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The Complaynt of Scotland
Chapter VI

Ane monolog of the actor

Chap. VI

THE solist ande attentiue laubirs that i tuke to vrit thir passagis befor rehersit, gart al my body be cum imbecille ande verye, ande my spreit be cum sopit in sadnes, throucht the lang conteneuatione of studie, quhilk did fatigat my rason, ande gart al my membris be cum impotent. than til eschaip the euyl accidentis that succedis fra the onnatural dais sleip, as caterris, hede verkis, ande indegestione, i thocht it necessair, til excerse me vitht sum actyue recreatione, to hald my spretis valkand fra dulnes. <f30r> than to exsecute this purpose, i past to the greene hoilsum feildis, situat maist comodiusly, fra distemprit ayr ande corruppit infectione, to resaue the sueit fragrant smel, of tendir gyrssis, ande of hoilsum balmy flouris maist odoreferant. besyde the fut of ane litil montane, there ran ane fresche reueir as cleir as berial quhar i beheld the pretty fische vantounly stertland vitht there rede vermeil fynnis, ande there ssskalis lyik the brycht siluyr. on the tothir syde of that reueir there vas ane grene banc ful of rammel grene treis, quhar there vas mony smal birdis hoppand fra busk to tuist, singand melodius reportis of natural music in accordis of mesure of diapason prolations tripla ande dyatesseron, that hauynly ermonyie aperit to be artificial music. in this glaidful recreatione i conteneuit quhil phebus vas discendit vndir the vest northt vest oblique oriszone, quhilk vas entrit that samyn daye in the xxv degre of the sing of gemini, distant fiue degreis, fra oure symmyr solstice, callit the borial tropic of cancer the quhilk be astrolog supputatione, accordis vitht the sext daye of iune, there eftir i entrit in ane grene forrest to contempil the tendir zong <f30v> frutss of grene treis, be cause the borial blastis of the thre borouing dais of marche, hed chaissit the fragrant flureise of euyrie frute tree, far athourt the feildis. of this sort i did spaceir vp ande doune but sleipe, the maist part of the myrk nycht. instantly there eftir i persauit the messengeiris of the rede aurora, quhilkis throucht the mychtis of titan, hed persit the crepusculyne lyne matutine of the northt northt est orizone, quhilk vas occasione that the sternis & planetis the dominotours of the nycht, absentit them, ande durst nocht be sene, in oure hemispere for dreddour of his auful goldin face. Ande als fayr dyana the lantern of the nycht, be cam dym ande pail quhen titan hed extinct the lycht of hyr lamp on the cleir daye. for fra tyme that his lustrant beymis var eleuat. iiii degres abufe oure oblique oriszone, euery planeit of oure hemespeir be cam obscure, ande als al corrupit humiditeis ande caliginus fumis & infekkit vapours, that hed bene generit in the sycond regione of the ayr quhen titan vas visiand antepodos, thai consumit for sorrou quhen thai sau ane sycht of his goldin scheaip. the grene feildis for grite droutht, drank vp the drops of the <f31r> fresche deu quhilk of befor hed maid dikis & dailis verray donc. there eftir i herd the rumour of rammasche foulis ande of beystis that maid grite beir quhilk past besyde burnis & boggis on grene bankis to seik ther sustentatione. there brutal sound did redond to the hie skyis, quhil the depe hou cauernis of cleuchis & rotche craggis ansuert vitht ane hie not of that samyn sound as thay beystis hed blauen. it aperit be presumyng & presuposing, that blaberand eccho hed beene hid in ane houhole, cryand hyr half ansueir, quhen narcissus rycht sorye socht for his saruandis, quhen he vas in ane forrest, far fra ony folkis, & there eftir for loue of eccho he drounit in ane drau vel. nou to tel treutht of the beystis that maid sic beir & of the dyn that the foulis did, ther syndry soundis hed nothir temperance nor tune. for fyrst furtht on the fresche feildis, the nolt maid noyis vitht mony loud lou. baytht horse & meyris did fast nee, & the folis nechyr, the bullis began to bullir quhen the scheip began to blait, be cause the calfis began tyl mo, quhen the doggis berkit. than the suyne began to quhryne quhen thai herd the asse tair, quhilk gart the hennis <f31v> kekkyl quhen the cokis creu, the chekyns began to peu, quhen the gled quhissillit the fox follouit the fed geise & gart them cry claik. the gayslingis cryit quhilk quhilk, & the dukis cryit quaik. the ropeen of the rauynis gart the crans crope the huddit crauis cryit varrok varrok, quhen the suannis murnit, be cause the gray goul mau pronosticat ane storme. the turtil began for to greit quhen the cuschet zoulit. the titlene follouit the goilk ande gart hyr sing guk guk. the dou croutit hyr sad sang that soundit lyik sorrou. robeen and the litil vran var hamely in vyntir. the iargolyne of the suallou, gart the iay iangil than the maueis maid myrtht, for to mok the merle. the lauerok maid melody, vp hie in the skyis. the nychtingal al the nycht sang sueit notis, the tuechitis cryit theuis nek, quhen the piettis clattrit. the garruling of the stirlene gart the sparrou cheip the lyntquhit sang cuntirpoint quhen the oszil zelpit. the grene serene sang sueit quhen the gold spynk chantit. the rede schank cryit my fut, my fut, & the oxee cryit tueit. the herrons gaif ane vyild skrech as the kyl hed bene in fyir, quhilk gart the quhapis for fleyitnes fle far fra hame. than eftir quhen <f32r> this dyn vas dune, i dreu me doune throucht mony grene dail. i beand sopit in sadnes, i socht neir to the see syde. than vndir ane hingand heuch i herd mony hurlis of stannirs & stanis that tumlit doune vitht the land rusche quhilk maid ane felloune sound. throcht virkyng of the suelland vallis of the brym seye. than i sat doune to see the flouyng of the fame. quhar that i leukyt far furtht on the salt flude. there i beheld ane galiasse gayly grathit for the veyr. lyand fast at ane ankir, and hyr salis in hou. i herd mony vordis amang the marynalis bot i vist nocht quhat thai menit. zit i sal reherse and report ther crying and ther cals. in the fyrst, the master of the galiasse gart the botis man pas vp to the top to leuk far furtht gyf he culd see ony schips. than the botis man leukyt sa lang quhil that he sau ane quhyt sail than he cryit vitht ane skyrl, quod he, i see ane grit schip. than the maister quhislit and bald the marynalis lay the cabil to the cabilstok to veynde and veye. than the marynalis began to veynd the cabil vitht mony loud cry. ande as ane cryit, al the laif cryit in that samyn tune as it hed bene ecco in ane hou heuch. and as it aperit to me thai cryit <f32v> thir vordis as eftir follouis. veyra veyra, veyra veyra gentil gallandis, gentil gallandis. veynde i see hym, veynd i see hym. pourbossa, pourbossa. hail al ande ane hail al and ane. hail hym vp til vs, hail hym vp til vs. Than quhen the ankyr vas halit vp abufe the vattir, ane marynel cryit and al the laif follouit in that sam tune. caupon caupona, caupon caupona. caupun hola ,caupun hola caupun holt, caupon holt. sarrabossa, sarrabossa. than thai maid fast the schank of the ankyr. And the maistir quhislit and cryit. tua men abufe to the foir ra, cut the raibandis and lat the foir sail fal, hail doune the steir burde lufe harde a burde. hail eftir the foir sail scheit, hail out the bollene. than the master quhislit ande cryit, tua men abufe to the mane ra, cut the raibandis, and lat the mane sail and top sail fal, hail doune the lufe close aburde, hail eftir the mane sail scheit hail out the mane sail boulene, than ane of the marynalis began to hail and to cry and al the marynalis ansuert of that samyn sound. hou, hou. pulpela, pulpela. boulena, boulena. darta, darta. hard out steif, hard out steif. afoir the vynd, afoir the vynd ,god send, god send. fayr vedthir, <f33r> fayr vedthir. mony pricis, mony pricis. god foir lend, god foir lend. stou, stou. mak fast & belay. Than the master cryit and bald renze ane bonet vire the trossis, nou heise. than the marynalis began to heis vp the sail, cryand, heisau, heisau. vorsa, vorsa .vou ,vou. ane lang draucht, ane lang draucht. mair maucht, mair maucht. zong blude, zong blude. mair mude, mair mude. false flasche, false flasche. ly a bak, ly a bak. lang suak, lang suak. that that. that that. thair thair, thair thair. zallou hayr, zallou hayr. hips bayr, hips bayr. til hym al, til hym al. viddefullis al. viddefuls al. grit and smal, grit and smal. ane and al, ane and al. heisau heisau. nou mak fast the theyrs. than the master cryit top zour topinellis, hail on zour top sail scheitis vire zour liftaris and zour top sail trossis, & heise the top sail hiear, hail out the top sail boulene, heise the myszen and change it ouer to leuart, hail the linche and the scheitis, hail the trosse to the ra. than the master cryit on the rudir man, mait keip ful and by, a luf cumna hiear, holabar, arryua, steir clene vp the helme, this and so. than quhen the schip vas taiklit, the master cryit, boy to the top, schaik out the flag on the top mast, tak in zour top salis, <f33v> and thirl them, pul doune the nok of the ra in daggar vyise, marynalis, stand be zour geyr in taiklene of zour salis, euery quartar master til his auen quartar, boitis man, bayr stanis & lyme pottis ful of lyme in the craklene pokis to the top, and paueis veil the top, vitht pauesis and mantillis, Gunnaris cum heir & stand by zour artailzee euyrie gunnar til his auen quartar. mak reddy zour cannons, culuerene moyens, culuerene bastardis, falcons, saikyrs, half saikyrs, and half falcons, slangis, & half slangis, quartar slangis, hede stikkis, murdresaris, pasuolans, bersis, doggis, doubil bersis, hagbutis of croche, half haggis, culuerenis ande hail schot. ande ze soldartis & conpangzons of veyr, mak reddy zour corsbollis, hand bollis, fyir speyris, hail schot, lancis, pikkis, halbardis, rondellis, tua handit sourdis and tairgis. than this gaye galliasse beand in gude ordour sche follouit fast the samyn schip that the botis man hed sene and for mair speid the galliasse pat furtht hir stoytene salis, ande ane hundretht aris on euerye syde the master gart al his marynalis & men of veyr hald them quiet at rest, be rason that the mouyng of the pepil vitht in ane schip, stoppis hyr of <f34r> hyr faird. of this sort the said galiasse in schort tyme cam on vynduart of the tothir schip than eftir that thai hed hailsit vthirs thai maid them reddy for battel. than quhar i sat i hard the cannons and gunnis mak mony hiddeus crak duf, duf, duf, duf, duf, duf, the barsis and falcons cryit tirduf, tirduf, tirduf, tirduf, tirduf, tirduf, than the smal artailze cryit, tik tak tik tak tik tak tik tak. the reik smeuk and the stink of the gun puldir fylit al the ayr maist lyik as plutois paleis hed been birnand in ane bald fyir. quhilk generit sik mirknes & myst that i culd nocht see my lyntht about me, quhar for i rais and returnit to the fresche feildis that i cam fra, quhar i beheld mony hudit hirdis blauuand ther buc hornis and ther corne pipis, calland and conuoyand mony fat floc to be fed on the feildis, than the scheiphirdis pat there scheip on bankis and brais and on dry hillis to get ther pastour than i beheld the scheiphirdis vyuis and ther childir that brocht there mornyng bracfast to the scheiphirdis than the scheiphyrdis vyuis cuttit raschis and seggis and gadrit mony fragrant grene meduart vitht the quhilkis tha couurit the end of ane leye rig & syne sat doune al to gyddir to tak there refectione, <f34v> quhar thai maid grit cheir of euyrie sort of mylk baytht of ky mylk & zoue mylk, sueit mylk and sour mylk curdis and quhaye, sourkittis, fresche buttir ande salt buttir, reyme, flot quhaye, grene cheis kyrn mylk euyrie scheiphird hed ane horne spune in the lug of there bonet thai hed na breyd bot ry caikis and fustean skonnis maid of flour than eftir there disiune tha began to talk of grit myrrynes that vas rycht plesand to be hard. in the fyrst the prencipal scheiphirde maid ane orisone tyl al the laif of his conpangzons as eftir follouis. O ze my frendis that ar scheiphirdis, ve hef grit cause to gyf thankis to god for the hie stait and dignite that he hes promouit vs to posses, the quhilk stait, prefferris al vthir faculte of this varld baytht in honour and in profeit. for sen the varld vas creat scheiphirdis prefferrit al vthir staitis quhar for the maist anciant nobilis that hes bene in ald tymis, tha detestit vrbanite and desirit to lyue in villagis and landuart tounis to be scheiphirdis or to laubir rustic ocupation on the hoilsum feildis, as diuerse historigraphours hes maid mentione. for in ald tymis pastoral and rustical <f35r> ocupatione, vas of ane excellent reputatione, for in thai dais quhe the goldin varld rang kyngis and princis tuke mair delyit on the feildis and forrestis to keip bestialite and to manure corne landis nor thai did to remane in pretoral palecis or in tryumphand citeis riche kyng amphion vas verray solist to keip his scheip. and at euyn quhen thai past to there faldis scheip cottis and ludgens, he playt befor them on his harpe. Siklyik kyng dauid hed mair affectione to play on his harpe amang his flokkis of scheip, nor he hed to be gouuernour of the pepil of Israel, ande appollo that the poietis callis the god of sapiens he vas scheiphird to keip kyng admetus scheip siklyik the nobil romans in ald tymis var nocht eschamit to laubir and to manure the baran feildis vitht there auen handis to gar the eird becum fertil to bayr al sortis of corne eirbis gyrse & spice as ve hef exempil of the prudent quintus cincinatus, quha vas chosyn be the senat to be dictatur of rome, at that samyn tyme he vas arand the land vitht his auen hand at the pleuch siklyik the sapient porcus cathon censor of rome vas verray solist on the art of agreculture. Siklyik romulus the fyrst kyng of rome <f35v> set his hail felicite on the manuring of the feildis. ande alse the tua vailzeant romans, fabricius and curius dentatus var nocht eschamit til excerse them on the culture of the feildis. Siklyik numa pompilius that deuot kyng of rome statut that the senaturis of rome suld keip there scheip, as is rehersit in ane verse that i hef red of ane senatur pascebatque suas ipse senator oues. Siklyik paris the thrid soune of kyng Priam of troy vas ane scheiphird and kepit bestialite on montht ydea. And alse the nobil Scipio quhilk vas vailzeant, ande no les prudent he conqueist affrica and pat cartage to sac and subdeuit numance and venqueist Annibal and restorit the liberte of rome than in his aige of lij zeir he left the toune of rome, ande past to remane the residu of his dais, in ane landuart village betuix pezole & capue in ytalie and there he set his felicite on the manuring of the corne land & in the keping of bestialite, Ande alse lucullus that prudent consul of rome, quha hed conqueist diuerse battellis contrar the parthiens than in his last daiis he left the toune of rome and past to duel in ane village besyde naples quhar that he excersit hym on rustic occupatione ande on bestialite. <f36r> Siklyik the nobil Empriour dioclesian, eftir that he hed gouuernit the empire xviij zeir, he left the tryumphand toune of rome & past til ane village be syde florens and ther he vsit the lauboring of the cornis and vynis & on bestialite. Ande alse the prudent duc perecles, quha hed the gouuerning of the comont veil of athenes xxxvj zeiris, zit in his aige of lx zeiris, he left the glorius stait of athenes, & past to remane in ane litil village quhar he set his felicite to keip nolt and scheip. quhat sal be said of the patriarchis. Abraam Isaac & Iacob ,and of the princis & prophetis of Israel? var thai nocht hirdis & scheiphirdis for ther prencipal vacatione vas on the neuresing of bestialite. Ther for (O ze my companzons scheiphirdis and hirdis) ve hef grit cause to gloir and to gyf thankis to god for the grit dignite that ve posses. for ther is na faculte stait nor vacatione in the vniuersal varld, that can be conparit til oure stait. for al vthir staitis of al degreis, baytht temporal and speritual that remanis in tryumphand citeis and burroustounis ther ringis na thing amang them bot auareis inuy hatrent dispyit discention & mony vthir detestabil vicis and alse there bodeis <f36v> ar subiect tyl al sortis of seiknes be rason of the corrupit infectione and euyl ayr that is generit in ane cite quhar maist confluens of pepil resortis quhilk causis pestilens and diuerse vthir sortis of contagius maladeis & alse casione that the maist part of them endis ther the intemperans of ther moutht in eyting & drynkyng consumis ther stomakis & al ther membris, quhilk is occasione that the maist part of tham endis ther dais in there green zouthed. bot it is nocht siclyik of vs that ar scheiphirdis, for ve lyif on the fragrant feildis quhar ve ar neureist vitht the maist delicius temperat ayr and ther is nothir hatrent auareis nor discord amang vs nor there is nothir detraction leysingis nor calumniations amang vs ve hef cherite to god & loue tyl our nychtbours and the maist part of vs hes gude hail in our body quhil ve be ane hundretht zeir ande alse quhou be it that the riche and opulent potestatis that dueillis in citeis and burroustounis, reputis vs that ar scheiphirdis, to be ignorant inciuil & rude of ingyne zit nochtheles al the sciencis and knaulage that thai ascribe and proffessis to be dotit in them hes fyrst procedit fra our faculte, nocht alanerly in the <f37r> inuentione of natural mecanyc consaitis. bot as veil the speculatione of supernatural thingis as of the firmament and of the planetis, the quhilk knaulage ve hef prettikyt throucht the lang contemplene of the motions and reuolutions of the nyne hauynis. Siklyik phisic astronomye and natural philosophie var fyrst prettikit and doctrinet be vs that ar scheiphirdis for our faculte knauis the natur and the vertu of the sternis and planetis of the spere and of the circlis contenit in the samyn for throucht the lang studie and contemplene of the sternis, ve can gyf ane iugement of diuerse futur accedentis that ar gude or euyl, necessair or domageabil for man or beyst for it is manifest that scheiphirdis hes discriuit and definit the circlis and the mouyng of the speris as i sal reherse to zou that ar zong scheiphyrdis to that effect that ze may hef speculatione of the samyn In the fyrst ihosephus the historigraphour that treittis of the antiquite of the ieuis rehersis in his fyrst beuk that the childir of seth (quhilk vas the soune of Adam) var the fyrst inuentours of the art of astronomie and inuestigatours of the celest coursis & mouimentis, the quhilk art thai grauit vitht <f 37v>lettris, (for the vtilite of there posterite) in tua tablis of stane, vas of baikyn stane, and the tothir tabil of onbaykyn stane the quhilk thing thai did be cause thai hed herd ther father seth reherse, that his father Adam hed prophetyszit that the varld sal end be vattir and be the fyir and for that cause the baikyn stane vald thole the fyir & the onbakyn stane vald thole the vattir and of this sort, the art of astronomie suld ay remane onconsumit. ande thai tua tablis hes bene regester and fundatione til al them that hes studeit in cosmographie geographie and in topographie. There for to mak ane diffinitione of cosmaghraphie (as far as ve scheiphirdis hes contemplit) it is ane vniuersal discriptione of the varld, contenand in it, the four elementis, the eird ,the vattir ,the ayr, and the fyir the sone and mune and al the sternis: ther for ane man that desiris tyl hef ony iugement of cosmaghraphie, he suld fyrst contempil and considir the circlis of the spere celest. for be that distinctione of the said circlis, it sal be facil to knau the distance of diuerse cuntreis that lyis vndir the said circlis baytht of there longitude and of ther latitude and the proportione <f38r> of the climatis, and the diuersite of the dais & nychtis of the four quartars of the varld, and it sal declair the mouyng eleuatione, and declinatione of the sone mune, and of the sternis fixt and sternis erratic. and it sal declair the eleuatione of the polis, and the lynis parallelis, and the meridian circlis, and diuerse vthir documentis and demonstrations mathematikis. Nou fyrst to speik of the mouyng of the spere and of the diuisione of the hauynis, ze sal knau that the varld is diuidit in tua partis that is to say. the fyrst part is the regione elementair quhilk is subiect til alteratione and to corruptione. the nyxt part of the varld is callit the regione celest (quhilk philosophours callis quinta essentia) vitht in the concauite of the quhilk, is closit the regione elementar this said regione celest is nothir variabil nor corruptabil it is diuidit in ten speris, and the gritest spere quhilk is the outuart spere inclosis in it, the spere that is nyxt til it & sa be progressione and ordur euyrie spere inclosis the spere that is nerest tyl it. in the fyrst, the regione elementair is inclosit vitht in the spere of the mune and nyxt it is the spere of mercurius, <f38v> and syne the spere of venus and nyxt it is the spere of the sone, and abufe and about it is the spere of mars. and syne the spere of Iupiter and than the spere of Saturnus. and ilk ane of thir speris hes bot ane sterne or planete that mouis in the zodiac, contrar the muuyng of the fyrst mobil that ve cal the tent spere. nyxt thir speris, is the firmament quhilk is callit the hauyn or the spere of the sternis and about it is the nynte spere callit the hauyn cristellyne, be cause that there can nocht be na sternis seen in it. Al thir nyne speris or hauynis ar inclosit vitht in the tent spere quhilk is callit the fyrst mobil the quhilk makkis reuolutione and course on the tua polis fra day to daye in the space of xxiiij houris fra orient til occident and returnis agane to the orient. bot the mouyng of the tother nyne hauynis is fra the occident to the orient, quhilk is contrar to the mouyng of the tent spere callit the fyrst mobil. zit nochtheles the mouyng of the fyrst mobil is of sic violens that it constrenzeis the tothir nyne speris or hauynis to pas vitht it fra orient tyl occident quhilk is contrar to there auen natural mouyng there for the compulsit retrograid mouyng is callit be astronomours <f39r> motus raptus accessus, & resessus stellarum fixarum. al the thyng that circuitis this last tent hauyn or fyrst mobil is immobil and mouis nocht, there for it is callit the hauyn empire quhar the trone diuine standis, as effermis the famous doctours of the kyrk Nou to proceid in the discriptione of the speris of the hauynis. in the fyrst, ze sal ymagyn ane lyne that passis throucht the spere lyik til ane extree of ane cart callit axis spere, quhilk is the rycht dyametre of the spere, on the quhilk lyne or extre the speris & hauynis turnis on. than at the endis of the said lyne ze sal ymagyne tua sternis quhilk ar callit the tua polis of the firmament ane of them standis at the northt quhilk is callit the pole artic boreal or septemtrional, it aperis til vs in our habitatione be rason that it is eleuat abufe our orizone, the tothir sterne standis at the southt, and it is callit the pole antartic austral or meridional it is ay hid fra vs for it aperis neuyr in our hemispere be rason that it is vndir our orizon. ze sal vndirstand that the sterne quhilk the scheiphirdis and marynalis callis the north sterne, that sterne is nocht the pole artic for the pole artic is bot ane ymaginet point distant <f39v> iiij degreis fra that sterne that ve cal the northt sterne the quhilk sterne is callit alrukaba, and alse ze sal vndirstand that the southt sterne that is eleuat abufe the orizon of them that duellis bezond the equinoctial it is callit canapus, ther for it suld nocht be callit the pole antartic for the pole antartic is bot ane ymaginet point, quhilk standis iiij degreis fra the sterne that is callit canapus. There is ane vthir circle callit orizone the quhilk cuttis the spere in tua partis, there is tua sortis of orizons ane is callit the rycht orizon the tothir is callit the oblique orizone. thai that hes there zenith in the equinoctial thai hef the rycht orizon be rason that the tua polis ar in there orizon. ande thai that hes ane oblique orizon, ane of the polis is eleuat abufe ther orizon ande the tothir pole is hid vndir there hemispeir and orizon. Ther is ane vthir circle in the spere callit meridian the quhilk gais betuix the tua polis rycht abufe our hede than quhen the sune cummis fra the orient to that circle it is iust tuelf houris of the daye & quhen the sune is in opposit til our meridian vndir our orizon than it is mydnycht. There is ane vthir circle of the spere callit, the circle equinoctial the quhilk <f40r> deuidis the spere in tua partis it is of ane lyik distance fra the tua polis, it is callit equinoctial, be cause that quhen the sune cummis til it, than the day and the nycht ar of ane lyntht in euerye part of the varld and that occurris tua tymis ilk zeir that is to say, quhen the sune cummis in the fyrst degre of aries quhilk is the xj daye of marche, & in the fyrst degre of libra quhilk is the xiij day of september. Ther is ane vthir grit circle in the spere callit the zodiac the quhilk deuidis the circle equinoctial in tua partis the zodiac is deuidit in tuelf partis and ilk part is callit ane sing the quhilk zodiac extendis til tuelf singnis callit Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius Pisces. Ande euyrie sing is diuidit in xxx degreis. Ther is tua vthir circlis in the spere callit colures ane of them passis be the zodiac in the begynnyng of Aries and Libra quhilkis ar tua singnis equinoctialis the tothir circle passis in the begynnyng of Cancer and capricorn quhilk ar tua solstice singnis. Ther ar four vthir litil circlis in the spere ane is callit the tropic of Cancer quhilk is the solstice of symmyr it is distant xxiij degreis xxx munetis <f40v> fra the equinoctial touart septemtrion, quhen the sune cumis til it than it is the langest day of the zeir to them that duellis betuix the pole artic and the equinoctial. The circle of capricorne is callit the solstice of vyntir, quhen the sune cummis til it passand touart the pol antartic, than thai that duellis betuix the equinoctial and the pole antartic hes ther langast day of the zeir & than ve hef the schortest day of the zeir. The circle artic is xxiij degreis xxx munitis fra the pole artic siclyik the circle antartic is xxiij degreis xxx munitis fra the pole antartic & alse the septemtrional solstice callit the tropic of cancer is xxiij degreis xxx munitis fra the equinoctial and the meridional solstice of capricorn is xxiij degreis xxx munitis fra the equinoctial. The point that is rycht abufe our hede is callit zenych the quhilk is iiij scoir and ten degreis distant fra our orizon ande as oft as ve change fra place to place, as oft ve sal hef ane vthir zenycht, and the place that is direct contrar til our zenych is callit antipodes, tha that duellis in thai partis, thai hef ther solis direct contrar til our solis ande thai hef the hauyn for ther zenych as veil as ve, & quhen ve hef the langest day of symyr, <f41r> than thai hef the schortest day in vyntir ande quhen thai hef symmyr than ve hef vyntir. zit nochtheles lactantius firmien that famous doctor of the holy kyrk, in his thrid beuk in the xxiiij cheptor he scornis the mathematiciiens that effermis antipodos & syklyik Sainct agustyne de ciuitate dei in the ix cheptour of his seuynt beuk allegis mony freuol argumentis contrar the antipodos quhar for it aperis veil that thir tua doctours, agustin & lactantius var mair expert in theologie nor thai var in cosmographie, considerand that ther is sa mony probabil rasons that preuis that the eird is round ande that the eird is the centir of the ix hauynis and that the sune circuitis and gais about the eird euyrie xxiiij houris for ve maye see be experiens that quhen the sune rysis at our est orizon, than it ascendis quhil it cum til our meridian, and ther eftir it declynis and passis vndir our vest orizon quhilk is ane manifest taikyn that the sune gais about al the eird quhar for it aperis veil that ther is pepil duelland vndir vs and alse ve hef ane vthir probabil sing to preif that the eird and the vattir is rond for admittand that sum man vald set ane stabil mark at the <f41v> see syde, and syne this man departand in ane schip fra that mark ,sailand quhil he be furtht of the sycht of the said mark than he beand in the body of the said schip quhen he hes tynt the sycht of his mark than he montis and passis vp to the top of the schip and than he persauis his mark perfytly, the quhilk he culd nocht persaue in the body of the schip quhou be it that the body of the schip be nerar his mark nor is the top of the schip this exempil makkis plane that the eird is rond. Siklyik ane man beand on the hede of ane hil he vil see ane schip farrar on the seye nor he vil see at the fut of the hil quhou be it that the fut of the hil be nerar the said schip nor is the hede of the hyl, i hef rehersit thir vordis to gar obstinat ignorant men consaue that ther is antipodos that is to say that there is pepil that duellis vndir our feit. i suld hef rehersit of befor quhou that thai, that hes the equinoctial for ther zenych ande hes the tua polis in ther orizon thai hef tua symmyrs and tua vintirs euyrie zeir for ther fyrst symmyr is quhen the sune entris in the fyrst degre of aries quhilk is in the xj day of marche and ther fyrst vintir is quhen the sune entris in the fyrst degre of <f42r> cancer quhilk accordis vitht the of iune, and ther sycond symmyr is quhen the sune entris in the fyrst degre of libra quhilk accordis vitht the xiiij daye of september & ther sycond vintir is quhen the sune entris in the fyrst degre of capricorn quhilk accordis vitht the xij day of december the tua vintirs that thai hef ar nocht verray vehement cald bot ther tua symmyrs ar vondir birnand heyt quhilk is occasione that the pepil that duellis vndir the equinoctial ar blac of ther cullour. And fra tyme that the sune be past the equinoctial touart the meridian tropic of capricorn than thai that dueillis vndir the northt pole thai hef ane conteneual nycht and no day quhil on to the tyme that the sune return & is entrit in the fyrst degre of Aries the rason of thir lang nychtis is be cause that the sune beand past the equinoctial touart the meridional tropic than it is al that tyme vndir the orizon of them that hes the northt pole for ther zenych. Siklyik quhen the sone cummis fra the equinoctial passand touart the septemtrional tropic of cancer than thai that duellis vndir the meridional pole hes conteneual nycht quhil the sone returne agane to the fyrst degre <f42v> of libra be rason that quhen the sone is northt fra the equinoctial than it is vndir the orizon of them that hes the meridional pole for ther zenych & sa be this narratione, thai that duellis vndir the pole artic hes ane conteneual nycht half ane zeir to gyddir and the tothir halfzeir thai hef conteneual day and no nycht half ane zeir to gyddir and it is of the samyn sort to them that duellis vndir the pol antartic. And nou sen i hef declarit the circlis of the spere i vil speik of the reuolutions and of the nature of the vij planetis. O ze scheiphirdis; ze sal contempil in the firmament ane sterne callit saturn quhilk is hie abufe al the laif of the planetis and for that cause it aperis verray litil to mennis sycht it makkis reuolutione in thretty zeir, and returnis to the samyn point that it cam fra it makkis ane circle fra occident til orient contrar the fyrst mobil it is of ane cald frosty natur. Nyxt saturne standis the spere & hauyn of Iupiter quhilk makkis the cours & circuit in tuelf zeiris it is of ane temperat natur be cause it standis in the myd vay betuix the caldnes of Saturn & the byrnand heyt that Mars induris throucht the vicinite of sol ande nyxt to iupiter standis <f43r> the hauyn and spere of Mars quhilk sum men callis Hercules it reuoluis in ane circle in tua zeiris it is inflammit in ane feruent heyt that ascendis fra the sone. Nyxt to Mars standis the hauyn of the sone the quhilk makkis reuolutione in thre hundretht thre scoir of degreis quhilk is the space of ane zeir, the verteous heyt of it, temperatis al the sternis of the firmament, Nyxt vndir the spere of the soune standis the spere & hauyn of Venus quhilk is ane grit sterne of ane meruelous lustir, in the mornyng it aperis ane lang tyme or the soune ryise and gyffis ane grit lycht at that tyme it is callit lucifer be cause it auancis the day befor the crepusculine. and siclyik it aperis verray haisty on fayr day lycht quhen the soune discendis vndir the vest orizon, at that tyme it is callit vesper be cause it prolongis the day ,sum men callis it Iuno and sum callis it isis. al thing that the eird procreatis, is confortit be it be rason of the vertu of the fresche deu that discendis fra it, it makkis ane onstabil reuolution in thre hundretht xlviij dais and ay it is vitht in xlvj degreis fra the soune. Nyxt vndir the spere of Venus, standis the spere & hauyn of Mercurius, quhilk sum men callis appollo <f43v> quhilk makkis reuolutione, nyne dais mair haistiar nor dois venus. bot it aperis nocht as grit as Venus, it is ay sene befor the soune rysing and haisty eftir that the soune is cum to the vest orizon & it is ay xxij degreis neir to the soune. The last and the nerest planet quhilk is callit the mune the quhilk is ane familiar frende to the eird, the creator of al thingis ordand it to be ane remeid contrar mirknes of the nycht it is the maist admirabil sterne of the firmament the diuersite & the variance of it hes trublit the vndirstanding of them that contemplit it be rason that sum tyme it grouis & sum tyme it decressis quhilk is contrar the natur of vthir sternis for sum tyme it aperit neukyt heffand hornis and sum tyme it vas al rond and sum tyme it as bot half rond sum tyme it vald schau lycht half the nycht and sum tyme it vald schau lycht al the nycht & sum tyme it vald be thre dais to gyddir nocht sene & alse the reuolutione & circuit of it maid as lang passage in xxvij dais & viij houris as the planet saturn did in thretty zeir. Nou i vil rehers the cause of the variance ande the mutations of the cours of the Mune ze sal vndirstand, that the mutatione and variance of the mune, <f44r> in sa mony diuerse sortis, procedis as i sal reherse. The mune is ane thik masse, round lyik ane boule or bal, heffand no lycht of hyr self: for sche and al the vthir sternis resauis ther lycht fra the soune, there for sa mekil of the mune that hes hyr aspect touart the soune hes lycht, bot the tothir half of the mune, that hes no aspect to the soune, resauis no lycht. The cause quhy that the mune schauis lycht one time, and is obscure ane vthir tyme, is be rason that sche is moir suift in hyr retrograid cours nor the soune is. for of hyr auen propir mouyng fra occident til orient in the zodiac, sche cummis euyrie xxvij dais viij houris vndir the samyn degre that the sone is in til, at that tyme the vulgaris sais that the mune is in the coniunctione vitht the sone Sum tyme the mune is in oppositione, that is quhen the mune & the soune ar in apposit degreis, than ve see the maist part of the lycht that the mune hes resauit fra the soune, the vulgaris sais at that tyme, that the mune is ful. zit nochtheles the mune is ay ful, as veil at the coniunction as at the appositione bot quhen the mune is in the eclipis for in the tyme of the eclipis the eird is betuix the mune and the soune, <f44v> quhilk is occasione that the mune resauis no lycht fra the soune at that tyme. There is ane vthir admiration of the variant course of the mune, for sche resauis mair lycht in hyr oppositione fra the soune, nor aperis tyl vs. The quhilk i sal preif be this rason. Ane grit roundnes of lycht, sal gyf lycht to mair nor the half of ane les roundnes be rason that the superfice of ane grit roundnes hes ane largear aspect, touart ane roundnes, of ane les quantite nor ane smal roundnes can hef touart ane grit roundnes. There for sen the soune is of ane gritar quantite, nor is the mune be that cause, mair nor the half of the mune resauis lycht fra the soune. bot zit ve see nocht sa mekil lycht in the mune as sche hes resauit fra the soune in hyr appositione. Ane parson that behaldis ane roundnes of ane gritar quantite nor is the space betuix his tua een, that parson sal nocht see sa mekil, as is the half of that roundnes be rason that the superfice of that roundnes is of mair quantite nor is the space or largenes that is betuix his tua een. Nou i vil reherse the cause of the eclipsis of the soune and mune. ve may persaue manifestlye that the eclips of the soune cummis <f45r> be the interpositione of the mune betuix vs and the soune, the quhilk empeschis and obfusquis the beymis of the soune fra our sycht Siklyik the mune is in eclips, be the obiectione of the eird, the quhilk eird empeschis the soune to gyf lycht to the mune ,of this sort the soune is maid obscure til vs quhen it clips be cause the vmbre and schaddou of the bak of the mune is betuix vs and the soune. And alse the mune is maid obscure quhen it clips be rason that the vmbre and schaddou of the eird empeschis hyr to resaue lycht fra the soune, ther for i may efferme that the myrk nycht is na vthir thyng bot quhen the soune and mune ar vndir our orizon. Nou to speik of the influens and constellation of the soune and mune and of the sternis doutles, man & beyst ande al vthir thyng that euyr vas procreat on the eird, ar subiect to ther operatione & rasauis alteratione throucht there influens. The speculatione and contemplatione of mennis ingyne culd neuyr consaue ane final determinatione of the soune mune and of the sternis. fra ther operations and constellations, procedis tempest stormis, fayr veddir foul veddir heyt, cald pestilens conualescens <f45v> rane frost and snau and al vthir accidentis that cummis on the eird, and on man and beyst bot zit at sum tyme god almychty be his diuyne permissione mittigatis augmentis or dimuneuis baytht the gude operations and euil operations of the planetis efferand for the vertu and vice that ringis amang the pepil ve ar veil experimentit that quhen ther multipleis ane grit numir of sternis in the equinoctial of Libra or in the solstice of capricorn ,at that tyme ther occurris grit tempestis and tormentis of euyl veddir. Ande alsa at that tyme, men and vemen of ane tendir complexione ar in dangeir of diuers maladeis, as of fluxis, caterris, collic, and gut and to diuers vthir contagius seiknes. Sic lyik throucht the operatione of the sternis, the oliue, the popil & the oszer tree, changis the cullour and ther leyuis at ilk tyme quhen the soune entris in the tropic of Cancer, sic lyik the dry mynt that hingis in ane house, resauis sum vertu of the eird, quhen the soune entris in the fyrst degre of capricorne. Siklyik ther is ane eirb callit helytropium the quhilk the vulgaris callis soucye, it hes the leyuis appin as lang as the soune is in our hemispere and it closis <f46r> the leuyis quhen the soune passis vndir our orizon. Siklyik oistirs and mussillis & al vthir schel fysche grouis and incressis in ther natural qualite, eftir the coniunctione of the mune quhil on to the tyme of the appositione than eftir the appositione, thai schel fische dimuneuis and grouis les and of ane var qualite Siklyik ther is ane sterne callit canis, the euyl constellatione of it begynnis at the sext daye of iulye, and endis at the xx daye of agust, the natur of it is contrar tyl euyrie thyng that is procreat on the eird. The tyme of the operatione of it in our hemespere is callit be the vulgaris, the caniculair dais. the euyl natur of it, inflammis the soune vitht ane onnatural vehement heyt the quhilk oft tymis trublis and altris the vyne in ane pipe, in the depe caue, ande alse it generis pestilens feuyrs & mony vthir contagius seikness. quhen it ringis in our hemispere, than dogis ar in dangeir to ryn vod rather nor in ony vthir tyme of the zeir, Siklyik ther is mony vthir euyl accidentis that occurris throuch the euyl constellations of the planetis and of the sternis ande alse sum of them erris and altirs oft tymis fra ther auen natural course quhilk is ane taikyn and sing of <f46v> prodigeis precedent euyl accidentis that ar tyl occur on princis or superiors of ane realme the historigraphours rehersis that there vas thre sonnis sene at one tyme in the lyft, befoir the ciuil veyris that occurrit betuix anthonius and agustus cesar, and alse ther vas thre munis sene in the lyft quhen domitius caius and flauius lucius var consulis of rome. Siklyik there is diuerse vthir sternis of ane euyl constellation quhilk pronosticatis future euyl accidentis ther is ane sterne that aperis nocht oft in our hemispere callit ane comeit quhen it is sene, ther occurris haistyly eftir it sum grit myscheif it aperis oft in the northt it aperis oft in the quhyt circle callit circulus lacteus the quhilk the marynalis callis, vatlant streit sum tyme it vil apeir lyik lang bludy hayr sum tyme lyik ane dart sum tyme lyik ane bludy speyr it aperit in the lyft lyik ane sourd be for the detht of iulius cesar and alse it aperit lyik ane trumpet quhen the kyng of perse straik ane battel contrar the grecians, sum tyme it hes aperit lyik tua gait buckis iustand contrar vthirs Nou to speik of the generatione of the rane. it is ane exalatione of humid vapours generit in calme veddir abufe the vattirs on the <f47r> eird and syne ascendis in the sycond regione of the ayr quhar that it coagulatis in ane thik clud than the sternis of ane euyl constellatione brakkis that clud than it fallis on diuerse partis of the eird in diuerse sortis of schouris sum mair, sum les, sum be grit vehemens and tempest and sum tyme in soft & varme schouris. in the antiant dais there vas sene grit meruellis in the rane, quhilkis signifeit prodigies of future euyl accidentis. In the tyme that marcus actilius and cayus portius var consulis of rome the lyft did rane mylk and on the morne it ranit rede blude, siclyik quhen lucius volumnius and sergius sulpitius var consulis in rome the lyft did rane rau flasche. And alse quhen the vailzeant roman marcus crassus vas slane be the parthiens the lyft did rane yrn. Siklyik quhen lucius paulus and cayus marcellus var consuls in rome the lyft did rane grit quantite of vol. and alse quhen titus annius nilo vas slane the lyft did rane tile stanis Nou to speik of the generatione of the deu it is ane humid vapour generit in the sycond regione of the ayr in ane fair calme nycht & syne discendis in ane temperat caldnes on the grene eirbis in smal droppis. The hayr ryin <f47v> is ane cald deu the quhilk fallis in mysty vapours and syne it fresis on the eird. the myst it is the excrement or the superfluite of the cluddis the quhilk fallis fra the ayr in ane sueit rane, quhilk rane can nocht be persauit be the sycht of men Hail stonis is ane congelit rane quhilk fallis on the eird be grit vehemens and it fallis rather on the day lycht nor on the nycht. The snau is ane congelit rane frosyn and congelit in the sycond regione of the ayr bot it is nocht sa ferme and hard congelit as is the hail stonis zit nochtheles it remanis langar onmeltit be rason that it fallis aye in cald vedthir ande the hail stonis fallis comontly in symmyr. The thoundir is ane corrupt fume generit on the eird of vapours and syne it ascendis in the sycond regione of the ayr, and congelis in diuerse massife cluddis quhilk stoppis and empeschis the operatione of the planetis to excerse ther natural course, than the vehemens of the planetis brakkis thai cluddis, fra the forse of the quhilk there cummis fyir and ane grit sound quhilk is terribil to be hard & that terribil sound is the thyng that ve cal the thondir bot or ve heir the thondir, ve see fyrst the fyir quhou be it that thai proceid at ane instant <f48r> tyme, the cause that ve see the fyire or ve heir the thoundir, is be rason that the sycht and cleirnes of ony thing is mair suyft touart vs nor is the sound. The euyl that the thondir dois on the eird it is dune or ve heir the crak of it. Oft tymis ve vil see fyir slaucht, quhou be it ther be na thondir harde. The thondir slais mony beystis on the feildis. & quhan it slais ane man that is sleipand, he sal be fundin dede and his ene close, and quhen it slais ane valkand man he sal be fundin dede and his ene appin. The thoundir is maist dangerous for man ande beyst quhen there cummis na rane vitht it. The fyir slaucht vil consume the vyne vitht in ane pipe in ane depe caue & the pipe vil resaue na skaytht. the fyir slaucht sleu ane man on the feildis, and it meltit the gold that vas in his bag and it meltit nocht the vax of ane seyl that vas in that samyn bag In rome there vas ane nobil princesse callit martia grit vitht child sche vas on the feildis for hyr recreatione, quhar that the fyir slaucht straik hyr, & sleu hyr nocht bot zit it sleu the child in hyr voyme. There is thre thyngis that ar neuyr in dangeir of thoundir nor fyir slaucht that is to saye the laurye tree the sycond is the <f48v> selcht quhilk sum men callis the see volue the thrid thyng is the eyrn that fleis sa hie. The historigraphours rehersis that tybereus cesar empriour of rome hed euyr ane hat of laure tree on his hede, and alse he gart mak his pailzons and tentis on the feildis, of selcht skynnis, to that effect that he mycht be furtht of the dangeir of the thoundir and fyir slaucht. The best remeid contrar thoundir & fyir slaucht is to men and vemen to pas in hou cauernis vndir the eird or in depe cauis be cause the thoundir dois maist domage tyl hie placis. Nou, to speik of the cause and of the natur of the vynd eftir the discriptione of the scheiphirdis and hirdis of the antiant dais. ze sal undirstand that the vynd is no vthir thyng bot ane vapour or exalatione heyt and dry generit in the concauiteis and in the bouellis of the eird. the quhilk ascendis and discendis vp and doune betuix the eird and the sycond region of the ayr. The marynalis at this present tyme hes set furtht and discriuit thretty tua sortis of vyndis, bot ve that ar scheiphirdis hes no iugement bot of viij sortis of vyndis of the quhilk numir ther is iiij callit vyndis cardinal and the tothir iiij, ar callit vyndis <f49r> collateral. the fyrst cardinal vynd is callit auster or meridional vynd quhilk the vulgaris callis southyn vynd. it is heyt and humid of natur it generis thondir, cluddis and smal soft ranis ande alse it is the cause of pestilens and of vthir contagius seiknes. The nyxt cardinal vynd is callit subsolanus or oriental, quhilk the vulgaris callis estin vynd, quhilk throucht the vertu of the soune is heyt and dry of natur it is hoilsum for man and beyst, and alse it nureseis al thyng that the eird procreatis. The thrid cardinal vynd is callit septemtrional or borial quhilk vulgaris callis northin vynd. it is cald and dry of ane melancolic natur, it is hoilsum for man and beyst that ar kepit fra excessif caldnes bot it is verray contrar & noysum to the frutis of the eird. The feyrd cardinal vynd is callit fauonius or occidental, quhilk vulgaris callis vestin vynd, it is cald and humid of ane flegmatic natur it is neuresant for the frute of the eird. bot it is contrar tyl tendir complexions that ar subiect tyl seiknes. Nou to speik of the iiij collateral vyndis, the fyrst is callit auster aphricus, quhilk is betuix auster and fauonius, it is callit be the vulgaris southt vest. it generis baytht humiditeis <f49v> & maledeis. The nyxt colateral vynd is callit furo auster quhilk is betuix auster & subsolanus the vulgaris callis it southt est. it is heyt and dry of natur and it generis cluddis and maladeis. The thrid collateral vynd is callit aquilon quhilk is betuix septemtrion and subsolanus, the vulgaris callis it northest, it is cald and dry of natur it is mair hoilsum tyl ane person nor it is pleysand, it is contrar to the frutis fleureis and eirbis of the eird. The feyrd collateral vynd is callit circius, quhilk is betuix septemtrione and fauonius, the vulgaris callis it nortuest, it is cald & dry of natur, it generis snau tempest & vehement stormis it is verray noisum til al them that occupeis baytht be see and land. Al thir thingis befor rehersit of the circlis of the speir & of the hauynis and planetis is said to gar zou considir that man kynd is subiect to the planetis and to ther influens ther for ve suld prepair and prouid to resist ther euyl constellations. for quhou be it that thai ar the instramentis of god zit nochtheles he of his gudnes resistis there euyl influens fra tyme that ve be cum obedient tyl his command.


<f50r> QUHEN the scheiphird hed endit his prolixt orison to the laif of the scheiphirdis i meruellit nocht litil, quhen i herd ane rustic pastour of bestialite, distitut of vrbanite and of speculatione of natural philosophe, indoctryne his nychtbours as he hed studeit ptholome auerois aristotel galien ypocrites or Cicero quhilk var expert practicians in methamatic art. Than the scheiphirdis vyf said my veil belouit hisband i pray the to decist fra that tideus melancolic orison quhilk surpassis thy ingyn be rason that it is nocht thy facultee to disput in ane profund mater the quhilk thy capacite can nocht comprehend ther for i thynk it best that ve recreat our selfis vytht ioyus comonyng quhil on to the tyme that ve return to the scheip fald vytht our flokkis. and to begyn sic recreatione i thynk it best that euyrie ane of vs tel ane gude tayl or fabil to pas the tyme quhil euyn. Al the scheiphirdis ther vyuis and saruandis var glaid of this propositione than the eldest scheiphird began and al the laif follouit ane be ane in ther auen place. it vil be ouer prolixt and noles tideus to reherse them agane vord be vord bot i sal reherse sum of ther namys that i herd. <f50v> sum vas in prose & sum vas in verse sum var storeis and sum var flet taylis. Thir var the namis of them as eftir follouis. the taylis of cantirberrye. Robert le dyabil duc of Normandie, the tayl of, the volfe of the varldis end, Ferrand erl of Flandris that mareit the deuyl, the taiyl of the reyde eyttyn vitht the thre heydis, the tail quhou perseus sauit andromada fra the cruel monstir, the prophysie of merlyne, the tayl of the giantis that eit quyk men, on fut by fortht as i culd found, vallace the bruce, ypomedon, the tail of the thre futtit dog of norrouay, the tayl quhou Hercules sleu the serpent hidra that hed vij heydis, the tail quhou the kyng of est mure land mareit the kyngis dochtir of vest mure land, Skail gillenderson the kyngis sone of skellye, the tayl of the four sonnis of aymon, the tail of the brig of the mantribil, the tail of syr euan arthours knycht, rauf collzear, the seige of millan, gauen and gollogras, lancelot du lac, Arthour knycht he raid on nycht vitht gyltin spur and candil lycht, the tail of floremond of albanye that sleu the dragon be the see, the tail of syr valtir the bald leslye, the tail of the pure tynt, claryades and maliades, arthour of <f51r> litil bertangze, robene hude and litil ihone, the meruellis of mandiueil, the tayl of the zong tamlene and of the bald braband, the ryng of the roy Robert, syr egeir and syr gryme, beuis of southamtonn, the goldin targe, the paleis of honour, the tayl quhou acteon vas transformit in ane hart and syne slane be his auen doggis the tayl of Pirramus and tesbe, the tail of the amours of leander and hero, the tail quhou Iupiter transformit his deir loue yo in ane cou, the tail quhou that iason van the goldin fleice. Opheus kyng of portingal, the tayl of the goldin appil, the tail of the thre veird systirs, the tayl quhou that dedalus maid the laborynth to keip the monstir minotaurus, the tail quhou kyng midas gat tua asse luggis on his hede be cause of his auereis.

Quhen thir scheiphyrdis hed tald al thyr pleysand storeis than thay and ther vyuis began to sing sueit melodius sangis of natural music of the antiquite. the foure marmadyns that sang quhen thetis vas mareit on month pillion thai sang nocht sa sueit as did thir scheiphyrdis quhilkis ar callit to name, parthenopie leucolia, illigeatempora the feyrd callit legia, for thir scheiphirdis excedit al thir foure <f51v> marmadyns in melodius music in gude accorddis and reportis of dyapason prolations and dyatesseron. the musician amphion quhilk sang sa dulce quhil that the stanis mouit and alse the scheip and nolt and the foulis of the ayr pronuncit there bestial voce to sing vitht hym zit nochtheles his ermonius sang prefferrit nocht the sueit sangis of thir foir said scheiphirdis. Nou i vil reherse sum of the sueit sangis that i herd amang them as eftir follouis, in the fyrst, pastance vitht gude companye, the breir byndis me soir, Stil vndir the leyuis grene, Cou thou me the raschis grene, allace i vyit zour tua fayr ene, gode zou gude day vil boy, lady help zour presoneir, kyng villzamis note, the lang nounenou, the cheapel valk, faytht is there none, skald abellis nou. The abirdenis nou brume brume on hil, allone i veip in grit distres, trolee lolee lemmen dou, bille vil thou cum by a lute and belt the in Sanct Francis cord, The frog cam to the myl dur, the sang of gilquhiskar, rycht soirly musing in my mynde, god sen the duc hed byddin in France and delaubaute hed neuyr cum hame, al musing of meruellis amys hef i gone, Mastres fayr ze vil forfayr, o lusty maye vitht flora quene. O myne hart hay this is my sang, the <f52r> battel of the hayrlau, the hunttis of cheuet, Sal i go vitht zou to rumbelo fayr, Greuit is my sorrou, turne the sueit ville to me, My lufe is lyand seik send hym ioy, send hym ioy, fayr luf lent thou me thy mantil ioy, The perssee & the mongumrye met that day that day that gentil day, my luf is laid apon ane knycht, allace that samyn sueit face, in ane myrthtful morou my hart is leiuit on the land

Thir scheiphirdis ande there vyuis sang mony vthir molodius sangis the quhilkis i hef nocht in memorie, than eftir this sueit celest armonye tha began to dance in ane ring, euyrie ald scheiphyrd led his vyfe be the hand and euyrie zong scheiphird led hyr quhome he luffit best. Ther vas viij scheiphyrdis and ilk ane of them hed ane syndry instrament to play to the laif. the fyrst hed ane drone bag pipe, the nyxt hed ane pipe maid of ane bleddir and of ane reid, the thrid playit on ane trump, the feyrd on ane corne pipe, the fyft playit on ane pipe maid of ane gait horne, the sext playt on ane recordar the seuint plait on ane fiddil, and the last plait on ane quhissil.. kyng amphion that playit sa sueit on his harpe quhen he kepit his scheip nor zit appollo the god of sapiens that kepit kyng admetus scheip <f52v> vitht his sueit menstralye none of thir tua playit mayr cureouslye nor did thir viij scheiphyrdis befor rehersit. nor zit al the scheiphirdis that virgil makkis mention in his bucolikis thai culd nocht be comparit to thir foir said scheiphyrdis nor orpheus that playit sa sueit quhen he socht his vyf in hel his playing prefferrit nocht thir foir said scheiphirdis, nor zit the scheiphyrd pan that playt to the goddis on his bag pype, nor mercurius that playit on ane sey reid, none of them culd preffer thir foirsaid scheiphirdis, i beheld neuyr ane mair dilectabil recreatione. for fyrst thai began vitht tua bekkis and vitht a kysse, euripides, iuuenal perseus horasse nor nane of the satiric poiettis quhilkis mouit ther bodeis as thai hed bene dansand quhen thai pronuncit ther tragiedeis none of them kepit moir geomatrial mesure nor thir scheiphyrdis did in ther dansing. Nor ludius that vas the fyrst dansar of rome culd nocht hef bene comparit to thir scheiphirdis, it vas ane celest recreation to behald ther lycht lopene, galmouding stendling, bakuart & forduart, dansand base dansis, pauuans, galzardis turdions, braulis, and branglis, buffons vitht mony vthir lycht dancis the quhilk ar ouer prolixt to be rehersit zit nochtheles i sal rehers <f53r> sa mony as my ingyne can put in memorie in the fyrst thai dancit al cristyn mennis dance, the northt of scotland, huntis vp, the comount entray, lang plat fut of gariau, Robene hude, thom of lyn, freris al, ennyrnes, the loch of slene, the gosseps dance, leuis grene, makky, the speyde, the flail the lammes vynde, soutra, cum kyttil me naykyt vantounly, schayke leg, fut befor gossep Rank at the rute, baglap and al, ihonne ermistrangis dance, the alman haye, the bace of voragon, dangeir, the beye, the dede dance, the dance of kylrynne, the vod and the val, schaik a trot, than quhen this dansing vas dune, tha departit and past to cal there scheip to ther scheip cottis thai bleu vp there bagpipis than the bel veddir for blythtnes bleyttit rycht fast and the rammis raschit there heydis to gyddir than the laif of ther fat flokkis follouit on the fellis baytht zouis and lammis kebbis and dailis, gylmyrs and dilmondis, and mony herueist hog, than i departit fra that companye and i entrit in ane onmauen medou the quhilk abundit vitht al sortis of holisum flouris gyrsis and eirbis maist conuenient for medycyn in the fyrst i sau ane erb callit barba aaron quhilk vas gude remeid for emoroyades of the fundament, i sau virmet <f53v> that vas gude for ane febil stomac, & sourakkis that vas gude for the blac gulset, i sau mony grene seggis that ar gude to prouoke the flouris of vemen. i sau the vattir lille quhilk is ane remeid contrar gomoria, i sau tansay that is gude to purge the neiris and ennet seidis that consumis the ventositeis of the stomac, i sau muguart that is gude for the suffocatione of ane vomans bayrnis hed, i sau veyton the decoctione of it is remeid for ane sair hede i sau betis that is gude contrar constipatione, i sau borage that is gude to confort the hart, i sau cammauyne quhilk is gude for ane scabbit moutht, i sau hemp that coagulis the flux of the sparme, i sau madyn hayr of the quhilk ane sirop maid of it is remeid contrar the infectione of the melt, i sau celidone that is gude to help the sycht of the ene & cipresses that is gude for the fluxis of the bellye, i sau corriandir that is gude for ane ald hoste, i sau finkil that slais the virmis of the bellye i sau fumeterre that tempris ane heyt lyuyr, i sau brume that prouokis ane person to vome ald feume, i sau raschis that prouokis men to sleip, i sau ysope that is gude to purge congelit fleume of the lychtis, i sau mony vthir eirbis on thai fresche fragrant feildis. <f54r> ande als i sau mony landuart grumis pas to the corne land to laubir there rustical ocupatione. al this be me veil contemplit, ande beand contentit of that pleysand nychtis recreatione, i maid me reddy to returne to the toune that i cam fra to proceid in the compiling of my beuk. Bot morpheus that slepye gode, assailzeit al my membris, ande oppressit my dul melancolius nature quhilk gart al my spreitis vital ande animal be cum impotent & paralitic: quhar for on neid forse i vas constrenzeit to be his sodiour, than in ane takyn of obediens, i maid hym reuerens on my rycht syde on the cald eird, ande i maid ane cod of ane gray stane. than i purposit to preue ane prettic, i closit my een, to see gyf i culd leuk throucht my ee liddis. bot my experiens vas sune expirit for tua houris lang, baytht my eene greu as fast to gyddir, as thai hed bene gleuit vitht glar or vitht gleu i beand in this sad solitar soune sopit in sleipe, ane hauy melancolius dreyme, perturbit the foure quartaris of my dullit brane. the quhilk dreyme i sal reherse in this gros dyit, as neir the verite as my rememorance can declair to my rude ingyne, <f54v>

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