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The Complaynt of Scotland
Chapter VII

The visione that aperit before the actor in his sleipe.

Chap. VII

IN my dullit dreyme ande sopit visione, i thocht that ther aperit to me, ane lady of excellent extractione ande of anciant genolygie, makkand ane melancolius cheir, for the grite violens, that sche hed sustenit & indurit. it aperit be hyr voful contenens, that sche vas in grite dout ande dreddour, for ane mair dolorus future ruuyne, that vas aperand to succumb hyr haistylye, in the maist extreme exterminatione. hyr hayr of the cullour of fyne gold, vas feltrit & trachlit out of ordour, hingand ouer hyr schuldirs. sche hed ane croune of gold, hingand & brangland, that it vas lyik to fal doune fra hyr hede to the cald eird. sche bure ane scheild in the quhilk vas grauit ane rede rampand lyon in ane feild of gold, bordoryt about viht doubil floure delicis. This rede lyon vas hurt in mony placis of his body. the acoutrementis ande clethyng of this dolorus lady vas ane <f55r> syde mantil, that couurit al hyr body of ane meruelouse ingenius fassoune, the quhilk hed bene tissu ande vrocht be thre syndrye fassons of verkmenschips. the fyrst part quhilk vas the hie bordour of hyr mantil, there vas mony precius stanis, quhar in ther vas grauit, scheildis, speyris, sourdis, bayrdit horse harnes ande al vthir sortis of vaupynis ande munitions of veyr. in the middis of that mantil there vas grauit in carrecters beukis ande figuris, diuerse sciensis diuyne ande humain, vitht mony cheretabil actis ande supernatural miraclis. on the thrid part of that mantil, i beheld brodrut about al hyr tail, al sortis of cattel ande profitabil beystis, al sortis of cornis eyrbis, plantis, grene treis, schips, marchantdreis, ande mony politic verkmanlumis for mecanyc craftis. This mantil quhilk hed bene maid & vrocht in ald tymys, be the prudent predecessours of this foyr said lady, vas reuyn & raggit in mony placis, that skantly mycht i persaue the storeis ande figuris that hed bene grauit vrocht ande brodrut in ald tymis in the thre partis of it. for the fyrst part of it vantit mony of the scheildis ande harnes that vas fyrst vrocht in it ande ane vthir part of <f55v> the schieldis & harnes var brokyn ande roustit, ande reddye to fal ande tyne furtht of the bordour of that mantil. Siklyik the pleisand verkmenschips that vas in the middis of hyr mantil, vas seperat fra vthirs, ande altrit fra the fyrst fassone, that na man culd extract ony profitabil sentens nor gude exempil furtht of ony part of it. Nou to speik of the thrid part of hyr mantil, it vas verst grathit ande spylt be ane grit defferens nor vas the tothir tua partis of that mantil: for it aperit that al the grene treis cornis bestialite mecanyc craftis ande schips ande marchandreise, that hed bene curiouslye vrocht in ald tymis in the bordour of the tail of that mantil, vas spilt ande distroyit, ande the eird vas becum barran & stirril, ande that na ordinance of policye culd be persauit in it, nor esperance of releif. Nou to conclude of the fassone of this ladeis mantil, it vas baytht altrit in cullour ande in beaulte, and reuyn in mony placis, hingand doune raggit in pecis, in sic ane sort, that gyf thay hed bene present that vrocht ande maid it in the begynnyng. thai vald haue clair myskend it, be rasone that it vas sa mekil altrit fra the fyrst fassone. This <f56r> affligit lady beand of this sort troublit ande disaguisit, ande al hyr gaye clathis reuyn & raggit throucht the grite violens that sche hed sustenit: sche began to suspire lamentabil regrettis, vitht mony salt teyris distillant doune fra hyr piteous ene this desolat affligit lady, beand in this perplexite, ande disparit of remeid, sche began to contempil the vidthrid barran feildis, quhilkis in vthir tymis hed bene fertil in al prosperiteis, quhar sche persauit cummand touart hyr. thre of hyr auen natiue natural sonnis. The eldest of them vas in harnes, traland ane halbert, behynd hym, beand al affrayit ande fleyit for dreddour of his lyue. The sycond of hyr sonnis vas sittand in ane chair, beand clethd in ane sydegoune, kepand grite grauite, heffand ane beuk in his hand, the glaspis var fast lokkyt vitht rouste. hyr zongest sone vas lyand plat on his syde on the cald eird, ande al his clathis var reuyn ande raggit, makkand ane dolorus lamentatione, ande ane piteouse complaynt. he tuke grite pane to ryise vp on his feit, bot he vas sa greuouslye ouer set be violens, that it vas nocht possibil til hym, to stand rycht vp. Than quhen this lady persauit hyr thre sonnis <f56v> in that langorius stait, sche began to reproche them inuectyuely of ther neclegens couuardeis ande ingratitude vsit contrar hyr. the quhilk reproche sche pronuncit vitht mony dolorus suspiris, the quhilk be aperens procedit fra ane trublit spreit, desolat of consolatione ande disparit of remede. than i beand in my sopit melancolius dreyme, i thocht that i inquirit of hyr stile, of hyr duelling place & of the dolorus cause of hyr lamentabil regrettis. Sche ansuert vitht ane dolorouse contenens, quod sche, my name is callit, the affligit lady dame scotia, vthir tymis i haue tryumphit in gloir ande prosperite, bot nou aduerse fortoune hes bene inuyful contrar my veil fayr, quhilk is the cause that my triumphant stait is succumbit in decadens, ther can nocht be ane mair vehement perplexite, as quhen ane person beand in prosperite at his hartis desire, ande syne dechays in miserabil aduersite. thir vordis maye be applyit ande conferrit vitht the dolorouse accidentis that hes persecutit me. for i that hes bene in maist fortunat prosperite, nou i am inuadit ande affligit be my ald mortal enemeis be the maist extreme assaltis that ther pouuer can exsecute, <f 57r>the quhilk i beleuit til haue resistit be the support ande supple of my thre sonnis that standis heir in my presens, be rason that thai ar oblist be goddis lau ande be the lau of nature to be my deffens contrar al externe inuasions, bot thai haue schauen them self ingrat dissymilit ande couuardis in the iust deffens of my veil fayr: as thou sal heir be this reproche that i sal pronunce to them in thy presens as eftir follouis.

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