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Ae Whitsun day in Huntly toun, it's there I did agree,
Wi Bogie head o Carnie a six months for tae fee;
Tae drive his twa best horses, likewise his cairt and ploo,
An tae dae awthing aboot fairm wark that richt weel I can do.

Nou Bogie had a dochter wha's name was Isabel;
The flower o her nation, there's nane her could excel.
She had rosy cheeks and ruby lips and hair o darkish hue;
She was neat, complete and handsome, and comely for to view.

One day she went a-rambling and chose me for her guide,
Tae tak a pleasant walk wi her alang by Carnie side.
I slipped my airm aboot her waist an tae the ground did slide,
An it's there I had my first braw nicht wi the Belle o Bogieside

Ere twinty weeks haed passed and gane this lassie lost her bloom.
Her rosy cheeks grew pale and wan and she began tae swoon.
Ere forty weeks haed passed and gane this lass brocht forth a son,
And I was quickly sent for, tae see what could be done.

Aul Bogie heard the story and cried "I am undone.
Since ye've beguiled my dochter, my sorrows are begun."
I said "Aul man ye're fairly richt," and hung my heid wi shame,
"I'll mairry Belle the morn and gie the bairn my name."

But though I'd said I'd wed the lass, oh no that widna dee:
"Ye're nae a fittin match for Belle, nor she a match for ye."
He sent me packin doon the road, wi nae penny o my fee,
Sae aw ye lads o Huntly toun a lang fareweel tae ye.

But nou, she's mairried a tinkler chiel wha's name is Soutar John;
He hawks his pans an ladles aroon by Foggie Loan,
An maybe she's gotten a better match, aul Bogie canna tell,
But it's me wha's taen the maidenheid o Bogie's Bonnie Belle. 

Footnote:  Perhaps the bonniest of all the Bothy Ballads and one of the most popular as it still features in many reportoire of many singers.


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