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The Complaynt of Scotland
Chapter VIII

Quhou the affligit lady, dame scotia reprochit hyr thre sonnis, callit the thre estaitis of scotland.

Chap. VIII.

O ignorant abusit ande dissaitful pepil, gone by the path vaye of verteouse knaulage, beand of ane effemenet courage, degradit fra honour, ande degenerit fra the nobilite, of zour foir fadirs & predecessours. O quhat vanhap, quhat dyabolic temptatione, quhat misire, quhat maledictione, or quhat vengeance is this that hes succumbit zour honour, <f57v> ande hes blyndit zour ene, fra the perspectione of zour extreme ruuyne? allace quhy haue ze nocht pytie of me zour natural mother or quhy haue ze no pytie of zour selfis? allace quhat oratour can discryue, blame, or repreue, zour neclegens, couuardeis ande zour ingratitude? allace quhy remembir ze nocht, that natur hes oblist zou, til auance the salute, ande deffens of zour public veil? ande quhat thai be (as cicero sais) that hurtis the public veil tha deserue as grite reproche as tha hed sellit traisonablye the realme to there enemeis: for the proditione of ane realme succedis to the hurt of the public veil. allace than quhy vil ze nocht haue misericord & pytie of zour natiue cuntre, quhar that ze var engenerit borne ande neureist, ande zour frendis and childir hes zour sustentatione in it? allace the natiuite of ane man suld be litil prisit, ande his lang liue dais les desirit, quhen ther procedis na frute of his laubirs bot for his auen singulair vtilite, ande nocht for the public veil allace the natural loue of zour natiue cuntre suld be inseperablye rutit in zour hartis, considerand that zour lyuis, zour bodeis, zour habitatione, zour frendis, zour lyuyngis, ande <f58r> sustentan, zour hail, zour pace, your refuge, the reste of zour eild, ande zour sepulture is in it. than allace quhy ar ze nocht solist to deffende the liberte ande to saue the dominione of it. i maye say ande conferme be raisone, that al pepil ar disnaturalit fra there gude nature, quhilkis in necessite enforsis them nocht at there pouer, to purches & til auance the public veil of there natiue cuntre, it beand distitut of supple & desolat throucht grite persecutione of mortal enemeis. for thai that vil nocht expose there bodeis ande gudis, to perrel ande dangeir, for the iust deffens of there honour, lyuis, frendis ande gudis: bot rather vil thole them selfis, ther public veil, & ther natiue cuntre, to perreis al to gyddir, thai ar mair brutal nor brutal beystis. it aperis that the lau of nature, is mair perfytly acompleist in brutal beystis, nor it is in zou that professis to be natural men: for zour verkis testifeis that ze ar mair disnaturellit, nor is brutal beystis that hes na vndirstanding of raison. the foulis of the ayr vil deffende ther nestis vitht there nebbis ande feit. the beiris, lyons, voluis, foxis, and dogis, vil deffende there cauerne & there quhelpis vitht there <f58v> tethe & feit. Allace this sair complaynt is to me rycht hauy, bot the litil support that i vil get of zou is far hauyar: for ze quhilkis suld sustene deffende ande releif me, ze ar the aduerse party of my prosperite, for in the stede of reuarde ande gratitude that ze ar oblist to gyf to me, ze purches ande auancis my distructione for zour particular veil. My ald enemeis hes persecutit me outuartly in cruel veyris be fyir ande sourde, bot the veyr that ze mak inuartly contrar me, be auereise & ambitione is mair cruel. my mortal enemeis purchessis to raif my liberte, ande to hald me in ane miserabil subiectione: bot ze hald me in ane mair seruitude be zour disordinat neclegens ande couuardise. my ald enemeis dois me grite domage vitht ane grite armye of men of veyr be see ande be land. bot ze vndir the cullour of frendschip purchessis my final exterminatione for falt of gude reul ande gouuernance. Ande alsa ze ar sa diuidit amang zour selfis, that nocht ane trouis ane vthir, for throucht the suspetione that ilk ane of zou hes of vthirs euyrye ane of zou seikis his particular releif. for sum of zou ar fled far vitht in the cuntre, sum of zou ar fled to the hillis, <f59r> ande sum of zou remanis in zoure auen housis on the inglis mennis assurance, ande sum of zou ar be cum neutral men, lyik to the ridars that dueillis on the debatabil landis, of this sort ze haue run to zour auen distructione. ande quhou be it of al thir particular onleiful consaitis that ze haue vsit to saue zou fra the crualte of ingland, zit the maist subtel nor the maist dissymilit of zou al is nocht saue, for as sune as the inglis men dreymis that ze haue failzet to them, than thai repute zou for there mortal enemeis far mair nor thai repute ony scottis man that vas neuyr assurit. ande quhen ze haue fulfillit the inglis mennis desyre, & hes helpit to distroye zour natyue cuntre, zit the inglis men sal neuyr cal zou ane vthir vord bot renegant scottis ande ze sal neuyr be reput bot for barbir slauis as zour croniklis vil testifee and alse the practic of yis present tyme makkis it manifest al the gude treittyng that scottis men gettis in ingland changis in ane vile seruitude.<f59v>

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