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The Complaynt of Scotland
Chapter IIII

Quhou the actor conferris the passagis of the thrid cheptour of ysaye vitht the afflictione of scotland

Chap. IIII

Ve maye persaue for certan, that ve haue bene scurgit vitht al the plagis, that ar befor rehersit in the xxviii cheptour of deuteronome, that is to say vitht pestelens, vitht the sourde, vitht brakkyng doune of our duelling housis, vitht spulze of our cornis ande cattel.

Siclyik as it is befor rehersit in the xxvi of leuitic, ve haue sauen oure feildis to the behufe of oure enemeis, ve haue fled fast fra oure enemeis, quhen ther vas nocht mony of them perseuuand vs. ande alse ve maye persaue that ve haue beene scurgit vitht the plagis that ar <f23v> contenit in the thrid cheptour of esaye, quhilk sais that the lord sal tak auaye the mychty men & the sterk men, fra hierusalem ande fra iuda, that is to saye, the lord hes tane fra vs, oure lordis ande barons ande mony vthir nobil men that vald haue deffendit vs fra oure ald enemeis. the said cheptour sais that the lord sal tak the iugis ande the prechours. that passage of ysaye maye be veil applyit tyl vs, for as to the iugis ande iustice that ringis presently in oure cuntre, god maye sende vs bettir quhen he pleysis. ande as to the precheours, i reffer, that to the vniuersal auditur of oure realme. the foir said thrid cheptour sais, that the pepil of iherusalem ande iuda, ilk ane sal ryise contrar vthirs: that passage of the text nedis nocht ane alligoric expositione, for the experiens of that passage is ouer manifest in oure cuntre. the said cheptour of esaye sais that effemmenet men sal be superiors to iherusalem ande iuda, that passage is ouer euident in oure cuntre, for ther is maye of the sect of sardanapalus amang vs, nor ther is of scipions, or camillus. the foir said cheptour of esaye sais that the lord sal gyf to iherusalem ande iuda zong kyngis to gouuerne them. that passage of esaye <f24r> vald be veil considrit, ande nocht to be vndirstandin be the letteral expositione, as diuerse of the maist famous doctours of the kyrk hes rehersit: for quhou be it that oure zong illustir princis be ane tendir pupil, ande nocht entrit in the aige of puberte, that follouis nocht, that hyr zouthed is ane plage sende be god to scurge vs, for the zouthed of ane prince or of ane princesse, is nocht the cause of the ruuyne of ane realme, nor zit the perfyit aige of ane prince is nocht the cause of the gude gouuernyng of ane public veil. Roboam kyng of israel beand fourty zeir of aige, he tynt ten tribis of his realmis, throucht misgouuernance that procedit of euil counsel. Ande in opposit, Osias vas bot aucht zeir of aige, quhen he vas vnctit kyng, & quhou be it of his zouthed, zit he gouuernit veil the cuntre ande the public veil. ther for as the eloquent cicero sais, ve suld nocht leuk to the aige nor to the zouthed of ane person bot rather to ther vertu. ve haue diuerse uthir exemplis, quhou that realmis hes beene veil gouuernit, quhen the princis var in tendir aige, as of spangze ande flandris, quhen charlis elect empriour vas bot thre zeir of aige. ande quhou be it <f24v> that Salomon hes said, cursit be the eird that hes ane zong prince, thai vordis ar to be vndirstandin of inconstant superiors of ane cuntre that ar nocht in ane accord to gouuerne the public veil, nor zit hes ane constant substancial counsel to gouuerne ane realme quhen the prince or princes ar in tendir aige, ther for that terme zouthed, suld be vndirstandin for ignorance & inconstance, ande nocht for zong of zeiris, for euyre inconstant or ignorant person is aye repute ande comparit to zong childir that hes na discretione. Sanct paul vritis to the corinthiens that var pepil in perfect aige. quod he, my bredir, be ze nocht in zour vit lyik childir, bot ze sal be of litil maleise, ande of profond knaulage. par chance sum inuyful detrakkers vil maling contrar me, sayand that i suld nocht haue applyit nor conferrit the xxviii of deutero. nor the xxvi of Leuitic, nor the thrid of esaye. to the afflictione of oure cuntre, be rason that the contenu of thir for said cheptours var said to the pepil of israel, ande nocht to the pepil of scotland. thir detrakkers maye saye as veil that the ten commandis var gyffin to the pepil of Israel, ande nocht tyl cristin men, ande sic <f25r> lyik thai maye saye that the doctryne of the euangelistis is nocht to be kepit be cristin men, siclyik thai may saye that the epistylis of paul suld be kepit be the romans, corrinthiens, epheseis & be vthir nations that he vrit to in his dais, ande nocht to be kepit be vs that professis vs to be cristin men. Sic opinions ande allegeance suld nocht haue audiens amang cristin pepil. for ther is no thyng said in the scriptour, bot it is said generelye tyl al them that hes resauit the zoilk ande the confessione of crist. Sanct paul vritis to the romans, sayand euyrye thing that is vritin in the scriptur, is vrityn tyll oure edeficatione, thir vordis maye suffice til adnul the peruerst opinions of inuyful calumniaturis ande of secret detrackers.

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