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Wha hasna heard o’ Donal’ Don?
Wi’ a’ his tanterwallops on,
For Oh! he was a lazy drone,
An’ smuggled Hielan’ whisky. 

Hi-rum-ho for Donal’ Don,
Wi’ a’ his tanterwallops on,
And may he never lack a scone
While he maks Hielan’ whisky. 

When he first cam’ tae auld Dundee
‘Twas in a smeeky hole lived he;
Whaur gauger bodies couldna see,
He played the king a pliskie.

When he was young and in his prime,
He lo'ed a bonny lassie fine;
She jilted him an' aye sin' syne
He’s dismal, dull and dusky. 

A bunch o’ rags is a’ his braws
His heathery wig wad fricht the craws;
His dusky face and clorty paws,
Wad fyle the Bay o’ Biscay. 

He has a sark, he has but ane,
It’s fairly worn tae skin an’ bane,
A-loupin’, like tae rin its lane
Wi’ troopers bauld and frisky. 

Whene’er his sark’s laid out tae dry
It’s Donald in his bed maun lie,
An’ wait till a’ the troopers die,
Ere he gangs oot wi’ whisky. 

So here’s a health tae Donal’ Don,
Wi’ a’ his tanterwallops on,
An’ may he never lack a scone
While he maks Hielan’ whisky.

Footnote:  A Dundee song from Ford’s ‘Vagabond Songs and Ballads of Scotland’ (1899-1901).



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