758. It was early known as Am Freiceadan dubh - The Black Watch.In 1881 the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch) amalgamated with the 73rd (Perthshire) Regiment to form today's Black Watch, together with the Royal Perth Militia and Volunteer Infantry Battalions of Perthshire, Fife and Angus. Hence as a Dundonian Jim Lynch was drafted into the ranks of The Black Watch.


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