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                                        High over Bannockburn, battle of no return.
                                        Bruce ranked his Scottishmen all in good order.
                                        Down on the other side - fifty divisions wide.
                                        Edward had brought his men over the border.
                            Armoured from head to fist, glimpsed through the morning mist
                                        Soldiers of Robert Bruce awaiting the order.
                                        Down on the lower ground, trumpets and bugles sound
                                        Edward of England had crossed over the border.
                                        Proud was the English king, loud did his harpists sing.
                                        Scatter the Scottishmen all in disorder,
                                   'Death' shouted Robert Bruce, 'Death ere we sign a truce.
                                        Chase the sassenach back o'er the border'.
                                        'Now' shouted Bruce the king 'We'll either die or win.
                                        Into the enemy all in good order.
                                       Freedom for Scotland and death to King Edward's men.
                                        Chase the sassenach back o'er the border'.
                                        Face to face across the Bannockburn ;
                                        Spears and swords are held in good order.
                                        Lines of steel in waves begin to move,
                                        Grim and steady to die for the border.
                                        'On them! On them!' hear the Douglas shout.
                                        'Smash their ranks in utter disorder'.
                                        Shields and spears and swords together clash.
                                        Screams of death are heard o'er the border.

                                     Slashing and clashing the Bannockburn flows with blood.

                                        Horses and soldiers in mangled disorder.
                                        Yelling and felling the grass is a gory red.
                                        Out with the sassenach. Out o'er the border.
                                        Freedom and right was the slogan of Robert Bruce.
                                        Chains for the slaves shouted Edward of England.
                                        Death to the sassenach, we'll be free at last.
                                        Chase the sassenach back o'er the border.
                                        Chase the sassenach back o'er the border.
Footnote - Every year the Scottish National Party holds a Rally on the field of Bannockburn to commemorate the regaining of Scottish freedom in the 14th Century; this year the Rally falls on the anniversary of the first day of the Battle of Bannockburn - 23 June 2001  ( Scotland's Day )


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